take me part 407  

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11/16/2021 7:49 pm
take me part 407

Taiiko and I walked away. "Should we really have our backs to them love," Taiiko pushed. "Yes, because this is a test of some sort."

"That's why you gave them back their dead? I was wondering because even damaged, wolf pelts fetch a high price. You are wily? I'm going back to watch my flock." I nodded.

"Board up that balcony door." She screeched as she flew away. I walked back to the barn. I want everyone to have ammunition, clips...whatever. If you see eyes reflected in the light then you them and don't stop until there are no more eyes. Anyone who drinks alcohol, I will myself. Understood? Good. Eat." I did the same for the hog barn and the men watching the entrance. Living in the west taught me how to make food with with a fire, a grill, and cast iron pans. I put it to good use as I walked into the darkness and shifted into the dragon, and blended onto top of the barn, watching. We were surrounded by wolves. There were at least a hundred, and they had families. I knew what Sara would say...what they would all say after their grief, and anger... I killed the pups. I flew to Iceland and called for Gaia, then waited.

"Dragon, you keep getting yourself into mischief." I was annoyed.

"Do I, Gaia?" Silence

"And impertinence in the face of m..."

"Save it, I am not interested. I like most of your beliefs, and even some of your laws, but killing puppies, lambs, goats, chickens...for what? Ego? If this is Loki, then tell hm to face me, or Fenrir. I'd rather not be bothered but my people need solace, and recompense for their loss...that is non-negotiable. I will meet either, if I must, but if those wolves are still on my land when I return, I will hunt all of them down, even the pups, and end them. I don't want but I won't allow our people to live in fear. I am coming to you, first, out of respect..."

"You call this respect, dragon?" Silence.

"Given what I saw... what Sara, Annie, and many people should not have seen, and then dealt with that fear....YES, I call this respect. I was supposed to spend the night, alone, with Chloe, but instead I have to deal with this shit. I don't cause myself to pass out and fall face first into a table when I was eating something wonderful. I don't myself places. Either you do that, or someone else does. If we gain mutual benefit, great, but I didn't with Loki, and have him give absinthe. I'm still not exactly sure what happened but if I bit his head off, then I'm sorry, but it's not like he'll die...."

"He gave you absinthe?"

"Yes, as Joseph, and there was someone named Agais ."

"Go home , Dragon, your people are safe. I will sort this out. Thank you for not killing all of the wolves." I woke with a wolf looking at me, a large female. I grunted as she stared at me, nudged me, howled, and trotted off. I got up and walked to all of the fires. I told them to put all the wood on and fall back to the barn, but keep watching. They nodded and did it. I didn't tell them it was OK, in case it wasn't. I shifted and sat on the barn. I could see the wolves leave and go back to their territories. I waited until the sun broke over the horizon before I shifted. I pushed and felt nothing. I didn't trust Loki, but worse, I didn't trust Joseph. I didn't need the mythology, or the reality, of the Norse people. I wanted to be left alone.... and I woke up in Russia, in a stall, with goats. Fucking Christ.

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