take me part 446.... edit later, or tomorrow. It was edited. HAH!  

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take me part 446.... edit later, or tomorrow. It was edited. HAH!

I had met the people from the clans with Annie, and in an ideal world I would have spent more one on time talking with them during the party, but we were going to visit with each of them, like Andres, later. It would be a diplomatic nightmare. I needed to meet with Andres, and the girls were meeting with other people, but I also needed to attend to Ingrid's brother to see if that threat had passed. I could understand what she said on the phone and if she was lying then she was excellent at it. Given the shape she was in, the shape I caused her to be in, she'd be a fool to come after my family again, especially how generous Annie had been. I was neutral because people could do some pretty fucking stupid things, especially if power or money was involved. We were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because Roan sincerely loved her. I was less concerned them and more about her brother and the men working with him, and we were running out of darkness. We flew to Helsinki.

I shifted as we were moving into Sweden and we ended up flying north of Stockholm heading over the Gulf of Bothnia and toward Helsinki. I had the location from 'Bob,' Javier's hacker friend, so I knew where I was going, mostly. It was north of the city in an industrial area, which was good because it would be mostly deserted. I was figuring out how to be the dragon, and what I could do, how much I could do without a rider, as usual I had way more questions than answers. I pushed to Kana to tell me to become invisible, like Malinka had done. She did but nothing happened. I was still blended, as where the girls, but we could be seen, albeit blurry.

I flew around the industrial area, searching, and found their warehouse. It was at the back end and on a small bluff. We flew around and I listened. They were all talking and Ingrid's brother told them the mission was over and they all said fuck that, they wanted their money, and to get even because we had humiliated them. I wasn't quite sure how he was going to pull that one off since it was Jaak's father, and his money, that had been funding him. They weren't buying it, at all, he never would have stood a chance against trained special forces with automatic weapons. I was listening intently but Ingrid's brother finally agreed, that was almost my downfall. I kept hearing Gaia...."even dragons die." I felt the threat the same time Taiiko did. She rolled off of me, fell, and shifted into her eagle and away, watching. I pushed to Kana and Airi to hold on raised myself to the threat from the roof so I could protect them being shot. Two men fired numerous times, my saving grace was they couldn't make me out that well but close to dozen rounds hit my chest before I scorched them as the men inside started shooting into the sky even though they had no clue what they were shooting it but they were scared and it's all they had. The last thing they saw before they died was fire. I was hurt but was able to destroy the building so there would be a lot of nothing for the investigators to find. God I was getting tired of getting shot. Kana and Airi said they were fine and that Taiiko flew behind the building. Ingrid's brother had run out the back when the men opened fired but Taiiko grabbed him by the chest and shoulders, and squeezed as he screamed, dropped his gun, and Taiiko flew off.

"Can you fly, dragon?" I told her yes but I wasn't sure for how long, certainly not back home.

"Do you remember where they took the ship in Sweden? Take me there." I flew as fast as Taiiko could carrying someone. She was a large eagle, and probably could have lifted a deer, maybe a cow, but flying a distance while carrying someone was a challenge. I had carried three of them and I was tired, the fact I had been shot numerous times didn't help matters. I followed Taiiko to Sweden. Taiiko flew next to the ship we had given them and dropped him to ground as he screamed in pain. She landed as I made a very ungraceful landing and skidded forty feet before stopping. The people of the village came running up because they knew who we were and figured something was wrong because there was a man screaming in Finnish and I slid to a landing. I was tired and in pain, but I sat up. I didn't want to shift because the rounds were armor piercing and while they didn't go through the scales completely, they did partially. I was stronger as the dragon.

Taiiko and Kana started telling them what they needed. Luckily most people in the village understood English and ran to get lights, medical supplies, and a doctor if they had one. They didn't but they had an old herbalist. Airi stroked me and tried to comfort me as Taiiko and Kana removed bullets. The herbalist looked at me, and them, and went to her home for herbs, and some sort of paste, and started filling the wounds. A few went in pretty deep because they went between the scales, but most only penetrated slightly. They put bandages of the wounds and I lied down. I was tired and fell asleep as Taiiko told the men to locked Ingrid's brother in the hold of the ship, in the cage, shackle him, and deal with his injuries. I was out could as everyone gathered around.

"Do you have a phone I can use," Taiiko asked, " and a place we could sleep. The captain of the ship nodded and handed her his phone. She called Annie. They all knew something was wrong but didn't know what. Taiiko was on speaker phone when she told them I had been shot numerous times. Silence until Annie screamed in rage.

"I'll fucking kill them with my bare hands."

"Annie....ANNIE!. Give me the phone me. GIVE me the fucking phone." How is he?" Taiiko said I was OK but asleep and we had Ingrid's brother locked in the ship. He's a dragon, Sara, he'll be fine, probably by morning. He's tired and in pain but he didn't shift back, which was smart. Deal with Annie until we can figure out what happened. I grabbed him as he was running out the back of the building." Sara agreed. "We<b> love </font></b>you and we're taking care of him. I'll call you tomorrow morning." Sara said OK and hung up as the captain approached them.

"He's secured and the herbalist is attending to him. He broke at least one of his ankles in the fall and possibly his leg, and then puncture wounds. He'll live. We'll show you where you can stay and stand watch because we consider him our dragon too." They all smiled as he lead them to a small house that was empty. "We'll take care of him if he wakes and come get all of you." They nodded and thanked them as they went inside and collapsed onto the beds as the adrenaline faded.

Dawn was breaking as I woke and shifted. I was sore, and still tired, but I shifted as the captain and herbalist walked up. It wasn't long before the girls were there hugging me. I had my shirt off and the herbalist was looking at my wounds. She had never seen this before. "Amazing, absolutely amazing. Dragons heal quickly. She put a terrible smelling paste on the wounds, which were mostly healed. "You'll be fine but it was wise you stayed as the dragon." I asked what the paste was. She smiled as she told her apprentice to run a get three jars. "It's shark liver and herbs, mashed into a paste. Its excellent for most wounds, but it smells terrible." I thanked her as the young woman ran up with three jars."

"Thank you. I'll send you silver for your help." She nodded and said that I shouldn't shift back for at least a day because I needed to rest too. The girls nodded as Taiiko called Annie and I talked with the captain.

"He's fine, just broken bones and puncture wounds but he's scared and obviously not please by his accommodations, no one chooses to shit in a bucket. I'd say he got off easy." I nodded as the girls walked up and hugged me. Taiiko said,

"You need to stop getting shot, but reacted well and likely saved your riders. It's a good thing you have those scales." I nodded. "Sara, Ama, and everyone else, have talked Annie off the ledge. She was going to kill both Roan and Ingrid last night." I nodded. "Sara and Annie are on the way. Annie chartered a helicopter because they want us home, and they want to speak with him," as she pointed to the ship. "Yoshi will get him to talk and it will be good training." Kana and Airi both nodded. I never wanted them mad at me. They'll be here in a few hours."

"Please call them back and have them bring six ounces of silver with them," she nodded." Kana and Airi took me to the house they stayed in so I could wash up and brush my teeth. The captain handed me a clean shirt.

"It should fit since we have similar builds....well, when you're not a dragon." We all laughed. "We have breakfast for all of you, and raw milk." I hugged him and said thank you. We ate, chatted, walked around and looked at all of the things we didn't last time we there. People came up to all of us and shook our hands, or hugged us. These were Ama's people but it still made uncomfortable. They were showing us the ship, and how much work they had done when we heard the helicopter approaching. It landed on the expanse by the sea as Annie and Sara got and walked toward us. I was so getting bitten, which I did. Annie on shoulder and Sara on the other. They both said, at the same time...

"What did we tell you about getting shot?" I nodded as the captain walked up, smiling as Sara said,

"Thank you for watching over him, and healing his wounds. It won't be forgotten." Annie handed me the silver as I walked to the herbalist and handed her three ounces. She smiled and took two saying Gaia provided everything. I nodded as I walked to the captain and said thank you handing him the other four ounces.

"Please compensate whoever gave up their house last night and share the remainder and let us know if there is anything else we can do." He tried to give it back because of the ship, and their share, but we'd have none of it. He nodded as we said goodbye got on the helicopter, with Ingrid's brother and headed home. I was glad I wasn't him.

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Ingrids brother, seems he was calling everything off, but, his crew had different ideas. They wanted their money, and to seek revenge for all of their loss's ( other commando's ) whom Daniel had killed, etc. earlier. They came out of the building, started shooting, so Daniel had a real fine ROASTING party. Taieko, grabbed the brother and the flew to safety.
Wonder how all of this will shake out with the brother.??

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