take me part 434  

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11/22/2021 12:08 pm
take me part 434

"Drakon!!!" She barked and ran as Sara at me, smiling, but worried. "She likes you." I told she had a strange way of showing it, as I sat up and looked around. I told her about Miriam. She nodded.

"Miriam is not stronger than us, Daniel. She just surprised you, but we everyone involved in the feast. It's important. Ingrid can't leave, and Roan won't, because you scared her. It's just as well because she taking your demand to care for Ingrid to heart." I had too much to do, in too many places.

"Ceba?" Sara looked at me and smiled. "She's long since passed, love, but look at my eyes." I did, and smiled. They were good people, fierce warriors, and adventurers, but loving people. They were our people." She quiet. "No one has an easy life, Danael, but Ceba's better. A queen is a queen and it's unmistakable, even to those who have never seen one. She would rule the tribes after her husband, the man that killed you, died. The woman that twice before Ama taught her about dragons, and riding them. She the first dragon rider. The women in your life are either descendants of her, related in in some fashion, as our daughters will be...and theirs.

"I died. I felt it." She nodded.

"We all die, Danael, even Dragons. They told stories about you for centuries...Dragonbear. You still carry name and the scars. Time is an odd thing, but you only died there doing what needed to be done. It's who you, sweets. Go back and be with your family because tomorrow we feast.

"I should be here, helping." She kissed me, and shook her head no.

"We are fine, Love, and Henry , your Uncle, Yoshi, and Jakob have become the four muskateers. It's very cute but why men bond over roasting meat astounds us. Enjoy the past. I'm sorry about Teesha." I nodded and faded away.

"Drakon!!!!!!!! Come back here you devil. How can such have so much pee." Irina smiled, but worried.

"Who is Ceba?" I took her hand and we walked and I told her. She nodded. "You are odd dragon. This is the woman that got you the stones for the mermaid?" I nodded and pointed.
to the men starting to build fence.

"When did they get here?"

"Hammish brought them early this morning. Some have a camp by the trees over there, but most have families around us. It's good use of your silver."

"Our." She smiled and blushed.

'It's good use of our silver. There are men working that way too," she pointed beyond the barn. It's a hard winter, and cold, but men need worThere are men in the trees on both sides. Hammish is watching over them because you go sometimes.." I nodded. "When, next?" I told her I didn't know how long I would be here, but in my time I a day to be here, but it might be a week here. I can't<b> control </font></b>it. She nodded.

"Is Aisha still here?" She shook her head. "Where are the girls?" She said they were in the barn." I looked at her.

"Probably. They're lustful. They to fuck you when you were asleep but I wouldn't let them. It's likely they will find someone they fancy with all of these men around." I nodded as she hugged me as she laughed. They are still carrying your . Hammish brought over the meat from the stag you and Malinka took down, and the hide, and rac Malinka is beside her. They are tending to the hide." I nodded. "Sofi said you dove into the ocean with them." I nodded. "Amazing. Let me me get you some milk and stew." I nodded as we walked inside with drakon nipping my shoes.

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11/22/2021 2:02 pm

I have Question, who were the men that hunted Ceba, and killed Daniel / dragon. ?? I was thinking the Mongols, but, maybe the Vikings.
My thoughts as to why Daniel is alive now, and in the past, was correct, I think.

If the Mongols, how did she get to Finland, etc. , If she ruled the Tribes, it had to be in Finland, Norway, etc, the Mongols did not have Tribes ( as best I remember ), The Vikings and the Mongols were both fierce warriors.
I got LOST again, did Ceba and Daniel have a child, even though he died. ?? And, If so, then Daniel and all his wives are also his descendants ????
Brain working overtime, do I get triple pay?

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