take me part 442.... edited  

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take me part 442.... edited

The girls were playing with the dogs, and needed to get ready, so did I, but we had indoor plumbing, and hot water. I walked to the back of the barn and looked around as Taiiko walked up. "If they are there, we hunt together." I nodded as we shifted, and flew. There was no one around except wolves. The encircled us and howled as we passed. We had
good friends. We flew past them, just in case, but there was nothing. We landed by the trees and Taiiko attacked as she pushed herself onto . We made love on the ground. I knew the wolves were close but they didn't seem to mind. I came in her as sher lied on me, and bit. "We miss you.." I nodded, turned her over, lifted her hips and fucked her until I was hard again. She bit me again when we done.

"We have to go, mister." I kissed her and nodded. "Thank you. We all miss you." I nodded. We walked to Ama's so we could get ready. I didn't think anything was going to happen but I was still on edge. People were already showing up because we were doing the hand binding at noon. We had married ourselves, and with everything that happened, this was easier, and we would have the day, well most of us. Annie, Sara, and I needed to go to Roan and Ingrid, and I might needed to deal with Ingrid's brother, but that was later.

I walked to our room, one that hadn't I spent much time in recently, and started to cry, as the girls walked around and hugged me. They had pressed my kilt, and shirt, and socks. Yoshi oiled my moccasins because I was unorthodox, and left me a pouch and . I smiled because I had a little bit from everywhere.. They all kissed and said to shower in Jake's and Emily's bathroom. I knocked as they were coming out front.

"Get kicked out?" I nodded. I had to figure out the mist because I had too many places to be, and too much to do. I showered and opened the door as Kana and Airi were staring at . Fuck.

"Tell us dragon."

"Can this wait?"

"Tell us." FUCK!

"Can I have a towel, please, because I do have some place to be." They both growled. "Dragons need riders, and I am a dragon in different places. You'd like them." They stared at me. "I think you need to to talk with either Aisha, or Gaia. They set it up, now unless
you're going to take advantage of me, I have to get ready . They snorted, chuckled, and walked out. Jesus Christ. I got dressed and walked back to our room as the girls dressing in pastel dresses....long, flowing dresses. They looked at me, smiling, as I cried again. Thet were exquisite Jake, Em, and Anna came in and hugged us.

I couldn't believe it. They each a band of woven flowers and branches on their heads, and they all placed one on mine. We should have done it in front of the people but we didn't care. We walked to the main hall as I gave Ama, Miriam, and clan their gifts, and Ama gave me the rings. We'd take Roan's later. I didn't need to do anything else. Everyone walked out front around us stood in a circle. I think they were protecting us as well. Ama brought Miriam and our family's and they all stood in front of us. I pushed but felt nothing. We could have had words in either Gaelic, or Norse, but we chose silence. A wolf walked up, and a fox, and they both sat as Drakon walked up and did the same. We intertwined are arms so we were linked and Ama bound us. The people that wanted to could drape our hands with something. We were there for a long time. When they stopped, close to two pm, Jake, Emily, and Annika walked up and started taking everything off that was draped over our hands and I placed rings on everyone fingers except Sara. I just handed it to her so she could give it to Melissa. And we were bound.

Everyone clapped spent time meeting and talking, and being diplomatic. Ama would tell me later that many of things we were draped with were centuries old. I stared at her but she nodded. "You, and the girls, bring these people hope Danael. They give you their past so you can help them build their future." I cried for the third time as Ama hugged me. "Take food to Roan and Ingrid and think about her brother." I nodded. I have their gifts in the SUV."

"Their?" She smiled. Ingrid likes pretty stones too. She kissed my cheek. Sara, Annie , and I headed to Oslo as everyone else was starting to have a feast. We pulled up to the rehab center and walked in. Annie went and talked to them and there were men with gurneys. we unloaded the food, the Bonsai tree for Roan, and parked the truck. It wasn't a huge place, but it was nice, and pricey. Ingrid was lucky. I walked inside holding the bag Ama had given me. I didn't look in it. I was still uncertain how I would be with her, or her brother. Annie wanted him, and his friends, dead, but she was angry. I walked to the desk.

"Thank you for the food." I smiled. "They are at the end of hall, on the right." She pointed as I nodded. I walked in and cried for the fourth time that day because I had hurt Ingrid worse than I thought. I walked out as Sara followed me. We walked outside.

"You didn't know?" I shook my head. "You almost ripped her arm off. She'll be able to walk, with a limp, and get some use of her arm. We have the best surgeons working with her, and therapists. You did what you did to keep us safe. You could have killed her, them, and you
would have been justified. Come back inside, love" FUCK!

I walked back inside and Roan walked up to me and kissed me. "This is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. Thank you Danael." I nodded and told her Ama could tell her how to care for it. I walked to the bed and looked at Ingrid.

"Thank you for including us in the feast. You didn't have to. I nodded.

"How is it?" She smiled ans said you haven't eaten yet?" "No, we eat last." She nodded and held up a fork saying it was good. I sat on the bed as Annie and Sara sat on the chairs with Roan. I was quiet as she ate.

"Are you going to keep trying to hurt my family? The only reason you're alive is because Sara said I couldn't kill either of you." I handed a leather pouch. It's from Ama. She said you you like stones. She stared at it, held it and handed it to Roan as I stepped back. It was a piece of Jade that Karina would be jealous of. There was a note which Ingrid showed Roan, and then handed to me. It said.... "BE NICE." I figured Gaia was trying. I handed it back and nodded as Ingrid and Roan held what was obviously a very old piece of Jade. It was a wonderful gift but I was a little confused, which was normal. I looked at Ingrid.

"I want your brother, and his friends, to stop. I don't want to end them, but I will if they keep trying to hurt my family." She looked at me and nodded as Roan handed her the phone. She spoke in Finnish, but I understood what she said and she told him it was over. I didn't
completely believe it, and would check, but it was a start. I looked at Roan. "The same goes for you. I won't do this again, no matter how mad Annie and Sara are. Understand?" She nodded.

"I'm glad you like your tree...." Ingrid was leaning in and looking at it. "It was grown by a master, and I got one different tree for your mom, and Ama, and the clans....and you, obviously. He had a Rowan tree so it was kind of a no-brainer." They laughed. "It's at least twenty years old." They stared at me in disbelief. 'I know, right, but look at the trunk...."

We talked while Annie and Sara smiled. I didn't like hurting people, or animals. I was sad as we took trays, plates, and whatnot back to the SUV. I got in and was quiet. They waited. "I think they are in a good place. Sara's right, people deserve a second chance. I don't think they should be banished, but it's not my . Roan obviously cares for her." They smiled and nodded. "Was there enough food?' They laughed and said people were taking food home, and they gave food to the other patients. I smiled.

"It's not a large place, but it's the best in Norway. It was Annie's sister." I nodded.

"'I'm hungry." They both laughed and nodded as we drove home, but I hadn't figured bringing so much the rehab center, how many guests there would.

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Mending relationships but has it worked, I wonder do leopards change their spots?

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