take me part 413...edited  

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11/18/2021 2:27 pm
take me part 413...edited

"MALINKA! Put the bow down. She walks through time like Danael and is our guest, now come say hello and don't disrespect this house. I'm Irina and she's my , Malinka. Welcome."

"I'm Aisha and thank you. I apologize for showing up unannounced but Gaia sent me to help." She put her hands on Irina's, and Malinka's belly's as I shook my head, said it was nice seeing her, and walked to the barn. Fucking Christ. "You've been busy dragon." She laughed as the three of them closed the door. Drakon came up growling, and peed, before going to the door and barked.

"Traitor." I walked into the barn and started looking around like my da' taught me and there was a lot that needed to be done but I kept thinking of that spring and how far away it was from the house. Repairs needed to be made which meant I needed to be around, but how. I gave the mules a bit a grain when Malinka walked in.

"Don't spoil our mules, dragon." She smiled, pounced on me, and kissed me. "I'm sorry I was jealous. Aisha explained why she is here. She said we will birth dragon riders, and that I will be a powerful witch." She laughed. "She hasn't seen me try to do basic spells. I'm a joke in the coven. They leave me alone because of you and Irina."

I grabbed her left breast, and then her belly. She smiled, as did I, but shook my head. "That is where magic happens." I touched her head. "You think of the spell, or whatever, in your mind but you bring into being through your heart, and will, love. I also like touching your breasts, and belly." She laughed as she slapped my<b> chest. </font></b>"Want to take a ride?" She clapped. We closed the barn, I shifted into the dragon, and Malinka and I flew off as Irina and Aisha walked outside. I pushed to Aisha and told her what I was doing as I blended into the sky. I was getting better at it but I was glad she was here. Malinka screamed in joy as she grabbed on like she was riding a . I pushed to her wondering if it would work.

"Danael? How can I hear you in my thoughts?" She screamed. "Say more!" We talked as I flew toward the ravines I thought the deer were. I flew high so I didn't spook them. " There they are love, you were right. Look at all of them...smart deer." They were too far away because there were no roads, but that wasn't my concern. We'd need at least a third of them for the wolves and the people to survive, probably half, or more, because people were starving in other villages that were close. It would be a lot of killing, and I'd be doing it. I flew north and then east.

"Do you know this land, Malinka?"

"No dragon but Irina might. Her people were travelers. Why?"

"I'm curious about many things but now I am looking for deer and they are abundant here. keep the wolves, and people, alive through winter.... will take a lot of the deer we saw. That's not good." She nodded as I flew east.

"Am I dragon a rider?"

"Someone has to teach our daughters. It's part of why Aisha is here, I think. She's going to help me cull the herd of deer tonight." I flew over the ridge and winter didn't seem to be as harsh there. It was a gamble but I didn't see any other choice as I flew us back. I prayed to Gaia that my choice was the right one. I landed at Hammish's barn and shifted. Malinka kissed me.

"I don't care that you smell, dragon."

"Brother." He took four steps back.

"Stop, Hammish, this is my husband, and we the found deer, even if he smells." He looked at me, as I nodded.

"They are too far away and not accessible. I'll take them. I'll bring them here and our home." Malinka took my hand and squeezed. "I'll take others to the packs because I know where they are. Do you know how to preserve meat?" He nodded as Ilsa walked up and hugged Malinka. "It's going to be a long night, and longer day." He nodded as Ilsa said,

"We'll on the coven and bring them here to help, and Irina's. We'll make sure the people that need meat get it."

"Do you know people who want to work...hard work?" They stared at me, confused, and nodded. I have to see if Irina owns it, and if not, then I will , but I want to build a house, and barn, closer to their spring but we need a root cellar and basement." Malinka stared at me, speechless. "I know someone that can help me with getting here more consistently, but I'd like it done by next winter, at least the house...but I'd like both done. Would you oversee it for them? No one in their right mind will cross you." He laughed. I'd also like a smithy, and wood working shed...and the tools." He smiled and nodded. Ilsa spoke.

We'll see to that, dragon. You see to keeping our people alive. I shifted as Malinka climbed onto me, and I flew us home.

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