take me part 438....edited  

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take me part 438....edited

I put the wood by the fireplace, and the split wood in the kitchen." Irina smiled and kissed me.

"Wolves...at our back door?"

"I'll figure it out, or they'll be dead by the time I leave." She punched me and walked away. Shit. I'll be bac I went outside, and shifted into the bear. I missed the bear. I looked for them. It wasn't hard because of the meat. They didn't know I was there until the wind shifted. I walked out. There were ten including females and pups. I shifted and sat. It was dark but I still had the enhanced senses. They were lasting longer.

"My women are scared of you, and I don't to kill your pack, or your pups, but I will." He looked at me.

"How can you speak to me in my head?" I told him

"We are your friends, and the big man at the end of the road, but our pups would like play with your pup. She is fierce. I nodded. "You leave my people, and animals, alone?" He nodded. Come tomorrow morning, and our pups can play and we introduce our family's." He nodded. I shifted and walked to the stream to bath. I almost to the house when I dropped. I exhaled, loudly out of annoyance, and pushed myself up.

"Big boy, welcome bac"

"Uncle Billy?"

"Of course, I'm teaching these Neanderthal's how to slow cook meat. We are having robust discussions."

"And are you consuming any alcohol?" They nodded and shook their head's. "Has anyone been burned?" They all raised their hands as i shook my head and laughed." "Where's Sara, or Annie?" They all pointed in different directions. "Thanks...don't kill yourselves." Jesus Christ. I walked the house as drakon ran up to me and barked. She peed and ran, barking. I chased until I got her. I looked up and the women I loved the most were standing around me.

"Are you trying to hurt our wolf?"

"This", as I tickled her belly and she laughed.



"Don't you do it, mister." I tickled Drakon until she peed, and I got pounced on, and bitten... A Lot. We were all laughing, but drakon still annoyed and peed on me before walking off. Chloe and Lieve went to get him because he miffed.

"You're back, early. Did you see them roasting?" I nodded as they all laughed. "How is our past?" I told them complicated. They nodded as they all kissed me and went back to what they were doing. Sara and Emily walked with me.

"Ama misses you, but she is spending a lot of time with Miriam. She stung you because it a reaction for Roan, don't hold it against her. She a good witch, and she's trying." I nodded

"How are Roan and Ingrid?" Sara stared at me.

"Ingrid is having a hard time, which means Roan is having a hard time."

"I'll be back early because I don't sleep much. I need food prepared for them, and the people at the hospital, or wherever she is. I'll take it after the binding."



"We'll take it." I nodded How are Sam and Javier?" She laughed. "Mags and Bet said they are great. The best thing you could have done... leave, not in a bad way, goofball. They filled the void you left....we left... and filled well. Maggie and Bet are going to<b> bite </font></b>you, hard, because they are SO happy about it, especially Bet...for obvious reasons." I nodded. "Tina, and Annie are getting plans made for us to go bac We have the fish dinner/family reunion with one of your Frank, our pizza guy." I nodded. It seemed like years ago, but it wasn't. "Henry's might be ready. We don't know, but we have all known Frank for a long time, and his family is coming in from Italy, even Mama.. We'll be ready. Go stay as long as you can. We'll see you when you get here." I kissed her and dropped.

I opened my eyes with a goat licking me. Goddammit!

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