The No Hander  

dewaltus 49M
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11/2/2021 8:29 pm
The No Hander

A question was posed the other day if I could make my cock squirt with my hands out of the way so that they could watch the silky fluid ooze out of the end of my cock all the while watching my knob pulsate and<b> shaft </font></b>expand.

The answer is: Yes I can and was wondering if this is an anomaly or if most guys can do the .

Get yourself close the edge and squeeze down hard on those muscles. Takes some practice but once you , you will know the feeling. Once you feel that wonderful sensation that your<b> shaft </font></b>is welling up with cum, stop the squeezing and push out on that prostate like you are trying to force that last drop of cum out of your<b> shaft.

</font></b>Well, that is the best way that I can describe it. Keep in mind that it is not the as a P-Spot orgasm, but still produces a load and a half so make sure you drink plenty of fluids. I do not wany anyone becoming dehydrated attempting this.

If all else fails, give a few more tugs and you still get a wonderful orgasm anyways.

is a win win even if you do not get right the first couple or hundred tries.

Stay sexy everyone until next time.

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