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11/16/2021 11:39 am
take me part 404

I smiled as I ate because was very good, then and I dropped head first into the table...shit. It wasn't the food. It was Joseph. "You are quite the industrious dragon and made encounters with a being that took over a millennia to arrange...no wonder Marnine loves, and hates, you. Come, dragon, we don't much time. familiar? was heather, and mist,.... smelled like home.

"Aye, does...from my Da's side. Scotland."

"You mom came from the Norse clans, and theirs before them. is a book that kept all straight, but you threw in the sea so no one would know. No matter, because we aren't here for that, lad. We are here for me teach you walk through the mist, and you no fucking idea how glad I am do that, but first we sup, and drink, because will be a long night, week. Are you ready? " I stared at him. "Good, you ever had haggis?" I stared at him. "'s quite good if it's made well. Drink, lad, and enjoy. It's mutton, which is quite good here, as are the women." I stared him. "Fine, but let's share a good meal first, and chat, shall we. I am very intrigued, and here I thought you were just another human was supposed fulfill the destiny, but at you...all of you, you did .... right place, right time, I suppose." I Growled, as he laughed. "Calm down dragon. will take a bit. Gaia, Dreka, and Aisha are discussing it..... with Sara." Silence.

"My Sara?" Silence.

"Yes, but..."

Joseph, I will freeze you, solid."

"Yes your Sara." I stared at him. "Let's eat." Joseph and I ate well, and he got me drunk on things I didn't even knew existed...but I met the bloody green Fairie, and I would rather dealt with Sirens. SHIT, I had get a for a Siren...soon....and ...

"Come on sport. Jaysus, you can't hold your liquor. If I would known then I would danced with the green Fairie. Come on lad, you won't like it, but we places go. Meet me downstairs after you get dressed." He put me in the tub with the cold water running. It took about a minute before I screamed....Joseph!!!!! I climbed out of the tub and looked for my knives. Bastard! I got dressed and walked downstairs, looking at the woodwork. It was old, yet new. Joseph waved as I sat down.

"It's modern day, for now, but I'm impressed you checked. What about that Fairie, Ey? I punched in the mouth as I collapsed onto the table. !!!!! I woke up in the Highlands. Fine, Danael, is a cave over . He put his hand out and pointed where I needed go. I looked at where he pointed. 's two miles, more or less. is water , and food, but you can't sleep like the bear, sorry. I left you what you need. Don't punch me again. I punched at him as he vanished. ASSHOLE!!!!!

I turned and walked toward where he pointed. "Where are you ?"


"Where are you going?" I was silent.

East, I think... my cave. a cave like mine. you seen my cave, da?"

"I , love, but you need focus. You are walking east, why would be a cave toward the ocean wind" I stopped, and thought because made no sense. "We are men of reason Daniel, we always been...isn't that right, ?" I nodded. Would you ever make a cave facing toward the oceans' winds?"

I woke in my bed. was six am, and I was hungry. I dressed, and packed what I had, even though I shouldn't be here, and went downstairs. Joseph and I stared at each other. I growled as I sat down. He smiled.

"Your Ma', and Da', would be proud, and you hard. I needed know if you could choose real things, from fakes. You haven't yet... but 's enough for me work with. Let's get busy."

"Why, Loki... Joseph?" Why would I trust you, either of you with anything? He stared at me and shifted into an old woman.

"You are very clever, dragon, but I would shown you how merge time and space, as I can. Isn't that what you most want with women so far away?" I growled and reacted. was a body, and a head; they weren't connected. Beings came up...

"Please put that mess back where belongs. Thank you. So seems that even what Gaia imagined when she sent you into being, is far more than that, after this display. Loki is a god, and he will be...annoyed. You are interesting Danael, I will give you that, but you'll an enemy now, once he put's himself back together, which won't take. I am Agais, and you caught my attention. Let's walk, shall we?" I turned and headed breakfast. If this this was a dream, I'd at least get a good meal out of ... and mimosa's.

"You dare turn your back on me, dragon." She sent more energy into me than Chloe sent into the shooter. I turned back and kept walking and took all that she sent into me.... and huffed.

"Leave me alone. I mean you no harm, Agais...Gaais. Truly. I just want to be left alone." She roared and me with fire. When she was finished, I turned and walked away, shifted into the dragon, and flew.

I woke up and it was dark, but I had no clue what any of that meant, or where I was. "What happened?"

"Rest love, your are safe at the cottage. Britte helped me, but we won't be making love tonight. Gaia is testing you. Loki is testing you. Agais is trying to change you.....

I don;, under ...... I fell asleep.

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