take me part 437  

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11/22/2021 6:53 pm
take me part 437

We rode back home. We had land thanks Hammish. We got Irina's, which I suppose was mind and fell of the mule as i waved at him as he walked away. Shit. I opened my eyes and I was in my cave. I smiled, and rolled over, as a fox screeched. ! If you've heard that, its almost as bad guinea hens.. "FINE!!!!" I walked ou of the cave.


"Gaia was looking up at me. I looked down.


"Walk with me because been losing things you love, and your tired, but your work isn't over. You are laying the base Sara...for all of you, but mainly for Sara." I stared at her. She smiled. "You're twins, Danael, not physical, but you can't do this alone. You need her for the past like she needs you for the future. You are stronger now, because you need be. She helps you as she can. She is learning be a strong witch in her own right, but you are a dragon. Your magic can't compare humans, but you are still , as a dragon even though you walk through time. Dreka is still watching you."

I woke, said Shiit, and walked the mule into the barn. I gave him hay, and grain, nd walked to the house. was a fire out front. was heading toward dusk as i walked up. They waved, or nodded. I guessed everyone knew me, in some fashion. I walked inside...at least I didn't smell. The girls smiled at me.

"They did a lot, even with you and Hammish gone. Did you find your watermill?" They laughed and I saw the mead. "We are tipsy but they got a lot done, and Hammish but the fear of Gaia into the them. We need more mead... ca ur mill make mead?" I shook my head as I put Irina onto the bed and went into the kitchen. I walked outside and asked if anyone wanted more. They all raised their hands. I laughed and nodded as I grabbed the pot.

" you eaten?" They shook their heads. Irina?" They shook their heads. cut the bread as I filled our bowls, and then two other. We walked out as I put a large spoon of stew in everyone's bowls, and the girls gave them the rest of the bread. They weren't like the men in the barn. they ate and set their bowls and spoons on the porch and went their camps. I came out and took everything in, and put dirt on the fire. I was finishing up when Irina hugged me from behind.

"I fell asleep." She n=bit my shoulder.

"Mead can do that." She bit me harder.

"Did you find your mill? I can remember if I asked. I turned and grabbed her as i pulled her into me. She gasped as I kissed her. "Save that for the girls, but I'm glad you fancy me. I'll finish here. Tend to the fire. We could hear someone having an<b> orgasm. </font></b>I walked to the fireplace shaking my head. I put wood on the fire and went out back to get more and . I put my cloth down and . I tried half shift so I had the senses. worked. were four wolves. I pushed the alpha.

"Do you know I am?" Silence. "Why didn't you leave with the others?"

"I my own pack, now." I filled my cloth with wood and set it on the front porch. "I opened the door as Malinka and Drakon came out. I shifted....leaped over them and stood in front of the wolves. I pushed. "I will get you some meat. If you hurt this pup, or my family, I will hunt you until you are dead, do you understand? " I shifted and walked to the barn as Malinka picked up drakon, and the wolves followed me. We still had deer from the hunt. I grabbed two front quarters even though Malinka would be made and gave it to them.

If you, or any of your kind hurt anything here, or the large man at the end of the road," They all looked," I will end you." I gave them the deer. Two males took the legs and ran as the alpha looked at me lowered his head before he ran off. "I preferred Teesha. I closed the barn, and made sure it was secure and walked in with the wood.


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