take me part 419... happy friday..... edited.  

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11/19/2021 6:01 pm
take me part 419... happy friday..... edited.

I was so out of my element here. I needed fence posts, and figure out how I was building a house, and barn, and then I needed figure out keep it all safe. . I'd start with , and fencing. I looked around and smiled. If we could keep it, which wouldn't come cheap, easy, it would be spectacular. "Does anyone claim land toward Hammish?" She said no. "Do trust them?"

"Of course, Danael. Why?" I need to build a fence and I want all of this land, and as far back into the trees as you can imagine. Our families will need in. We have to lay claim first. They'll secure the well, and the stream, and then mark the rest of the land, as we can."

"Do we need this much, land, Danael?"

"Not now, but we will, Love. There is a hoard of people coming and I need to protect my family from them, which means we need family's on this land, working it.... protecting it. People who will fight to protect their family, and their home. This Is good land, Irina, and someone will try and claim it. I want Hammish and Ilsa involved because of that.. You know the land. Where would you put a house and barn." She smiled, pounced on me, and we made love on the grass.

"Sorry, dragon, but I crave you inside me. The house should go there." She pointed south and east of the spring. "It's better to dig a cellar there.... no water, but not as far away from the spring. I nodded and listened to her wisdom. "What are your plans....."

"Our." Silence. She coughed.

"What are our plans the family." Silence.

"After we build a bigger house, and secure all of this, and build a bigger barn with a smithy and wood shop, Hammish and I will deal with other matters? She stared at me.

"And the other house, and barn?"

"I'm looking gain land the end of the road in that direction. I don't want people around us. except those we choose. We'll lease it a family. You understand lease." She nodded and asked if we could do this. "It's harder take something that is already built."

"Build a new barn, and shops, toward the road...toward where we live. It will be easier, and you, and Hammish, will have access to the road. It'll be easier than living where we live now. We need a bigger a barn, and a place to save hay, and grains,..... "It will help both family's" She kissed me.

'You are going to do this us?" I hugged her.

"If I can." She punched me.

"Do this us, dragon."

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