take me part 386  

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11/11/2021 11:55 am
take me part 386

I hadn't slept that well in a long time. It was my cave on Iceland but it nice and the horses didn't seem to once they knew I meant them no harm, which was huge for horses. They barely made a fuss when I left, and I figured it was because they had been woken up as I left. It was cold, and still snowing, but I loved this weather even when I wasn't the bear. I walked into the woods, gaining my bearings and walked around the buildings, sniffing, looking, and listening. It was too early for a sniper to be there, I thought, but it would be soon, and I wanted to see if I could pick up a scent. I was hesitant of being the dragon given all that had recently happened. I trusted my family but I didn't trust Annie's, with obvious exceptions, nor was I confident that we could trust the clans, except for Sven's people. I figured it was better to safe than sorry, so I lumbered and enjoy the snow. I walked to a small ridge covered in trees, well it was Norway and most of it seemed covered in trees. I went to the spot Deat and I would have chosen and looked back at the house, and yard that was being prepared for the ceremony. Someone had been there but the scent was faint and could have been someone talking a walk, but I would check again. Tomorrow night was going to be dark again because of the storms so I planned to fly. The dragon had better senses and could almost be invisible, at least enough that people weren't sure what they were looking at. I would chance that out here. I walked farther into the woods because I heard a wolf pack howling earlier and I wanted to be sure they posed no threat to any of us. I also wanted to know where to take the bodies of the snipers so they wouldn't be found. I didn't like killing but I was done with these people. I could feel the wolves watching me, but I meant them no harm. I headed back to Ama's as dawn was beginning to break through the white skies.

I shifted and looked around the grounds. It was magnificent, and impressive. It was obviously more than simply a family residence, or compound of residences. I figured the clans met here on a regular basis, or they did in the past. I turned, smiling, as Deat tried to sneak up on me.

"We aren't ninja's any longer, old friend, and I'm not sure you ever were." He laughed and told me to go fuck myself as he hugged. This was the first chance we had to speak in person about what happened.

"Claus, and his men, are very confused because the men that are still alive are terrified that whatever attacked them will come back and finish the job, and the women on the ship, the only ones who actually saw something, aren't speaking, period. The Baccu warehouse, and trucks, were destroyed but there was a large safe in the building that withstood the fire. They are hoping it contains something to help them piece together other member's of the organization because we know they are worldwide, and especially since the EU group seems to be thoroughly destroyed, or in hiding. There were reports, from various countries, of very expensive being destroyed by abnormally hot burning fire." I nodded. "How did you melt have a cargo ship?" I smiled because I knew Deat wouldn't say anything, and I figured Claus wouldn't either because they knew how corrupt the system was when it came to men like these. I trusted Deat with my life, and the lives of my family, and he did the same.... sometimes lines needed to be crossed for the greater good.

"The dragon was angry because I was angry. He was very angry and I'm still learning to harness, and control, it's power. I didn't try, just let him be the dragon he is. I was surprised by the ship though." He smiled and shook his head.

"If I hadn't seen with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it either. Claus is annoyed that none of the women are talking ad he's trying to delay them from going to some charity on the island of Gotland, off the Swedish. I don't suppose who know anything about that?" I smiled and said I had nothing to do it, that Ama was concerned about the women and and has family there. He nodded.

"Changing the subject, how are Melinda and the girls liking Norway?"

"Aside from the snow, they love it. The girls have already made friends, as has Mel, and not taking much time off over the years as really paid off. Mel wants us to go to Scotland since we are so close." I nodded, and said I had never been, but Tina has an apartment in Glasgow. I'll talk with her. "I need to head back and check of them and you need to either roll around in the snow, or take a shower, because you stink to high heaven." He hugged me anyway. "One day, when this long past you'll have to fill me in over beers." I said deal and headed to Ama's to shower and get some breakfast.

"Mother, they are my guests, period. There is no discussion to be had. They are staying. It's been decided. Ebba needs help and Klara needs a job, and they need some place to stay, so they staying here. The are our people, Ma', and many of them are struggling. If Daniel hadn't been watching the snow they might have died because Annika wouldn't have left her mom. Things will change mother, things are already changing. You should be thankful that I found Danael since he is so much like Da'. I don't want to hear anymore about it, and you are staying with us, and Yoshi's doctor, until the ceremony. If Roan wants to leave she can, but you are staying because we can keep you safe here, and I want you to meet my family and Danael and I will be busy attending to business and protocol. Understood." Miriam nodded as she went back to her room.

"You smell, bear. How was the barn? She chuckled as Sara and Chloe walked into the kitchen. "You heard?"

"I did, and the barn was fine. It took bit for the horses to adapt, but they did. Miriam seems better." She shook her head in disgust.

"Yes, love, back to her annoying self. I'll be glad when this week is over." We all nodded as I asked about Klara and Annika. "They are fine. Klara was up early helping Ebba with breakfast. Em and Annika are sisters now, and she has a huge crush on Jake and a certain dragon who shall remain nameless. She's been pestering everyone to help get a ride. We still don't how she knew but they seem happy and they'll have a home here. Ebba is beside herself...isn't that right Aunt?" She nodded and put her thumb and forefinger to her nose as we all laughed. Let's find you clothes, and a shower. Once you change, and eat, Ama wants to speak with you and then you and I playing diplomats so be on your best behavior, mister." I kissed all of them as Annie helped me find my clothes, take my smelly ones off, and lead me into the shower. She helped bathe and we made love. I was hugging her from behind, and nibbling her neck as I rubbed her belly. She was visibly preggers and loving it, as they all were. I just didn't have the time I wanted to spend with them. Taiiko was just barely showing, thankfully given their customs. I didn't think anyone would mind. We dried, got dressed, and went into the kitchen to find Annika and Klara helping Ebba like they had lived their their entire lives. Annika ran at me and pounced. "ANNIKA! Manners, young lady."

"Sorry, Ma'. When are taking me flying, dragon?"

"Who said I was?" The girls could barely keep from laughing when they saw her face. She pushed herself off me and stood staring up at me with her hands on her hips." She didn't say anything. She didn't need to as Kana and Airi walked up, saving me so I could eat.

"Come young rider, if you want to fly dragons there is a much you learn, so it's good you are starting young." They winked as I mouthed thanks. Ebba place piping hot bowl of oatmeal in front of me and proceeded to crack two eggs into, as she a pitcher of raw cow's milk down for me. I stirred the eggs in and added cinnamon and honey. I had eggs in my oatmeal as a and never minded."

"Ebba," she turned. "Are there yaks on the property?" She smiled, because she knew what I was thinking, but shook her head no.

"There are reindeer further north. I'll call later and see if they have any milk to spare." I said thank you and ate. I was hungrier than I thought. I did my dishes as Ebba smiled and went to find Ama, and then meet my soon to be clans folk. Annie showed me Ama's study. She came up and hugged me as Annie sat, smiling.

"Joseph said your dragon made quite a mess but protected those women and ." He also mentioned several people swearing they saw Sasquatch." She laughed.

"I have a good dragon, I'm not sure I can<b> control </font></b>him yet, but he did what I would have done.... well, I may not have melted half a ship." They both laughed. "I'm sure Anryd has told you Miriam is doing better, and is mostly back to her annoying self. Her retirement will be a blessing for all us, to which I laughed because even from the little I knew, I agreed.

"Tina and Stephanie are taking the women and from the ship to Gotland tomorrow and I want the two of you to go with them as my emissaries." I nodded but Annie said that we had a full day." "I will attend to that because this is more important. The Northfolk were promised rides and you will have many things to do for the foreseeable future, besides, I think the people on that ship would be happy meeting their dragon as well." Annie nodded.

"May we bring Annika with us?" Ama looked at me and then Annie."

"She knows Danael is a dragon. We're not sure how." Ama smiled and nodded.

"Your day will stretch into the night and those you can't meet with I will speak with and reschedule. Gotland is important and it may be that we will need young riders." Annie and I left to go to the main hall to start being leaders. What could possibly go wrong with that. We stopped by the room Kana, Airi, and Annika were in. Annika was still miffed. Annie and I have go do, Gaia knows what, but will you please find this young rider suitable clothing. We are all going to Gotland tomorrow and she can't fly a dragon dressed like that." Annika looked at us as Annie smiled, and nodded, and ran at us crying because she was so happy.

"Come rider, we have to find clothes." Things certainly weren't slowing down any, and balls kept getting added, but we were holding our own. Now, if I could just keep us from dying during the coming week.

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11/11/2021 2:28 pm

Seems Daniel has found one place a possible sniper has been. He will be checking further out to find other locations, my guess, there will probably be 4 or 5 snipers, set up at different locations and distances.
Dragon rides, what more could kids want, the thrill of a lifetime.

His meeting of the clan leaders, etc, will show Daniels leadership abilities. and his capable self to protect and move the clans forward.

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