take me part 412...edited  

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take me part 412...edited

Malinka and I walked the mule back after having milk and some wonderful thing Ilsa had baked. I needed to work out the time thing because this was my family as much as everyone else. Hammish said he knew a trader that went to the Alps in the summer and he'd find breeding stock. Dogs were always needed on homesteads, the time didn't matter.

"Why have you been gone so long, Danael? We waited for you everyday. Ma' can't keep much down. She has been sick on her stomach for weeks now. I can't find deer and you keep giving away what we have." She was scared. I stopped and held her. " Are you tired of us, this place?"

"No love, it's been a long day for me. I am learning how I come and go. I have someone who will help me with it. I love you and Irina. You are my family, too, like Hammish and Ilsa. My family in the future knows about you, and accepts that, I just don't know how, or when, I end up here. I'm trying." She smiled and kissed me.

"They know of us?" I nodded as she screamed, pounced on me, and bit my neck she was so happy. The mule started to spook as Teesha walked out of the trees. I pushed and told him it was fine and was in no danger. He didn't like it but he snorted. Malinka knelt down and hugged Teesha. Malinka spoke to her as I smiled and said hello.

"I am learning to speak with them as well, but you can't help me. I'm doing it on my own. Ma' is concerned but I'm not." She smiled as Teesha spoke us.

"Those of us that are strong enough will help in the hunt, but we aren't as many as we need. I looked around your people's farms and they are starving, like us. I'm not sure we are enough even if you know where the deer are." I nodded.

"I'll bring meat back tonight, I wanted us to work together, but it will be easier, and safer, for me. 's best that we respect boundaries, I think. How many you are Teesha?" She stared at me because didn't want say, I wouldn't want either.

"A hundred adults, and more ones, in different packs. I spoken with their leaders because we speak and they trust me." I told her where the deer were but not do anything. I just wanted them there to scare the deer, and confuse them. She nodded as I looked at Malinka

"More... triple that, maybe more, but not everyone is starving. Ilsa would now better. Help me up. We will talk later wolf." She rode back Hammish and Ilsa as Teesha and I walked home.

"They love you very much." I nodded. "Yet you stay away for a moon's cycle? Why dragonbear?" I tried to explain but she couldn't understand what I barely could. "No matter, you are here now. She told me where to leave the stags. "It's two moons, maybe a bit less, until it begins to warm and the game returns." I nodded. "Help us survive dragonbear." I nodded as she nuzzled into me and I scratched her ears. "You are odd for a human." She turned, howled, and ran into the trees. I knew her pack was watching.

I walked home and looked around. I seriously needed to figure out how to shift time. I figured I could otherwise why would I be sent her, now. I was odd but one thing was for certain, there was work to do here. I knew Teesha, and her pack would watch over Irina and Malinka when I wasn't here, and Hammish didn't needed watching over, but they would do that as well, and Malinka would be safe in the woods. I just needed to bring back deer...the work could wait. I walked inside as Irina was throwing up in a bucket. I grabbed a rag and held her hair back until she finished. I got<b> water </font></b>so she could rinse her mouth and helped her to a chair.

"Do you peppermint?" She nodded and pointed to a cupboard. I put<b> water </font></b>on the stove and wet a cloth. I was wiping her head as Malinka walked in and ran over. "Werre is the spring?" Malinka pointed.

"It's at the tree line, there is a large rock over it. You'll find it, bear. I'll make us some broth."

"Do you have ginger here?" She shook her head. "Chamomile?" She nodded. "Add some to the broth, not a lot...."

"I'll show you . It seems Danael knows that I am not barren after all." Malinka looked at her, and then me, confused. "I thought I was dragon but you have two on the way it seems." Malinka screamed and hugged Irina, and me, and the Irina. I went to get water, shaking my head, as Malinka made tea and broth. I found the spring. It was quite distance from the house, but the land here was good. It was pasture and not rocky, and was protected by the trees from the north. I started thinking and wished I had my notebook and pen. I made two trips to the house with<b> water. </font></b>They smiled as I walked in. I was so in trouble. I prayed I didn't shift to some other time. I put the<b> water </font></b>down and dropped to my knees when someone knocked on the door. I lifted my hand.

"It's OK, please make more broth. We have a guest." I opened the door, smiling. "Aisha."

"Dragon." She smiled and jumped on me as Malinka looked for her bow.

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According to BLOG LOG, Part 412. Body of post is missing.

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