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11/25/2021 5:16 pm
take me part 445.. edited

Annie and Sara smiled, hugged and kissed us, and said not get too drunk. I pushed and felt Taiiko flying. I could also feel the wolves patrolling, there wasn't any problem but I had split duties. I needed to check on Ingird's brother, and his friends, but I also needed to spend time with Andres because Annie's family had known them for so long and linked early on. They didn't need tell me what they were asking me to do....what was more important for me to do. I was a mutt, but my<b> blood </font></b>ran through strong lines. I knew what I needed do. We walked into the kitchen as the staff was cleaning up. Alissa, the 'real' person in changed walked away from cleaning as Andres and I were becoming friends. She opened the fridge, took out a plate, and set it on the counter. Andres watched in silence.

"There is yak milk, for later, but we all added a bit off your plate so that we all ate. You didn't need to do what you did, especially after today...especially after what you did for Miriam, Roan, and Ingrid. A clan is only as strong as it's weakest links. You either purge them, like Marnine, or you give them a chance to fix things." She kissed my cheek, smiled, nodded at Andres out of respect, and left, with both of us silent and stunned.

'You still hungry?" He nodded as I grabbed the large plate, napkins, and forks and he grabbed the bottle and glasses as we walked to the least crowed fire.

"You have good people, but you treat them well...like family. You aren't worried about that?" That said a lot to me, because of the history. I shook my head no as I set the plate on the table and handed him a fork for the sides. We each grabbed half a steak sandwich with some sort of amazing relish, and mustard. I didn't know about him but l loved it, and all of the sides. "You're not worried about them taking advantage?" I shook my head and said not at all.

"People do things because of the way they are raised, or treated, mostly, very few are born bad. I haven't met a bad person here yet, or associated with Yoshi and Taiiko...or in Denver. We're family. Annie treats their workers well, as do Yoshi, and Taiiko, as does our family in Denver. I've got no interest in being lord of the manor, and if I was, they wouldn't have offered us a plate from theirs, because I would have just taken it and not cared." He was quiet for a long time as we finished the food.

"One thing is for sure, you have better cooks, but not all clans think of it that way. Mine didn't until not to long ago." I nodded. "Andres, change takes time. We will not lead by force unless we must. We choose to lead by example. You've known Annie for most of her life, would you expect her to be any different?" He laughed and said no as Unc, Henry, Yoshi and Deats walked up and sat down. We past the bottle of brandy around and talked about all manner of bullshit as we laughed. Henry said, and the three nodded...

"Don't ever give us that hell's brew of whatever it was again, or we will all hurt you." Andres looked at me confused so I told him what I found overseeing the meat. He howled, as he said...

"Raw eggs and pickle juice." I nodded as I said and hot sauce. He laughed again as everyone else started to smile. Deat said...

"Was that really what it was?" I nodded. "Well, it worked and made us puke our guts multiple times, and the pancakes and bacon was a sound idea." We all nodded.. Guys. We spent the next hour or so finishing the bottle, and becoming friends with Andres. I excused myself, hugged all of them and told Andres we were looking forward to Spain and hearing about the origins of his family. He nodded as I picked up the plate and walked to the kitchen. I cleaned them and drank water as I walked out and behind the barn. I could feel Taiiko, Kana, and Airi follow. I didn't need to say anything because we were all linked, I just shifted as they got on and I blended, because I was still working on the invisible bit Malinka showed me, and we flew to Finland. If we had time, I wanted to stop at Gotland on the way back, or to the folks in eastern Sweden. It was going to be a long night. I just hoped I didn't drop any of them.

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