take me part 403..always need a day to edit, here.  

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take me part 403..always need a day to edit, here.

Annie kissed me and said that she was sorry put that on me. with tears in her eyes. "It's our family now Danael, and you are better able deal with what you encounter, and heal quicker." I nodded all of the things I was remembering that I had done keep my family,and our people...and our land, safe, That, I was beginning understand. She looked at me and smiled, but she feel the burden...they could al feel the burden. She looked at me. "What is love?" Is Malinka?" I shook my head. "Tell me, Danael, as we walk. I a friend that has a wonderful cafe. We'll Lapskaus, and flat bread. 's good, and we can talk. We walked not far from the hospital, a side street. "You talk me mister," as we walked through the door and you'd think Gaia, herself, walked in. Pans dropped as...something ran through the kitchen door.

"ANRYD!!!!! She hugged her as Annie winced, smiling. She stared at me with .....'sister.' "Is this Danael?" Annie nodded as she stood up, exhaling. She was not a woman, not fat, but I wouldn't fight her, even as the bear. She looked at me...'OH SHIT...' and she gave me a bear hug that almost broke cracked a rib.

"This is Britte, Danael. She is my oldest friend. I didn't meet Bettina until we were in college. Britte and I knew each other before we could speak. She makes the best Norwegian food/ cuisine...because she is a chef...in the country. She is overseeing the food for the hand binding ceremony because the food is all Scandinavian." I smiled and said hi.

"I like this one, he is quiet." I didn't tell her it was because I was having a hard time breathing. "What can I get you sister?"

"Lapskaus, bread, and tea... Britte. It's been a challenging few days." She nodded as she slapped me on the back and I grunted. "Sit, and welcome Danael. I'll be back when I can."

"Why is she in such a place, on a side street with nothing else down here?" Marnine didn't like Britte, but she wouldn't do anything her because of my family, except exile her here. She does well, but not as well as she could.

'Would you mind if I walked? I'd like around. I like narrow streets like these. In my country we them alleys, but they aren't as old, or as nice, as these. I'll be back love. I walked around, looking, observing. I had the sense they knew I was, which seemed odd. were vacant stores everywhere, and signs of realtors. I took my note book and started writing down numbers. I didn't know how things worked here, but in the US, I could go to the county court house and pull up records. I walked to the main street, and it wasn't as bad because of traffic, but it shouldn't be like this. It was like people had just given up. I was trying to deal with Marnine but she made it more and more difficult all the time. I walked down the alley and back into the cafe as Britte and Annie were laughing.

"I assume that was about me, as I sat down." They looked at each other, and laughed. OY! "Britte, do you like being in this alley? I ask because I like alley's... some of us do...but it's not conducive for a restaurant." Annie glared at me, and then punched me."


"Anyrd, he's asking a fair question, sweets. I love this alley, Danael because the rooms I are right above , and I grew up here." I nodded. 'I could make more more ...lots more, in many places but this is my home. "'s where I grw up. Why?"

"I was walking around and seems no one wants invest down here, even though 's dumb."

"I totally agreed because was wonderful here before Marnine. The main street is doing OK because the stores are run by corporations, no one wants to go down into the alleys
because they don't feel safe, which is sad, because the alleys were blood of this place when I was growing up. I a decent business because I am closer the main street, and because I am known, because of Anyrd, but further back a shop couldn't survive even if they did. Why? around?"

"How long been here?"

"Twenty years, since Marnine tired of me." I growled as Britte looked at me, and smiled. "It seems we share something Bjorn. Why?" Annie was staring at me, wondering what the hell I was up .

"Then you know this area?" She nodded. "I an old friend, is here in Norway now, and I'd like her speak with you...."

"What are doing, Danael...."

"She is a super-genius accountant, and can figure out anything when it comes . I would like her talk with you about all of the alleys behind the main streets, and discuss your thoughts about buying the buildings." Britte looked at Annie.

"He's mostly insane, but he is rarely wrong, and Bethany is way smarter." I snorted. Britte asked me if I was serious as I walked up and kissed her on her lips.

"Don't me." She laughed and walked into the kitchen as Annie stared me.

"You need to spend more on our customs. and less time on law, history, literature, and art. She is family is now and part of our clan and you marry her." I stared, ashen, and in disbelief. "RELAX, goofball, she was just happy that you took an interest in her, and where she lives. She grew up here, but was much different than is now. You are a wily dragon.. Are you rebuilding the backbone of the clans?" She kissed me, deeply. "You, mister, are something else." Britte came out with Lapskaus,and, bread smiling.

"Britte, Daniel is good with this, and he has our full backing, even though he doesn't need it. Do us the favor of not saying anything anyone. We will talk again soon so we can help you get back what your family had before Marnine." She had tears in her eyes, and nodded before<b> kissing </font></b>me, us, and going into the kitchen. I smiled, and thought OK...they all kiss on the lips. Annie smiled.

"Eat, love, because she makes the best Lapskaus in Norway, and just wait for the Sodd, as well as all the rest, on Friday at the hand binding. It's a Scandinavian meal, and Britte is the best, as was where ma, and ama. You are a smart dragon, but eat with me." I was quiet. "What, sweets?"

"Do all Norwegians kiss on the lips?" She slurped,

"No, silly, she's smitten with you." I stared at her because I had enough women to deal with. Annie finally laughed, and touched my face, relax love She's gay, but she likes you, which is a good thing, now eat your Lapskaus before it gets cold.

"If you aren't sincere about spending the in the poor parts of our cities, then I will hurt you in ways you don't want know." I fell asleep Sara nodding.

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More Community Building / Re-vitalization. Nothing better than gathering as much GOODWILL as possible. To keep unifying the Clans and un-doing what Marnine had devastated .

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