take me part 440... edited, and updated.  

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11/23/2021 12:35 pm
take me part 440... edited, and updated.

Drakon curled on his wool next to the fireplace and fell asleep, instantly. He would have a good tomorrow. I checked on the girls. The were all curled together but I wasn't tired. I headed to the barn to check on the animals as the wolf walked up. "You don't sleep .much" I nodded as I asked if he had a name. He shook his head no and said they didn't need them as I nodded. "You have many humans here. worried for my pack" I nodded.

"They are doing work here. The big man the end of the road. His name is Hammish. Daniel. He'll be here in a few hours and I'll introduce you as your pups play with ours. Hammish and his wife Ilsa are good people. He'll tell these men to leave your pack alone. I'll see if I can find a deer after I check the barn, are you the same place. He nodded.

"How is it that you speak with wolves?" I told him I thought it was because I could change into a bear, and a dragon, but wasn't quite sure. I'll be away for a time. Will you after the women?" He nodded. "Go back to your pack and I'll bring meat if I can find it." He butted my leg and trotted into the darkness as I went into the barn to check on the animals. The girls were almost finished with cleaning the hides. I threw hay in for the goats and mules some meat for the pigs. I closed the barn, shifted and flew, which meant another cold bath.

I flew over the ridge, to the east and looked. I wanted to get a sense what animals where around. It was still bitterly cold, and wouldn't shift probably for a month, maybe longer. I found deer and took an older and flew to where the wolves were, hovered and dropped it as they howled. They needed meat like we needed meat. I looked for a large . I didn't like it because they needed their herd healthy but there a lot of men here working, and they needed food. I took the largest I could find and flew to Hammish's. I set it down, shifted, and told the it was . I opened the door as Hammish yelled.

"It's , Hammish. You have better knives and I have meat." He said he'd be there after he got dressed. I did find good people. I was sharpening knives when Hammish came in carrying lamps.

"It's easier during the ." I laughed and nodded.

"I have to leave soon to finish something important and not sure how long I'll be gone." He nodded. "There's a new pack of wolves, smaller, but we are working together. They know to leave you alone, and your animals. They'll be home a later. Make it known to the men that they leave them alone. I brought meat to them too. Malinka will be mad because I didn't take the hide." He laughed. "This should last until I get back so they can feed the men." He nodded as we skinned it, gutted it, and started to butcher. I took the buckets of<b> blood </font></b>and put them of the way as Hammish cut it into pieces, and I hung them to cool. He was WAY better it. I put some in clothe and got a mule ready and tied them onto him. I took some for our pigs and helped him finish as Ilsa came

"You smell, and you're bloody. Irina will be angry... your clothes." I told her it was to cold to do this naked. She laughed and said to stop.

"We have wolves again. A new pack is here. They are coming to Daniel's for an introductions." She nodded. "We're fine but I want to meet them, you come too." Ilsa nodded.

"I'll have Malinka and Sofi come down and help you with the hide." He nodded. "You and Malinka can fight over who gets it." He laughed and put his hands up as I climbed onto the mule. I'll See you soon and enjoy the heart." They nodded as I rode home. I hung the meat, put the mules in the stall...ours were getting used to having visitors, and gave them some grain when I felt the wolf walk up.

"You've been busy dragonbear. Thank you for the deer. In this weather, that will last until we can find game." I nodded as I gave the pigs a treat. "You treat your animals well, not all humans do.

"They provide for us, and help us, and give us joy...and annoyance....like that goat there." He looked through the fence. "They deserve respect just like you deserve respect." He was silent.

"My pack is thankful and they wanted you to know. They are sleeping with full bellies.." I smiled, and nodded as he walked . It was amazing how large he was. I went to the stream, bathed and walked home naked, which was dumb, but my clothes smelled worse than I did. I walked inside as Irina stood in front of me, hands on her hips.

"Where have you been, and why are you naked?" She grabbed a blanket and took me to the fire to get . Drakon didn't budge. I told her what I was doing.

"Two deer?" I nodded.

"One for the wolves, and one for you and the men. I have to leave and not sure for how long." She nodded but I could feel the sadness in her heart. "I'll be back but there are things we need to deal with in that time. The wolves are coming this morning they can meet you and the girls and because their pups wanted to play with Drakon." She laughed. Hammish and Ilsa are coming too. Hammish will see to it that the men leave the wolves alone and if see you any them around it's because I asked them to watch over you.

"You don't think we can take care of ourselves..."

"It's got nothing to with that, sweets. Friends watch over friends. I want them as friends which means you have to trust each other." She kissed me and grabbed for my balls.

"Still hiding....I'll make tea and porridge." I smiled as she walked to the kitchen and I marveled how I could be so lucky to have women like these in multiple places. I needed to figure what to do about Ingrid's brother. I figured I'd wait until we saw her and then go from there. I hoped there would be no more killing. I shook my head as I walked in the kitchen because Malinka and Sofi were having sex...again.. I hugged Irina. "We'll miss you but Sofi isn't my ." She laughed as I pinched her butt. making us breakfast. I lifted her nightgown, and a leg and put inside of her as she wrapped her leg around . Her clit was rubbing against as we made love and came.

"Who needs breakfast?" She laughed as she kissed me. "You do, mister. take your dog and get more wood." I did. Drakon followed and growled. 'It's OK, drakon, they are friends. He looked took three steps forward and barked. The wolf bent down and sniffed him but Drakon didn't back away.

"He's part wolf?" I nodded. "It show's. He yipped and five wolf pups around Drakon's age walked up. They sniffed each other and went tearing to the front yard as I took wood to the front porch and sat. It was good timing because Hammish and Ilsa rode up in the wagon, the female wolves walked around the house, watching, and the girls came and laughed the pups playing, and roughhousing.

"Are you the one in your pack that understands ?" He shook his head no. I introduced everyone as Malinka walked down the stairs and sat next to and extended her hand. The wolf smelled and licked her hand as the females, and other males did the same. The rest of them did as well as we all watched the pups. He yipped and their pups ran to him as everyone but him ran back to the woods.

"You're men are coming. We trust you, but not them. We'll watch over you women and your pup." I nodded as he ran to his pack.

Ilsa stared at me. "That was amazing." I told her that I thought he was part of Teesha's pack, but I wasn't sure but they're friends. Hammish said he'd tell the men to leave them alone if they saw them or they would answer to him, and make his pigs happy. It would have worked on me. I built a fire in the ring as the girls brought porridge and tea. I hugged the girls and told them I needed to go but that I would be back....none of them were happy. I hugged Ilsa as Hammish and I walked to the barn.

"I shouldn't be to long but Irina speaks and has silver if you need it." He nodded. "The wolves will watch over the girls and when I get back we can figure about breeding mules and making wagons." He laughed.

"I think the mules can figure it out. We need to focus on securing this land and then building houses. We'll need more tools, and mules....and wood, but there are lots of trees." I nodded.

"Talk with Irina about the silver and I'll bring more." We walked into the barn so he could get his mule. Joseph was sitting on the bench waving his legs.

"Hello, Joseph." He jumped down as Hammish reached for his knife.

"He's my friend, Hammish....our friend." He nodded. "I think he is here to help get back without falling, I hope so. He put the knife back into it's sheath, hugged ,and got his mule.

"Come back soon, dragon. We have a lot to do." He nodded Joseph, who nodded back, and left.

"I wouldn't want him mad , and you have new wolves....you have been busy, and is it true you want to build a grist mill? Any idea where you'll get the stones?"

"None, Joseph."

"Well, if they could build the pyramids then you should be able to build a mill, and bank, and town.... Loki had no right using and we will have a.....discussion about it once he finds his head. here to show you how to walk through the mist." I nodded and told him good because I was tired of falling. He laughed as mist appeared and we walked in. I immediately felt like I was in a tornado and then we landed in Norway. Joseph walked and I got flung . I rolled half a dozen times and landed as the girls looked down shaking there heads, and Drakon barked, and peed, before walking away. I stood up and dusted myself..

'What time is it?" Annie said it was a after .

"Sara said you have new wolves." I nodded as Joseph said he was going to check on the meat. I looked at Annie. "All night, it's amazing any of them are still alive and you would think Yoshi would know better."

"Do you have dill pickles and sauce?" She nodded. "Come on." We walked into the house
and I cracked a raw into four glasses, added pickle juice, and a splash of sauce. All the girls walked up and stared and looked Annie.

"I think it's for the men?" I handed two of the glasses to Annie, and took two. "Does this work?" I told her that I no idea but if it made them puke, then they'd probably better....that and pancakes and bacon. We all walked to the spits as four grown adults stared up us. We handed them the glasses.

"Drink." They looked at the glass. "DRINK." They did, made disgusting faces and threw up at their feet. Chloe and Sara handed them rags and water, and tried not to laughed. I shook my head and went inside for pancakes and bacon followed by Drakon. "So now you like me?" I ate and gave Drakon snacks. It was going to be a long .

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11/23/2021 2:21 pm

Daniel is getting things sorted here and lining things up ready for the future generations.

Ingrid's brother could be difficult and his friends they perhaps would be easier to make an example of Daniel has to be careful not to alienate people but also needs to set the boundaries that he will expect not to be crossed he has to be firm offer them a way out but not give away anything.

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I agree with Pete, all the way. I'm short on time tonight. Glad he read and posted first.

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