take me post 329  

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10/12/2021 12:31 pm
take me post 329

I took a hot shower and scrubbed, extra, because even I could smell myself after not shifting, and I was in Norway watching Roan and Ingrid on the phone talking Huun, Ingrid's brother. This was new, and I wondered if I would recognize a place I had never been. I also wondered if I could make this happen. I only needed to put a hand against the wall this time, which was a heck of a lot better than falling. Annie walked into the shower and hugged me as I listened.

"Huun, you need to make sure this is set up. We only have one chance at this. The clans are still brutal when it comes to retaliation. We either them all or they us. Don't fuck this up, brother." She<b> hung </font></b>up. I hope your fiance isn't as stupid as my brother is." She kissed Roan, knelt, and pulled her panties down. I left and shook my head. I told her what had happened as she hugged , and pushed down to lick her pussy. I suppose it ran in the family., but I wasn't interested in Roan.

"That was a nice way to start the morning, mister. Thank you. I'm going to wake up our " I got my work clothes and boots."

'You just walk in on them?"

"No, idiot. I knock. I know they are sleeping together. The walls aren't thick, which you'd think they would be in Iceland. Weird."

'You're weird, sweets. I'm going to have some food. I didn't have anything for three days and Gaia said it'd be a bad winter, and there wasn't enough wood. Have him eat because he's helping me." She kissed me and smiled.

"You don't me and Sara showing you up?" I told her exactly. I liked my women looking pretty and watching as the men did the real work. It was worth the ball twisting, and huff of disgust as she yelled down the hall.

"Get into the kitchen, Jake, and you better not be like your father." I chuckled as Sara stared at me, shaking her head.

"What did you do to me sister, sweets?" I laughed as Annie walked in smiling.

"You're an asshole, but he should be here in a few minutes." Ama laughed as stirred the oatmeal. I told her I hoped she was making that as I ran to the closet.

"It's Taiiko and Yoshi... and your girlfriends from Japan. have some coffee, and eat, love." Annie and Sara howled with laughter.

"You too, Ama?" Jake and Emily walked in, sat on either side of me, and kissed me.

"What did you do this time, da'?"

"I'll tell you when we're chopping wood, Jake." Annie and Sara hit all of us with toast, at least Taiiko was a good shot. I didn't say that but I took my coffee, and oatmeal, outside.

"You're not as dumb as you look, mister. Stay out there until the wood is finished, and we, girls, had our manicures." Jake followed me.

"What did you do, da?" I told him, and he laughed. "They let you get away with that?"

"Hell, no, , but a man has to have his fun. My balls always hurt, but it's worth it to see them smile at me the way do after I've done it." I put the back down on the SUV and we ate and had coffee while we waited.

"How do they look at you, da?"

"Like I am a and a man, and they can't believe they found me in this place we life." You're going to fuck things kiddo, a lot, so make the best of it and use it to your advantage, in playful ways. Your balls will take the brunt, but there is nothing like them looking at you, hands-on-hips, smiling, and shaking their heads. It may be different with your age group, but there is one thing that never changes, ."

"What's that da'?"

"There was something I heard in a song by Kacey Musgraves... a line that stuck with me, something like....' you should have learned from the movies that good men don't run away.'. You can finish the rest, but don't tell Ama. I love her oatmeal but I'm just not hungry. Follow me when you're done, our family is coming home." He ate, fast like I knew he would, and ran up next to me, with Emily, Sara, and Annie following. It wasn't all of us, but it was a fair bit, and I hadn't spent time with them for three days, and I still needed to chop wood. I slowed time as we watched the van down the road. I still had the from before, and the clips, just in case, but I wouldn't need it.

The van stopped, and the guys who took us from the airport, however long ago it was walked out, and looked around. "You don't trust ?" They laughed. "Ama has coffee and breakfast. Go enjoy, and thanks." They patted my shoulders as they walked by, and said thanks. I didn't tell them that most people in the van could have killed them, and anyone they needed to. It was still too early for Tina, well, maybe not Tina, but Steph. Tina might like Melissa is for Sara. I was still figuring it out, and they ran at us.

Kana plowed into me and kissed me deeply. Jake and Emily were stunned, but everyone else laughed. She got down and said she missed me. I bowed and told her I missed her too, and thank you for helping to protect our family. It seemed natural, but everyone was stunned, even Yoshi, which was weird. "What, she said she missed me."

Yoshi walked up and said, "Turn around," Which I did, and he then slapped me, hard. "Never turn your back on anyone. Our lessons start now. Gaia has treated you well, Kuma. You will treat me as your teacher now. Taiiko will show you." He hugged me as I stared at everyone staring at me. I was SO confused. Taiiko walked up

"You understood what he said?"

"Of course, love. Why are you all so odd? Do I have two heads? What did mean, and what is Kuma?" They all nodded.

"Daniel, kuma means bear, and my grandfather just took you on his student." Jake and Emily both said cool and Sara and Annie both told to be quiet, at the same time...downside having many moms. Taiiko turned and smiled. "I was his last student, sweets. I was eight. I didn't even understand what he said to you because it was old Japanese. Yoshi wants to keep the old ways alive. How did understand him?" Annie walked up, startled.

"Heill ok sæll."

"Heill ok sael." Sara and Taiiko had to catch her. "What is going on? I feel like I am losing my mind looking at you. Chloe walked up, with her coffee.

'Finally, someone who isn't insane." Taiiko and Annie whispered to her. Chloe said,

"Madainn mhath."

"Thank you, love. It is a good morning. Why do you keep all keep saying hi, and good morning to me? Have you lost your bloody minds?" Taiiko walked to the van and brought a large bag back, and unzipped it. Everyone gathered around.

"I asked my grandfather if I could give this to you. He said you were worthy. I helped him make it for me, but he said he wouldn't take it because you'd understand the meaning of it." Everyone watched in awe, as I watched in confusion and she placed a bow at my feet. "Do you know the name of this bow, Daniel?"

"No, you've never told me, but it's a yumi bow." She took a step back into Chloe and Annie.

"Do you know who would hold such a bow, in the old days, and why Yoshi said you would never accept it from me?"

"I couldn't accept it because it is yours, like a Samurai's sword is his. The person who would hold this Onna-musha." Taiiko passed out because she spoke this to me in Japanese, and I understood. I picked her up from the girls. I was going crazy but I carried back inside. Ama and Yoshi were laughing and drinking sake while the 'security detail' was eating breakfast. We stared at them.

"We're old, put her down on the couch, by the fire. Emily, love, go put her bow back in the bag but treat it with reverence, love, and bring it inside, please." Jake and Em moved as a unit... "Not you mister, you are chopping wood with your Da. You can talk to everyone at lunch, and then at dinner. We have things to discuss."

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10/12/2021 3:39 pm

Daniel is back, he survived his stay in the dark, dark, cave, Some of his ordeal was probably caused by Marnine. But he got it all corrected and every thing put in it's proper place. Damn, he stunk, he showered, scrubbed, scrubbed, he may smell good to the gal's, but the stench will remain in his nostrils, to remind him of the experience. Youshi and his clan has arrived, now, waiting on Henry and the Denver group.
He still has that one very important task to accomplish, then his day will be complete and really happy, Chop, Chop, Wood, Wood , - Chop Wood

Was a good read. no idea what is to come. We wait , and wait.

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10/13/2021 12:55 pm

He is back and getting things sorted a good read and the story is coming along great with all the family gathering and he has language skills now he did not have before.

Great writing keep you wanting more thank you.

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