take me part 443,,,edited,  

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11/23/2021 10:04 pm
take me part 443,,,edited,

I was quiet as we drove home because we still needed to deal with a feast but I was trying to figure out if I could trust Ingrid and Roan, or if they had just buried their anger. I wasn't sure, but no one died at the binding, and the amount that was draped over our wrists was
amazing. I was going flying tonight, and I'd take Kana and Airi to appease them. I loved these women but boy were they a handful.

"You OK mister?" I looked at them hugging each other in the passenge rseat and nodded. God, I loved these women.

"I'm fine, but I'm not sure we can't not them." Silence.


"You can bury anger deep, so no one cans see it until you want them too. I hurt them both. They're only alive because of of you. I would have killed them to keep you safe. I'm not proud of it, but I would have done it."

"Like Ceba?" I choked up, and nodded. Annie looked at Sara and she told her about Ceba as I drove. I had things to process, it seemed. Annie looked at me. "Danael, you to let her go to save her life. You didn't have many choices. You're too hard yourself." Annie nodded

'You're the father of all of us?" I thought.

'Maybe at some point, but not then. She was already pregnant. I loved her, but I had to get her close to here." Silence as Annie slapped me, which was unexpected.

"Annie.... stop." He was doing what Gaia wanted and we are alive because he did it. He died saving her, Annie. Mongols, and Vikings. He's a dragon Annie and he moves through time." She still didn't like it. We pulled in and the drive was packed...the yard was packed, and
the backyard was packed. We took the trays and dishes into the kitchen. The girls left, laughing, and I asked what I could do. They looked at me, and pointed. Peel. I smiled. It was probably an hour when ALL the girls walked into the kitchen. I was mostly clean.

"We're taking him, sorry. What is wrong with you? We have guests. Roll your sleeves down and try to be presentable because these are the other clan leaders." I growled. "Be nice Danael, we need to work with them. I nodded even though I hated it. I'd rather be in the
kitchen, or the barn.....or in the past. We walked up and Annie was getting ready to speak.

"I apologize for my rudeness, truly. I'm not use to all of this and the people in the kitchen needed help when I checked on them. I lost track of time. I meant no disrespect. Ice couldn't have melted in my mouth as Annie and Sara stared at me. We talked with all of the leaders, and while it was a feast, and a time of enjoyment, we all made bonds. I still hadn't eaten as all of the girls walked up holding white puppies, smiling.

"WAIT, you haven't eaten?" They all hit me as the puppies barked...great. We walked into the kitchen as the sun was going down. It was only around six.

"All we have is<b> food </font></b>for the people that work her ma'am. We can use that." I shook my head.

"Is there milk, cheese, and bread." She nodded as people brought it. I drank two glasses of milk and had cheese and rye bread. I was happy. I picked up my plate and glass, but they stopped me. I nodded and said thank you. I wanted to help them clean, because of Henry's, but they wouldn't let me. "Enjoy your families." They smiled as we walked out. I was SO out of my depth.

Annie hugged me. "You did well with the clan leaders. They were impressed. You are very good with these people because they don't you yet and you take them off guard....none them help their staff. You did well dragon. I sorry you didn't eat.

"I ate."

"Cheese and bread.... and milk." I kissed her, and smiled. There were more guests than we thought and the I wasn't taking the staff's<b> food. </font></b>It's like I can't find something to eat, besides, like the cheese and milk here, and especially the bread. We walked to the party, and drank more than we should have. I was distracted on so many fronts but I tried to be there. It didn't matter because the girls were the girls and charmed all of them. I walked behind the barn and got ready to shift when Kana and Airi walked up...and stared at me.

"We're going with you dragon, but tend your guests." Taiiko walked up and nodded. "They're right and I've already. My vision isn't as good as yours but they're still pretty good." I nodded to the yard.

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11/24/2021 12:24 pm

OK, Ceba's child was not Daniel's, she was already pregnant when they met and he died protecting her.
At the feast, Daniel showed all the Clans, that Not only is he a Warrior, will protect his family and the Clans in general, from any harm. That he is a true Leader, he will work with the hired help, if you will, not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

He is organizing community projects to help the clans move forward and prosper. In the past, he is introducing the family there, to new technology, the Grain Mill, powered by water, will show them how to build a boat / ship ( wondering what type / design it will be. Will he also introduce new weapons, like a cross bow.

But, only eating cheese, bread and drinking milk, with all that food there.
Another thing, Ingrid's brother, will he let it be and move on, or, will he try to get back at Daniel, we shall see.

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11/24/2021 1:40 pm

I agree with Claude, Ceba's child is not Daniels but he is the father of Irina, Malinka and perhaps Sofi's children to be, they are also reminding him a lot like the girls of the future and Irina or Malinka could be descendants of Ceba we will have to see and how far back in history was Ceba alive that is still unclear.

The Vikings had travelled and had influence as far as Russia where they would have met with the Mongols and into the Middle East as well as Greenland, then America, I think they started as farmers in Denmark, Sweden, Finlad and Norway they communities merged around the 8th Century and they became seafarers and traders as well as raiders.

They is much this story pick up from History.

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11/24/2021 7:22 pm

Again there is so much to take in & comprehend. The other leaders of the clans are pleased with Daniel but i wonder if any of them were aligned with Ingrid & Roan. I guess time will tell, Happy Thanksgiving to you Daniel & to all of the readers out there.

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