take me part 397.... will edit later.  

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take me part 397.... will edit later.

We stood together as the guests went back to get ready for a feast. Ebba, and the other cooks would be pissed but we didn't eat until late. Kana and Airi hugged Annie, and punched in the only place it didn't hurt, my ass. Annie fell into as the last person left the hall and Sara and I helped her Ama's. We walked into the kitchen as Emily and Annika walked toward us, crying. We winced as they hugged us but we'd gladly take that pain. I helped my wife into a chair as Klara got milk for us, and bread and butter.

"You both need raw fat, and broth, and honey." We nodded as I asked where Jake was. They stared at .

"Where's our ?" Emily hugged .

"He's with Yoshi, and Taiiko. We couldn't stop him. He took the knives you gave him. He's upset, da', and doing the only thing he can think of so this doesn't happen again, at least in his mind. They are teaching him how to throw.

"Go, love, he needs his Da' more than anyone else. We'll be fine." Melissa walked into the kitchen, smiling.

"You keep that fucking catheter away from me. Don't say fucking, Annika. Since you and your Ma' are part of the family I want you to talk with Ama and Sara about finding you a job around here." Klara and Ebba stared at me in silence.

"I'm not even twelve, yet."

"I know. You've been screwing around for too long but we'll have to make do. Where, Em?" She said behind the barn. I kissed Annie and limped out as Sara and Roan walked in. I didn't say a word, and neither did they. My mom and dad walked up on either side of me.

"He's fine , just scared."I nodded and asked if it was over. Ma' said, "It's never over, . It's life, and even when that's ended it's not over. Look at us." I smiled as they hugged me. We stood by the barn, watching....smiling. "You choose your family wisely, ." Jake saw us ran to me and jumped as my dad supported me, and I grunted.

"Sorry, Da'."

"I'm not Jake." I kissed his head as Yoshi and Taiiko walked up. "How's it going?"

"Only five out of ten ." I stared at Yoshi and Taiiko. They smiled, and nodded. I asked how close. They smiled.

"When I first started practicing, I everything except the target....for weeks... and when I finally did it there was barely enough holding the knife in place. Five out of ten may not seem that good you, around Yoshi and Taiiko, but it's amazing. He smiled and hugged again, only gentler.

"Are you and mom OK?" I scruffed his hair.

"Yes, , we're OK. Work on throwing a bit longer and come inside. We have get ready for a feast." He nodded and walked back with Yoshi and Taiiko. Mom and dad said they'd be back and walked into mist. I needed to learn how to do that. I was alone, but we were alive. I walked to the main house and into the kitchen. They stared at as I sat, bleeding under my shirt. Melissa was going be pissed. "Can I get some milk, please?" The cook brought it over. I said I'm Daniel in Norwegian. She stared at me.

"She's mute, sir, but she can hear, and she is learning sign language. She's an amazing. cook, better than of us combined even though she hasn't been here long.

"You can understand ?" She nodded. "Write your name down. She did. Her name was Maia. I nodded. "Pretty name." She smiled. "There is a large feast later. What do you need?" Maia looked at everyone and wrote. "Help." I nodded and grunted as I stood . "We'll be back soon. Thank you for the milk." I walked outside and sat down. Shit.

"Hey mister, whatcha doin'? I thought I'd find you doing anything but resting. Sara hugged and helped . "My Melissa is going be upset with because you're bleeding." She lifted my shirt. "It's not terrible. I told her about them needing help and she nodded. I'll find Henry, Sabrina, Chloe and Janey and then I'll bring Jake and Em. Annika will obviously come, and Klara, if Ebba can spare her. We'll work it out, love. We know our way around a kitchen." I nodded as Sara helped me back to Ama's.

"How's Ingrid?" Sara looked at me.

"Unconscious, but wishing she had never met you, I'm sure, They're going to move her to Oslo for more surgeries. They think they might be able to make her arm somewhat functional. They rebuilt her hip as best they could. The doctor said that the bones will heal but it was unlikely she'd ever give birth in the normal way, which may not be such a bad thing given who she is. They said it'd probably be two years of recovery and therapy. She's hurt bad, love, but she's alive, and I doubt either will have the stomach to try anything ever again. Banishment is worse than death in the clans."

"They should have thought about that before doing what they did." She nodded. "Roan?" Sara was quiet.

'"Roan is deeply in love with Ingrid and it clouded her. Ingrid's lust for power didn't help matters, Roan is the reason you couldn't kill Ingrid, her and Marnine. There are too many balls is the air, love. We just took away two of the ones that could cause this family the most harm. They still might, but we bought ourselves some time. Annie is talking with Roan..."


"No love, Melissa is with her, always, and trust me, Melissa would love nothing more than to rip Roan's throat out. You know our Annie. Her love is times bigger than her heart, like yours." Tina and Stephanie walked . I was still so far behind visiting with the people I loved, I still hadn't called either Sam, or Javier. Fuck. They hugged .

"Good thing that dragons don't die easily." Steph nodded. "I talked with Deat and Melinda and gave them the key my apartment, and directions. It'll be close quarters but it's cheap, nice, and in the best possible place in Glasgow. It was good timing because this is my last month. I am otherwise engaged." I stared at her, and my cousin.

"Literally?" They held their hands and nodded. Sara screamed and clapped as I hugged them both harder than I should have. They looked at Sara.

"We'd like get married at the cave in Iceland." Sara stuck her tongue, but it wasn't due worry this time. She was thinking.

"I'll talk with Ama but I don't think it'll be an issue, as long as it's OK with him. He thinks the cave is his." I smiled as we walked into the kitchen. "I'll track down our kitchen crew, but you are on extra lite duty, mister. Go upstairs and let Melissa check your sutures." I nodded as I tried climbing stairs. What an annoyance they had become. I walked into our room and Roan stood up, scared, and took four steps back.

"He won't hurt you Roan, will you bear?" I shook my head as Melissa walked up and pinched me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" She pulled the shirt over my head, and not gently.

"My nose is attached for a reason, Jesus Christ," even Roan chuckled.

"What did you do, Daniel?" I told her nothing as she shook her head and grabbed her bag. "I needed to clean the wounds anyway. Roan walked toward me, looking at what Ingrid had done...what she had done. She touched the one that was next to heart and stared at me with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, dragon. I'm sorry, Danael." I nodded as Roan went and sat with her sister. Annie smiled at me. I asked Gaia to mend what was broken between them. Melissa cleaned my wounds and wrapped them.

"It's sponge baths for you for awhile, and nothing too strenuous or I'm putting the catheter back in, without lube." I winced. "Exactly. I kissed Annie and asked how she was.

"Tired, and sore, but fine. My sister and I are working things out. Melissa is here to watch over us, sweets." She pulled me to her and kissed me. "Go make preparations because I know I can't stop you, and you heal quicker than I do." I nodded.

"Miriam?" Silence.

"Ama is....speaking with her. We'll do the hand binding on Friday, as planned because it's tradition but marriage to us is different. People sit through that so they can eat and drink afterward. They'll have two chances here.... and they will never forgot our wedding. I smiled and looked around for my suitcase for a clean shirt. "It's in the closet, love." I nodded, grabbed a shirt and headed back to the main house to help as I could, but I pushed first. Nothing. Thankfully, because I was tired.

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