take me part 481...edited  

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12/6/2021 3:00 pm
take me part 481...edited

I spit wood, threw it onto the truck, and then climbed up and started stacking as Annie came out and started tossing up logs. "It took a bit, and they were annoyed because it does something with....something, but we cash coming here, and the bulk is in gold, silver and platinum. 's already going up because people are freaking out because of the weather, and will fluctuate, so we might lose some, but 's nominal in comparison having Bob do what he did. them I'm glad they like us." I nodded. "You planning on going town?' I shook my head.

"Not until everyone gets back, but yes. They need the wood because a lot of older folks that can't their heating bill." She nodded

"I people working on one of the ground floor spaces we bought turn into a community center like the one in Iceland. We've been in contact since the storm to aid other organizations. You aren't the one 's been busy." I smiled and stuck my tongue out as she threw wood at me. "'s the priority from that front, we are the priority on this one." I nodded as the phone rang. It was Bob.

"Are you watching the news?"

"We loading wood, why."

"Take a break and watch the news. Interpol took what we sent them and pounced." Annie looked at me.

"We need to watch the news, but let's finish loading since isn't that much." We walked into the kitchen because I needed to get lunch for the guys cutting wood, and the TV was on.

"Multiple officials, and prominent people been arrested on allegations of trafficking. This has rocked governments, business, and wealthy families throughout the EU, but also around the world. Interpol, and the FBI in America, are tight lipped about what they apparently received, but seems been enough act swiftly."

"That's either good or bad. I'll be back Emma. for lunch for the guys." She nodded. I pushed as I walked get the older truck and parked when the phone rang. was Deat.

"We just landed and the storm is getting worse and the crew is staying tonight. We're all headed back assuming we can get all of the swords through customs, but I assume we will. Having issues?" I told him yes.. "I'm not sure you're people are, but they are good. My guys are going crazy and they've already arrested three Senators, and nine Congress people....three women, go figure, and that's national. The is happening in state. was incontrovertible. They will be going down, as will others. We are dealing on our end, and Klaus has a lot more on his end, since that's where the bulk is from. You created quite a mess, but I'm glad you did. Are you OK?"

"More, or less. I don't think it's done because I think are others, and they might be annoyed. Nothing can be laid on us, but people think what they think."

"Well, you've got people heading you that neither of us would want fight."

"That's because you're old Deats. He laughed and hung up as I drove food out the trees. Annie waved me down.

"Is this good news?"

"I don't know. 's good they are dealing with 'things,' but I no idea. They are still going think we, I'm, behind until we finish . I'm still waiting for Bob find me the rest of them."

"You're going kill all of them?" I looked at her as DHL drove up with Citrine.

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12/6/2021 3:55 pm

3 minutes to come up.
Great read. Political nightmare in US, Europe, what about Asia, Middle East.
A whole lot of them arrested. But, will Daniel kill them also, and the others, when Bob finds them. Question, are any of the Senators or Congressmen from the Denver area???? I think they all have to DIE.............Period. or just disappear, one by one , and become wolf food. Alive, they still put Daniel and family at peril.

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