take me part 448.... edited, whatever that means. :o)  

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11/27/2021 4:47 pm
take me part 448.... edited, whatever that means. :o)

Well at least Drako didn't pee on me so I didn't need to change, again. I gave Drako more leash than the girls because I wanted her to be assertive, and protective of her flock, or pack, and she had a new one because all of her litter mates had died. She knew her place in our pack but she was also showing us her personality. If peeing in front of me helped with that, then so be it. Her running with me toward wolves told me all I needed to about her. What I needed to know was whether Rasmus knew his place. It was easier for me to kill as the dragon, or bear...especially if people were shooting at me, or trying to hurt the people I loved, but I didn't like violence, nor did I subscribe to it. There were better ways, mostly. I was trying to find a better way. I knew that Annie didn't like it, mainly because they shot at me, but those people were gone, and Rasmus wasn't. He was behind things, to be sure, but he ran when he was given the choice. It could be he was a coward, or just in way over his head...or both. You create a monster and you have three choices: let it continue doing what it does; destroy it; or run from it. I took care of the first two, and he ran. I trusted my family's intuition. I trusted mine, but I especially trusted Sara's. I knew she would come with us, but I was glad for it. Annie said,

"Are you OK doing this, Danael.... BECAUSE THEY SHOT YOU?" She turned and glared at Rasmus who lowered his eyes. She was a great 'bad cop.'

"I'm fine<b> love. </font></b>I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't." Annie was quiet when Rasmus asked me why we were doing this. Annie and Sara stared at me. I looked at him in the rear view mirror, "so I can try and find a way of not killing you," and turned my eyes away. There was silence for the rest of the drive, which I was OK with. We pulled into the rehab center and and Sara went to get a wheelchair as Annie went to the desk.

"Thank you for letting me see my sister." I told him not to thank me yet as they came out with a wheelchair and walked to Ingrid's room as I parked. I walked in and Annie looked at me tears in her eyes and came up and hugged me as Ingrid and Rasmus were talking. Ingrid was older and wanted to know how he got hurt. He told her and she slapped him.

"Look at me Ras? I told you it was over, and it is. Why?" He explained what happened and said he was sorry but they weren't going to take no for an answer and that he was hoping to figure a way to deal with them.

"They wanted money, and the money was gone, and they wanted revenge for being humilated. They would have done it regardless. They would have killed me, these people didn't, and they brought me to see you." He was visibly upset, not in anger but in<b> love </font></b>for his sister...which was what was I hoping for. It was a crap shoot, but dealing with Marnine was always a crap shoot, even where she was. I had no trust of these people.... none.... but I was willing to give them a second chance since I was the only that had gotten hurt, well, physically hurt. The girls were plenty hurt because of what had happened to me. I had no issue with meting out punishment, or even vengeance, if needed, but my gut said it wasn't needed. It didn't mean they would go unpunished, just that it wouldn't be harsh.

We left to let them catch up. They wouldn't have said anything in front of us anyway. Rasmus wasn't a fighter, he was an organizer though and I wanted to use that to our advantage. We left and went to the lobby until Roan brought him out. She hugged all of us and said how much that meant to Ingrid, and how much in despair she was she had been in. "She holds the jade you gave all the time. Can you bring him back Annie? I know I have no right to ask, but it's harder to mend a broken spirit." Annie said the we would talk about it and hugged her sister. Sibling's can forgive a great deal. Roan hugged Rasmus, who was wiping his eyes, and said goodbye as I walked her back to the room. We went in as Ingrid reached out her left hand.

"Thank you for that, and only teaching him a lesson, but he is not blame, Danael, I am. Please show him kindness, and thank you for bringing him here. I haven't seen my brother for a long time, only spoken with him..."

"and plotted with him...."

She nodded, "and plotted. Those days are over, I assure you." I kissed her forehead and told her I hoped so. I did the same with Roan and walked to the lobby.

"I'll get the car." Annie went to speak with nurse on duty while Sara stayed with Rasmus. They brought him out and we headed home.

"Thank you for that. I didn't realize she was hurt that badly."

"Neither did until two days ago."

"You did that?'

"I did, Rasmus. I would have killed her, and Roan, but Sara told me I couldn't. You were trying kill the people I<b> love </font></b>the most." Annie and Sara barely breathed.


"I'm sorry." I looked at him in the mirror and nodded.

"We'll figure something out so you can spend time with your sister. It was good that you were there for her. Healing mentally and emotionally is more important, and she needs that." Annie turned and looked him.

"Danael is right, it helped her that you were there. The physical aspect is taken care of but we can't help with the rest, not even Roan. We'll work something out." She was silent. "You both will pay a price for your actions, understand," he nodded, "now is not the time for that, but if you are lying to us, we will find out and I will kill you of all with my bare hands... and I am far less kind than Sara, and Danael." He nodded and looked down. Like Deat, I was glad it wasn't directed toward me.

We pulled up to the house and Rasmus started hobbling to the barn on crutches as Sara walked up to him. "You going the wrong way Ras. You're staying the main house. There will be a guard but you will be comfortable. Go with them." She walked to the barn to talk with Yoshi's people, and Yoshi, because he felt her and walked into the barn.

"How was the trip?"

"I think it was successful, Yoshi. We all have mixed feelings after what happened, especially to your family, but Danael is trying to find a middle path, I think. It's hard to understand him because he is changing as quickly as I am, only in different ways." Yoshi nodded and smiled. "I don't think we will need your skills after all. Yoshi-san."


"Do you have everything you need?" He nodded. "Annie's family, my family...OUR family... loved the Bonsai's. Thank you. I wish I could come to your home with them, but after Denver I need to return to Iceland and continue my work with Ama, but I will at some point. Promise." She smiled and kissed his cheek

"I understand, and we await your visit." Sara smiled and walked toward the house. Most of the guests were leaving the next morning but some, like Andres, needed to leave for business, or other matters. We had all stepped into a strange new world and we were trying to find our way. It was going to be an interesting journey.

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11/27/2021 6:24 pm

Great read, the EPIC SAGA continues . I wonder what Ingrid's and Rasmus' punishment will be. And Drako, what a fine companion and protector of the family he / she ( can't remember if M or F ) , will be.

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11/27/2021 7:45 pm

Happiness is found in the Journey, not in the Destination. Will Daniel and the Family find happiness in their Journey.

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