take me part 430  

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11/21/2021 3:51 pm
take me part 430

I pushed the goat away from me, and closed them back up. "You're vicious, but cute." They bleated as I closed the door and walked toward the house Mailinka and Sofi didn't wait but after what Irina told me yesterday about them having sex, why would they. I was good for babies, I supposed. I walked inside and grabbed the water buckets, salt and a brush as they stared at me. "What? You need to clean these once a week. They're green." I headed to the spring crumbling.

I wasn't mad, because they didn't know. I just had a lot to deal with.... a lot I was worried about, and I didn't see it getting any better... and Janey and Alison were staying in Denver...and Lieve, and Heather. Lieve. Fuck, I barely got to spend anytime with her, them. FUCK! I took the rock off the spring and cleaned the buckets as best I could... at least they were green. I rinsed them and filled them. I left two and walked home. They all looked at me, even Aisha.

"What?" Irina spoke as drakon barked at me. "Don't you pee in the house, drakon." Sofi opened the door and she ran outside. 'What?"

"Are you angry with us ?" I looked at them and shook my head as I opened my arms. They ran at me.

"No, not at all. I'm sorry you thought so. Green water buckets are not healthy. I have too much on mind but I'm not mad at any of you." They smiled, as I dropped. I was hovering above the North Sea and Karina was bouncing on the waves, smiling at me.

"Karina." She smiled.

"I've been looking at the stones you brought me. They are wonderful. I have many things, because we like gifts, but those stones were from the top of the world, a place I can't go. It was a thoughtful gift, dragon. How long can you hold your breathe?" I told I thought and hour, maybe longer. "Follow me because I have some for your people." She dove and I followed to the bottom and into a cave. She pointed. It was a closed chest. She nodded as i grabbed it and looked around. It was unbelievable what was done there. She motioned for me to follow her. We swam to a much smaller cave and there was a smaller box filled with all kinds of treasure, but my nine stones were on top. She smiled and motioned up. I hovered carrying the chest as water drained out, thankfully, because it was heavy.

'Your people save valuable too, yes?" I nodded. Good. Save these in thanks for you your stones. I am the envy of all other Sirens because of those stones.... because of you. We've known dragons for a long time, but no dragon has ever flown to the top of the world to bring one of us a gift." She kissed me and sunk beneath the waves as I flew to to island and landed. I shifted as Pytor walked up.

"You're back, dragon. What's that?" I shook my head as I shifted the lock and it crumbled. I opened it as we both stared in awe. There was gold, and silver, and gems, and jewelry, nd what would have books..... AND. We stared at each other and Pytor helped me take into Gaia for safe keeping. He grabbed a bottle of brandy, and smiled, as we walked out and I locked the door. "How did you come by this, Dragon?"

"I owed a gift to a Siren and she like the stones i gave her so much she took to a cave filled with countless treasure. She gave me this." He stared at me.

"DON'T ever go into that cave, Dragon...not even you will emerge, uninvited. Sirens are more powerful than even dragons, when they are angry. That chest was a gift, and a test." I nodded but I didn't care about the things that were in that cave. They where safe, just like these things were. I opened the door again and went down. I walked out a bottle of Champagne. Pytor smiled.

'Women." He nodded as I shifted and flew. I was standing in the front yard and could Drakon barking. I was confused, and holding a very good bottle of Champagne when Drakon bolted at me ad attacked my<b> boots. </font></b>"What is wrong with you?" She licked my hand as I petted her, and she growled. I shook my head as I looked up to smiling women. I handed the bottle Irina and told her to put under the floor to chill. She nodded.

"You've been to the island." I told Aisha about the stones, and Karina, and the chest. She stared at me. "Be careful, dragon. You don't a Siren mad at you, and don't ever go back to that place, unless she invites you." I nodded and told her Pytor said the same thing. She nodded. "Malinka, Sofi, come outside. I'm going to teach you how to fly on a dragon. I'll teach the harness later with your Ma'."

"Shift dragon," and I did. She told them about being a dragon rider, and respecting their dragon. She showed them how to climb on, and where to hold. We flew, all three of them, gently and then Aisha took Malinka alone and told her to hold on. "Tell him what you want him to do."

"Disappear, dragon, and fly. Find us deer." I did and Aisha said nothing. "Take the large stag with the big antlers." I did. 'Fly to Hammish." I did and landed with a huge reindeer stag as Hammish, James, and Ilsa walked up. I shook my head and and took steps backward because I smell. Aisha whispered that she told me Malinka would be a better rider than her.

"Can you deal with this Hammish?" He looked at her, stunned, but nodded. "Good, Aisha is teaching us how to ride dragons. Sofi's next. Shift dragon. I did and they climbed on. Home." I loved these women, and my rider, and Kana was going to be SO pissed, but I had absolutely no control, except maybe not hurting people. It was strange. We landed and Drakon peed on my foot. I sent her rolling. She growled, bark, and hid behind Irina.

Sofi climbed on.... "Up dragon." I hovered. "Straight up, and fast." I did what Sofi asked until she could barely breath. "Dive, dragon." Aisha never said a word. "Dive into the ocean." Sofi moved against my neck, and Aisha move behind her. They became as flat as they could. I took the force of the impact but it only slowed me a little. I swam because they couldn't stay down here long. Karina swam next to us as I emerged, and hovered. Sofi and Aisha breathed.

"Aisha.... you are training riders again. She nodded. "This one has no fear. I'm Karina dragon rider. I'm a Siren."

"I'm Sofi."

"Wait there." She came up and handed Sofi four strands of pearls. These are new to use but the silk won't last. You have a sister, and two moms, yes." Sofi nodded. "Good, take care of our dragon. He is special to me." Sofi nodded, put the pearls inside her vest, said thank you, and bye, as Karina slipped under the waves.

"Home, dragon." I landed again as Drakon marched up, barking, and growling. She peed and walked away. I let her. Sofi and Aisha got off as I shifted. She showed them the pearls and said they needed to take one to Ilsa, I shook my head to regain where I was, as Aisha hugged me.

"It took me decades to learn what these two knew innately It's amazing." I nodded. "'ll come back after your feast, and yes, I'll be there. They have innate ability, but it's not enough." I nodded as Aisha shifted and I was attacked by two young women, and a wolf pup.

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