take me part 444... edited, maybe.  

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11/25/2021 3:27 pm
take me part 444... edited, maybe.

I nodded because I knew was no way I would win against them. They all smiled as Taiiko said,

"See, he's not dumb, I'm going with you as she walked away." We all looked at her, and then I looked at Kana and Airi, and said 'HAH' as I turned and waked the party too. They both growled and pounced on me as they bit me, and tickled me. They rolled off as we all stood.

"Still..."HAH!" They smiled, kissed my cheeks, and we walked toward the festivities. The girls all smiled, even Ama, because they thought I bolted. I tried to because I hated these things. Sara and Annie walked up with a tray of champagne.

"It's from Ama. I nodded. We've been telling Andres of your time in the past because you share heritage. His ancestors lived in the area ours did." I stared at them. Annie spoke.

"It's fine, love, I've known his family my entire life. Our clans linked against Marnine when she was bad. He's family." We nodded and hugged.

'Do you know where, Danael ? My family originated in the Rus states but moved toward what be on the Black sea now."' I shook my head but said I thought it was farther north, and a bit to the east.

"Is your family still ." He nodded.

"Yes, spread out, but also in Spain, and in South America. I'm not sure, but I think we are more spread out than any other clan, except the unaffiliated ones. Annie said you plans of uniting them into a new clan so they no longer feel isolated. Is this true?" I nodded, as smiled, and grabbed my forearm, as I grabbed his. "That is good Dragonbear." Sara looked at me as she mouthed...."FAMILY." He laughed. "Where were you in the previous time?"

"Farther east, and to the south. I lost track of time but I knew the basic direction we needed to go. I had no idea where we were when both Mongols, and the Norsemen, cornered us, but I knew I needed get Ceba to the Norse."

"You fought them both. I nodded but sadly the Mongols got to us first. They were closer so I made Ceba run. I thought if I could kill them first then I had a chance to keep us going but were too many, but she was where I was meant to take her.

"They killed you?" I nodded and told him the leader." He looked at me and smiled. "That would be high honor, for the Norse, and was a good day for the tribe, even if not for you. would aided the woman you brought them because was good magic." I nodded. "And what of your death?" I told him they left me for the wolves and bears, like the rest. He looked me. "Did they kill you first?" I said yes. "Then was a good death, Danael. "Come, let's sit by the fire and talk more." He took Annie and Sara's hands. "Your family must come visit us in Spain, if Ama can spare you, because I another gift after this story. belongs on Ama's island, secure, but let us share a Brandy as I tell you of 's origins, and about my family's." He slapped my back as we went inside find the Napolean Brandy, which might actually been his. was going be a long night but the girls were smiling. I stilled needed fly.

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11/25/2021 3:47 pm

Will you look at this, I'm first to visit this post.
Daniel met a man, who came from the area , maybe, he is now living in the Past. May be a descendant of Daniels Past family.

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11/26/2021 1:16 pm

You beat me to it Claude and another fine episode Daniel.

With Daniel having a family in the past over how many generations there is no telling how many may be descendants of his offspring .

What happened in the past shapes the future.

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