take me part 428  

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11/21/2021 11:29 am
take me part 428

I was pushing myself when Drakon ran at barking and started licking my face.
" Well little wolf that's better than peeing ." She barked, peed and ran back Irina. I shook my head and smiled as she walked .

"It's a sign of affection."

'Really, then why don't you pee on my?" She was taken aback, but laughed.

"Because I do other things, mister." She grabbed my balls as she hugged . It was complicated having families as scattered as I did, as well as a Siren who was now smitten with , but I couldn't say I minded...at least it wasn't boring. "Are you OK with Sofi being here? Malinka and I are a handful, and pregnant. What happens when of us are?" She stared at and laughed. "She will get pregnant, Danael. It's just a matter of when. She's young and enjoys sex. Why do you think her and Malinka spend time alone in the barn, and are always laughing and hugging each other?" I smiled.

"I like Sofi just as I do you and Malinka. You were right, she is better off here." She kissed me

"Why did you bring James with us, Danael? I like him and he will get along fine with Hammish until we start building here. I'm just curious."

"He reminds me of someone and he knows a lot about a lot, most importantly right now, about growing fruit trees, and making hard cider. The village here is small now, but it won't stay that way. I thought he would be ideal run a tavern but in the meantime I think he can help you learn read because he has a box of books." She stared at

"How do you think of of these things, and what is a chicken tractor?" I laughed.

"I'm probably insane." She smiled and bit as Malinka and Sofi walked and hugged us. "A chicken tractor is like a wagon for chickens. In my time, it's used to keep them safe, let them forage, eat bugs, scratch, and poop on a piece of land, and then it's moved to another piece."

Sofi looked at me, "they do the work and get the ground ready for a garden." I nodded.

"It's easier to work with Nature, than against her. The wagon keeps them safe, and gives them a place to roost at night, and they aren't running around the yard and barn." They laughed. "Irina, do you know where we can get cats?" She nodded. 'Good, we need get some for the barn because the mice, and rats, and we'll need more once we build the other barns. Storing grain here is different then in my time. It's harder to protect from rodents." They nodded as we walked inside. I added wood to the fire and they sat . We took turns making love throughout the night. They were happy. I was happy. It was early and they slept like the girls did, in a bundle. I wondered if was because they were witches. I smiled as I went into the kitchen and got milk. I lit the stove, and made a fire and walked outside as Aisha was walking .

"You, or Joseph, need teach how do that." She laughed, and nodded..

"How are your women?"

"Where?" She laughed.

"Good point. Here." I told her they were fine. "And the people around here?" I stared at her and looked down. She nodded.

"Someone killed wolves. They've moved farther north, where I told them to. It's better for them but I miss Teesha. The people look at like I'm the devil even though we saved their families."

"Yet you still want stay, dragon. Why?"

'It's good land, and Hammish and Ilsa are here, and the girls, and there are houses and barns...and they are pregnant." She nodded. "It's easier build from here then start from nothing, at least I think it is."

"Your ideas are sound, Dragon, and you have found good people. You seem have a knack for that, and Dragons are still around so that memory is in their minds, at least the old ones, and their<b> stories. </font></b>You just scare them, worse than witches, or wolves, because they don't know how to fight you."

I was sad and confused...."I don't want to fight them. I want to help them and help us. Things don't ever seem to change."

"Human's fight what they fear, usually it's each other, but not always. Life here will never be easy for you dragon. I want to ride with Malinka, and Sofi, and show them about harnesses." I nodded as the door opened and drakon came tearing out barking. She sat between me and Aisha, barking, hackles as we laughed. She reached down and picked her . "A wolf and a dragon. Thank you for protecting ." She put her down and drakon growled, peed, and pranced back the house. I shook my head. "You're the only one with balls, dragon." I went the barn feed the animals, and gather eggs.

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