take me part...378  

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11/8/2021 9:38 pm
take me part...378


Hold on. I dove straight down, shifted, and ended up in Iceland...at
my cave. I was playing with shifting space since we had the time. I
probably should told them but I was to getting , at Malinka
and Irina hadn't started, yet.

WITH YO......."

I was hovering above Helsinki. "Sorry."

"We are SO going hurt you dragon." I wasn't concerned by either
ship. I knew they meant anyone harm that try and stop them . I was
concerned by the crew Ama brought on. I hoped i was wrong. I kept
thinking about wolves.





"Focus, dragon. We go now." The Penge Maru left Helsinki and followed
the the path, along the eastern Baltic, until had head
Copenhagen, and headed west. Sven's ships closed in.


'Yes, love?"

"Sven said that you are getting close Gotland, and they want
know if they should..." I flew over them as Kana and Airi held on for
dear life. I was pissed.....

"OK, Sven said he was ready. You are angry...try and be nice... and
bring all of you back us, love." I screeched as I flew over them."
I told Sara to let them get closer to Gotland. They would go
by ." Mindfulness... chop wood.

"Danael?" DANIEL!!!"


"Now." I screeched because i wanted hurt these pricks. I dove as
the trawlers came along side. Men came out from below deck, but
weren't many. They fired at the ships, and at me. I think they missed
everything. They missed me. I froze them as I destroyed the ships
communication and froze the bridge. I let Kana and Airi off and flew.
Airi went the bridge, and Kana the hold. She told the women
would be fine.

Sven's boat's settled next the Penge Maru, and they started
board. Sven went the helm. Airi smiled as his men scraped ice. I
flew and watched until......

"Dragon.... I need you, now." I shifted and flew through ship, like I
did with Gaia, and went Kana. I stood in front of her as bullets
me in the<b> chest. </font></b>I froze the person shooting, and screeched at the
others ran. I dropped one knee and shook my head. Airi was on
her way us. Sven's men took them and just pushed them off the back
like they were nothing. He came below.

"Are you OK?" Kana nodded. "We should be good until we get to Gotland.
Rats always get on ships." He laughed and went back to the bridge,
with Airi.

"We are fine, here. They want what we want. is no problem on the
bridge...especially now. They are ALL doing what they should."

"Don't trust that, Airi. Not even when we land."


I exhaled and groaned as I tried to push the bullets out of my<b> chest.
</font></b>would take time, but I didn't time. I grunted as Kana walked
up. "You saved me, dragon." I snorted. I flew and watched over them
as they arrived at Gotland. We started unloading....everything.
was all going help a lot people......people they knew. ! I
bowed my head, growled, and....

"We taking all of this, dragon. I knew where the shooters were, and I
could end them but I was tired of killing. Why are they so
organized??? "We need this just as bad they do" I shifted and walked
up Sven, and looked at the people wanted shoot me..... and i
sat down. Kana, and Airi, were watching my back.



"We care for our people, first."

"Aren't we all our people?"


Sven looked at me.... "I will give you part of , and let you live. I
will even let you keep this boat once we are finished. Do you a
problem with that?"


"Seventy percent goes Gotland." They stared at me. "Give the rest
the crew that remains, and your people. would been wiser
simply accept Gaia's gift. If you come at us, again. I will end you,
and your families. Do you understand?" He looked around at all the
weapons pointed at him. I could ended in an instant but hard
times make people do stupid things.




"So we are good with ending this."


"Good, then take the ship and either keep it, set it adrift, and go
back your families, but don't do this again." Sven looked at me,
and nodded. I stayed shifted until they gave the bulk of the cash
the people of Gotland. I knew people were going try an steal from
us.... I just didn't think was going be the captain. I needed
talk with Ama. I was annoyed.

Kristina walked up. We had everything we needed strapped me, and I
burned the drugs.I was making sure Kristina would get what was
promised. She smiled and scratched my chin "You can leave, dragon.
I'll make sure this gift goes where is needed. 's going be a
harsh winter I'm afraid. Ama told me to give you this for Pytor. I
nodded as Kana put tied the bag of cash to the harness.

"We''ll stay, until 's done," Kana said. "We don't trust any of
you." She was harsh, but she spoke the truth. "Take what is yours,
Sven, and leave." Kana was right.

I left the details Kana, actually, mostly Airi. The men didn't
like but they got part of what they wanted. I did take a toll, but
Gotland got what Ama promised. I now had to deal with Sweden....which
I didn't need, because I had Finland to deal with, and Norway. I felt
like we were fighting the entire world. . We said goodbye
Kristina as Sven and his crew left. They wouldn't be back because they
would never be found. Kana and Airi scratched my chin before getting
on. "They had two cases of champagne that I took as well. Good thing
you are strong, dragon." I snorted and we flew to Ama's island so I
could deal with that.

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11/9/2021 7:28 am

They took one ship, with all the money. Now, it will be Interpol to take the other ship, with all the young women and men, slated for the sex trade. Which will Daniel do next, Sweden or Finland ?/Appears Daniels, or Danael's mind is on Malinka. Will this affect his ability to destroy these Sex trade assholes.
We shall see in the next Parts, as they unfold.

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