My Fantasy English Girls Boarding School Spanking Story  

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My Fantasy English Girls Boarding School Spanking Story

By R.K. Watson

Rebecca Watson, was a very popular girl in school both with her classmates and master’s a like, nevertheless there was a rebellious streak in her which would sometimes land her in trouble.

Being a head girl at a prestigious girls boarding school gave you certain privileges, wearing of light makeup was permitted and ear studs were acceptable as long as they were discrete. Girls with long hair could wear their hair in plats or in a ponytail provided they wore a hair band or elasticated ribbons in their appropriate house colours.

Being a prefect you were allowed stay later than other girls, however you had a responsibility keep order and discipline within your house which included taking the role of a counselor help girls with their personal problems and help them settle in.

Although being a head girl gave you a certain amount of latitude, that did not extend flouting the strict rules school uniform; girls regardless of age and seniority had wear regulation white school knickers, white knee length socks with a grey pleated skirt
18’’ inches in length from the waist band the hem, a white blouse, striped tie in green and yellow, grey pullover and a maroon blazer embroidered with the school badge and moto on the top left breast pocket. silver buttons completed the look of the smart single breasted jacket. Footwear was also regulated, juniors had to wear brown or<b> black </font></b>lace- shoes whilst senior girls had a choice wear low heeled court shoes or ballerina style<b> black </font></b>pumps during the normal school day, with the exception of PE and Games, where all girls regardless of age had wear<b> black </font></b>plimsolls in the gym or white trainers for netball hockey and la-cross.

the subject of Physical Education, girls had wear a standard PE Kit which comprised of a white polo shirt, navy blue wrap-around pleated skirt with matching regulation navy blue school knickers, ( the wearing of white knickers was forbidden) and strictly only be worn with classroom wear.

In the summertime, girls were required wear a one piece light pink and white stripe gingham dress which had contrasting pink button fastenings down the length of the dress with white panties, white ankle socks and plimsolls or sandals.

Mr Heyworth the Headmaster was a stickler for correct uniform etiquette, though he was on the one hand a modern thinking perhaps trendy master who embraced diversity and liberalism with almost a religious fervor, he was also very strict and not afraid to assert his authority on wayward and recalcitrant .

On this particular day, Rebecca had netball practice, normally PE or Games would be scheduled during the morning at 10.30 am, however it was brought forward to 9.00 am because the court needed some re-painting.

She sighed in indignation at the inconvenience of having netball straight after breakfast.

“God by the time I get my house dressed and down breakfast, I will have less than twenty minutes get changed, talk about a bloody inconvenience.
I just hope that Mr Heyworth is in a good mood today, the last time I played netball I noticed he stopped to watch the girls, I’m sure he’s a pervert, he obviously enjoys getting out of his study to watch us bending over and jumping throw the ball into the net.

After getting form 5B dressed and ready go down breakfast, Rebecca picked her PE kit and headed for the hall join her classmates.

Then she remembered, her navy blue PE knickers had not been washed, Matron had admonished her for being late with her laundry bag, saying she didn’t have time run after forgetful , especially head-girls who should know better!

“ my god, I’m going have wear the same knickers for netball, I hope Mr Heyworth is somewhere else today, preferably taking the lower sixth for mathematics.”

After a somewhat hurried breakfast, Rebecca made her way to the changing room.
Knowing that all the other girls would see she was without her PE knickers as she changed into her kit, she pretended she was given permission by Matron, by producing a fake note. It was obviously forged and not a particularly good forgery at that, but then she was head-girl, no one would dare to challenge her, or so she thought, until Miss Sternbridge the games mistress came striding into the girls changing room.

“Good morning girls, she said breezily, are you ready to go?”

“Rebecca Watson, why have you not changed out of your white knickers, you cannot wear those with your netball uniform…

“Sorry Miss, but I have a note from Matron which explains why”

“Give me the note please”

Miss Sternbridge demanded thrusting out her out stretched hand.

“This does not look like matrons signature to me, shall I ask her?”

“ um she’s busy and said she didn’t want be disturbed miss.”

“I do not believe you, have you forged this girl?”

“No, no miss” Rebecca replied nervously.

“Do not lie girl, do you think I am that stupid?”

“It is definitely not matron’s signature, for one I have seen how she signs her notes and secondly she always uses a<b> black </font></b>fountain pen, this has been written in a blue biro, she uses a fountain pen not a cheap plastic biro!”

“This is your last chance, did you lie about Matron and forge her signature?”

“Well I suppose so”

“That is not an answer girl, Yes or NO”

“Yes Miss I did, but didn’t mean , I’m sorry I lied you,

I thought you would be angry if I told you I forgot to give Matron my laundry bag.”

“Rebecca, if you had told the truth straightaway I would have accepted your reason, and no further action would be necessary, however because of your disgraceful behaviour by deliberately lying and then trying cover the lie by forging the signature of a member of staff you will be severely dealt with after this lesson.

“Is that understood?”

“Yes Miss.”

I have a good mind to spank your bare bottom over my knee in front of your class for blatantly lying to my face.

But instead I have decided due to the gravity and serious nature of this matter,

You will see Mr Heyworth at 10.00 am afterwards is that understood girl?”

“Yes Miss.”

You will not have time for a shower today,
But I will allow you to have a quick wash and go to the toilet.

“I will not tolerate liar’s particularly deceitful behaviour by prefects, you should be setting an example at your age to other girls not encouraging them!”

“What about my knickers miss?”

“What about them?”

“I don’t have any clean ones to put on.”

“You should have thought of that before!

I have not got time to find you another pair, you will finish putting on your kit and go outside to join the rest of the girls, now hurry and get dressed.”

“Yes Miss.”

Rebecca finished dressing in silence as the other girls who were dressed in their PE kit, filed out of the changing room followed by Miss Sternbridge.

Normally Rebecca would be looking forward playing netball, it was a game she really enjoyed, she was also an excellent goal shooter, very rarely missing the hoop.

This particular skill did not go un-noticed, for she had won the house cup
For the inter school netball tournament two years running.

Yet today she was now dreading the prospect of seeing the headmaster; she knew full well that she would very likely be severely punished.

What was worse was the fact that she would be wearing her short PE kit, which hardly covered her shapely and round pert little bottom.

After putting on her short wrap-around pleated PE skirt and white trainers, Rebecca joined the girls on the court.

Despite her fate to follow, surprisingly Rebecca scored several goals to the cheers and approval of both her fellow players and Miss Sternbridge who seemed to have forgotten about the whole incident.

The whistle blew and the game was over.

“Well played Rebecca”, came a few words of encouragement from Abigail Hampwick-Smyth a pretty blond haired girl, and of a very rich family who always paid the annual school fees in full at the beginning of each new school year instead of in quarterly instalments.

“ thanks, you too Abbie.”

Rebecca replied, slightly distracted in thought about what was about to happen to her…

After saying goodbye to the other girls, she quickly went back to the changing room to pack her uniform and belongings in her PE kit bag, her satchel with of her books and pens were still in her locker outside of her dormitory, so she didn’t have time to race back to get her other things, they were going to have to wait until the whole dreadful ordeal was over, and now that situation was fast approaching!
Looking at her watch she still had 20 minutes, more than enough time to have a quick wash.

Beads of perspiration ran down her face arms over her breasts torso and down her legs, she was still hot from of the exertion of running around and jumping around the court, having thrown two superb shots at the hoop winning her cheers and whistles from her fellow team mates.

Mr Heyworth had already been informed of Rebecca’s miss-demeanor after he finished his lesson with 6C, and would expect her be punctual.

Now washed and feeling cleaner and fresh she had only just arrived outside the headmaster’s study, when she saw him striding towards her down the long wood paneled corridor, wearing his characteristic<b> black </font></b>mortar-board and long<b> black </font></b>gown billowing around him like the wind filled sails of a sailing ship.

“Ah Rebecca Watson, on time I see, that does make a nice change!

Come in and close the door”

“No doubt you know why you are here.”

“Yes sir, I was sent by Miss Sternbridge”

“Yes I heard about your behaviour from Miss Sternbridge who informed me that you had not only lied but implemented a respected member of my staff by deliberately forging her signature is that correct?

“Well sort of sir”

“Sort of is not an answer girl, YES or NO!

“Yes Sir I did, but but”…

“So you admit that you lied not only to a teacher but you tried to forge matron’s signature is that correct?”

“Well I didn’t mean to lie, I thought that Miss Sternbridge wouldn’t accept my excuse for not having the right knickers”…

“And despite that, you not only lied but forged the signature of a highly respected member of my staff?”

“Yes Sir”…

“What do you think happens to a girl who blatantly lies to a teacher and moreover commits fraud?”

“I don’t know sir detention or something?”

“No girl a hard spanking followed by strokes of the cane your bare bottom!!!”

“But sir, I am years old and head-girl not a junior.”

“You have disgraced your privilege as a head-girl and brought shame yourself through your own stupid and irresponsible behaviour, I should have you suspended for your actions. Fraud is a serious crime, forging anyone’s signature is a criminal offense!

“Is this be your new pattern of behaviour girl?”

“No Sir, of course not.”

Rebecca expressed in irritation at the suggestion.

I will be writing your parents tonight about this matter, no doubt they will take whatever appropriate action as they see fit.

However Rebecca, I do not wish to see a very bright talented and attractive young year old head-girl ruin their chances of receiving a scholarship Oxford or Cambridge later , your academic record since you came this school as a junior has been exemplary and your sporting achievements in netball has earned you much admiration from your house and all of the staff.

Therefore I will offer you two choices,

One, you will accept a severe bare bottom spanking and hard caning before being suspended pending expulsion from the school in disgrace.


Two, I punish you first, but afterwards you will give me pleasure, we can keep it our little secret, no one will know, you will keep your place as head-girl as long as you agree to our arrangement. I will require you to attend my study from time to time so that we can indulge my interests.

“I beg your pardon sir???, you can’t do that, it’s illegal, I will tell the police if you try to force me, my parents will have you prosecuted for and sexual assault.”

“Well well, you are a feisty little thing now are you not!”

“Do you honestly think the word of a young schoolgirl is going to carry any weight?
Girls are notorious for telling lies about their teachers, the police are used to hearing all sorts of stories and lies from them, even if they are telling the truth, it is very unlikely you will be believed.

In any case I have a lots of friends in senior positions, including a high court judge, magistrate and the chief constable who just happens to be a personal friend of mine and a member of my golf club.

“I do believe I have the advantage here, Miss Watson.”

“Now which is it to be, one or two?”

“You have a minute to decide”

Rebecca ruefully went through her options in her mind, on the one hand she would have to endure a severe punishment but then on top of that throw away her academic achievements to date and ruin her chances to get into Oxford or Cambridge never-mind about the shame she would bring on herself and her family.
But then if she accepted the physical abuse and of her body, yes she would keep her place as head-girl and go on to be offered a scholarship to a prestigious university, however that opportunity would come at a price; she would have to endure years of sexual abuse and by her headmaster until she had completed her education.

Either way she realised she was in a no win situation and her options non-existent.

“Well Rebecca”? the headmaster inquired impatiently…

With big sigh, Rebecca said in a tearful voice “two I suppose sir”

“I am glad that you agree Rebecca, shall we get started then?”

“Right then young lady follow .”

Mr Heyworth had two rooms, an outer room for receiving staff and pupils for normal day day matters and a second room which was entered by an ominous looking padded door which was much heavier and thicker than the outer door; it soon became apparent why this door was heavily soundproofed.

“Shut the door behind you please”

Mr Heyworth replied as Rebecca cautiously entered the room.

There was a curious smell of disinfectant and wood polish coming from the floor.

The inner room was sparsely furnished unlike the outer office with its fine furniture and large desk; though it had fine dark oak paneling on the walls, curiously there were no windows, so the only light came from several ceiling lights and light fittings on the walls.

The floor was oak, no carpets or a large sofa and chairs, but a single leather upholstered chair in the corner and a large object which seemed dominate the centre of the room.

This large object in the middle of this room was in fact a purpose made spanking bench, custom-made out of solid oak. The height and angle of the bench could be adjusted by means of a locking lever and ratchet system underneath. Padded leather hand and foot straps were attached to the top and bottom.

The bench was designed to allow the pupil to lie stretched over the frame with their tummy cushioned by a thick leather pad to support their torso whilst allowing their bottom and exposed thighs to be punished either with the legs closed together or spread wide.

“Now young lady in respect to both your age and position as head-girl, I shall use the dragon cane on you to impress the severity of your punishment and to deter you from future transgressions, is that understood?”

“Yes Sir”

“But first I need to warm up that lovely bottom of yours, so if you would kindly lie across my lap now please. The headmaster strode over to the chair in the corner and brought it over to near where Rebecca was standing.

After he had settled himself comfortably on the padded leather chair, he gestured to the reluctant schoolgirl to lay across his lap.

Knowing she had no option of escape, and with her heart pounding in her breast, Rebecca reluctantly lowered herself and lay across
Mr Heyworth’s lap, whereupon she felt his large warm hands pulling up her skirt and pulling her knickers down to her thighs.

She could smell his aftershave and the strange smell coming from inside the room, whatever it was it was masking another smell.

Her beautiful creamy smooth skin was exposed to his lustful gaze, before the spanking began in earnest across her gorgeous curvy and firm bottom.

Though she was acutely aware that her pussy was moistening, Rebecca desperately tried to keep her legs together for as long as possible whilst stinging blows rained down across her peachy derriere.

Tears of pain welled up in her large beautiful hazel green eyes, as the pain across her bottom spread like a red hot poker searing her tender young flesh.

After 5 minutes the confident and popular head-girl was sobbing and she squirmed in Mr Hayworths lap, who seemed to be enjoying himself; a rather large lump could be felt under her tummy; as she laid across his trousers.

10 minutes later her once pristine skin was now a deep angry shade of red and very raw.

Finally the spanking finished, only to be replaced by inquisitive fingers stroking her scorching hot hind quarters and gently easing her thighs apart to expose her now wet pussy and tight anus.

Despite her feelings of hatred and revulsion for this man she couldn’t hide her arousal and soon the scent of her excitement became evident as her body reacted to his touch.

Sobs of pain and pleasure could be heard as Mr Heyworth excitedly ran his fingers across Rebecca’s swollen labia which had opened like a beautiful flower to expose a dribbling vagina and velvet interior.

“Well now my girl, it seems you are getting a little wet down there, I confess I fantasized about having you across my lap for a long time, and now I have you where I want you!”

Unfortunately the pleasure will have to wait…

“You are yet to be caned I’m afraid”

“Now get up please, take off your skirt and knickers and stand in the corner while I prepare
the bench. Stand facing me if you will,

I want to see your pretty tear filled eyes looking at me.”

Rebecca obediently complied and turned to face Mr Heyworth as he went over to the bench to adjust it.

“How tall are you Rebecca?”

“Five foot inches sir” the girl quietly sobbed.

“Good good that should do it”

The top of the bench was now adjusted to the correct height.

“Right then over here young lady and stretch over the top here please, just a minute I want you to take off your blouse and bra as well.

“Put your clothes the chair if you please”.

“Right now come over and bend forward so that your tummy is resting the leather top, it will cushion and support your body.

Rebecca placed her clothes the chair before walking over the bench.

“Now then lean over, right over so your belly is resting the top, yes that’s right; now stretch out your arms so I can attach the restraints, yes hold them here, good I don’t want to make them too tight but not too loose either, good that seems tight enough.

“Now for your feet, I think I want to have your legs spread apart for this punishment, so I can see how wet you are, touch you and perhaps taste your pretty little pussy in between watching you cry out as I cane you.

Place your feet here, yes that’s a good position, I now have your legs spread wide,
I will adjust the foot straps.

“This is the final part of your punishment, I will give you strokes of the dragon cane, you will count each stroke out loud and answer thank you sir, if you fail answer I will give you an extra stroke for each one not counted, is that understood?”

Rebecca feebly nodded, “Yes Sir”
came the sound of a trembling little voice.

Now I shall fetch the cane…

Rebecca watched as Mr Heyworth walked over to a long oak cupboard and select the fearsome looking dragon cane from a large assortment of various canes paddles and leather tawse’s hanging inside.

There was no doubt in her mind that Mr Heyworth enjoyed his position and the protection he was afforded. He was right of course, even if her parents did believe her, what could they do? If the police and judge knew what was going on, they would deny it.

“Ready we shall begin”

The cane was viciously swiped through the air first before the first of very hard strokes lashed her naked flesh.

“Rebecca’s bottom tried to clench but it was impossible with her legs spread apart, she shrieked in anguished pain as the first of strokes produced a raised welt across the middle of her buttocks, weakly through the searing band of pain she muttered

“One thank you sir”

The pain was indescribable but the cries of pain were too evident as more raised and angry red welts striped her normally silky smooth and perfect bottom.

“Two thank you sir”

She was in too much pain to realise her pussy was now once again being fondled except every now and again she would moan in ecstasy as a powerful orgasm shot through her body making her shudder.

The room had now taken on the un mistakable pungent smell of a naked female body pussy juice and sweat mixed with her perfume and floor polish.

Now it was beginning to come clear why there was a powerful smell of disinfectant as you entered the room, it was to cover the extra - curricular perversions of Mr Heyworth.

The remaining ten strokes were given with the same force and brutal strength as the first two
leaving deep red angry welts across both quivering cheeks.

Some of the strokes landed across diagonally causing high pitched screams of pain from the
poor tormented schoolgirl now weak from the exhaustion of crying and having uncontrollable forced orgasms as the perverted headmaster groped her mercilessly without remorse.

Finally the last stroke was delivered and it was all over, well almost but not quite as she had reluctantly made an agreement to pleasure the headmaster afterwards.

Her once beautiful bottom was now covered in deep red swelling welts from the middle of her buttocks to the top of her thighs which were particularly sensitive to severe pain.

Before she was released Mr Heyworth opened a large jar of soothing cold cream containing witch hazel which would heal the wounds and re moisturize her skin.

Either way she would not be returning to class today or the next day.

As she lay limp and exhausted from the pain and crying, the headmaster’s tone changed to one of a doting uncle or father…

“There there Rebecca, the worst is over now, this cream will help”

Soothing thick and cold cream was applied between her legs as Mr Heyworth worked his probing fingers into her very wet pussy massaging her engorged clitoris and rubbing the little bud of her tight pink anus, before stopping to inhale her pungent and excited pussy as he lowered his face level to her bottom.

“More involuntary moans and whimpering followed as the fingering continued.

More cream was applied like coating a rather delicious bun or cake.

The pain was still there of course but the heat was considerably less, more akin to the gentle warmth of a fire instead of a blazing furnace.

After about five minutes,

Rebecca was released from her restraints sweating profusely and helped
as she winced in pain.

Her normally beautifully brushed long auburn red hair had become a tangled mass.

Standing naked before him she was encouraged with her shaven pussy while the headmaster began undress.

It was inevitable she was going be fucked, she had made a deal, and there was no going back, she couldn’t accept the other option as it meant certain expulsion and no scholarship or bursary Oxford or Cambridge once she was eighteen.

Mr Heyworth took off his trousers and pants to reveal a very large and thick erect penis.

“Come here Rebecca, I want to introduce you to my friend,
he needs a young woman’s touch.”

She stiffly walked over to his throbbing member, and painfully bent down to lick it along the length of the shaft. It was too big to get in her mouth, so she licked the thick bulbous purple head until pre-come started oozing slowly from his glands.

Mr Heyworth let out a little gasp of pleasure with a gentle groan as the very pretty and curvy buxom red haired year old head-girl tickled his sensitive helmet causing it spasm.

Even though deep down the schoolgirl hated the abuse she was experiencing at the hands of Mr Heyworth, her pussy seemed have other ideas and showed its appreciation by oozing more juices as if in anticipation of waiting for his rather beautiful and very large cock.

“Mmm, Rebecca you dirty girl, I see you are getting excited for him, would you like feel him inside your lovely pink wet pussy?

I think so too!

Come and bend over the chair, there’s a good girl”

Rebecca bent over the chair as ordered before she felt a very large head pushing against
her swollen lips, gently but slowly the headmaster reamed open her delicate lips as he reached forward to pinch her large breasts and excited nipples.

Though she had stopped crying, she was now whimpering with pleasure and ecstasy from
Mr Heyworth’s huge cock, and despite her ravaged bruised buttocks, welcomed his thick member
Into her warm wet an inviting pink velvet hole.

Soon she was pushing against his groin urging the headmaster to thrust deeper and deeper into her.

After twenty minutes or so, he was ready to ejaculate and without warning pulled out slightly before thick wads of his creamy cum exploded deep inside her little cunt.

The schoolgirl moaned like a possessed as multiple orgasms ripped through her young body. Luckily for both of them she was already on the pill so awkward questions could be avoided and never asked.

“You are now free to go about your business young lady, I am satisfied that you have learned your lesson well and will never try to forge anyone’s signature ever again.

“Will you now?” Mr Heyworth said breathing heavily as he lifted himself off Rebecca who was still bent over the chair…

“No Sir never again”

Rebecca said straining to stand upright because of the painful welts across her buttocks.

“Good well in that case,

I have already arranged for you to take the rest of the day off, so that Matron can treat your wounds properly.

Matron knows I have punished you but not the other, so when she comes in to attend to your bottom remember our agreement.

Unless you have been sent to me for another punishment, I will only require you to come to my study when I want to have sex with you.

Now off you go”

Wincing and still in a lot of pain, Rebecca quickly put her PE kit back on still dripping with cum inside her pussy. Wiping herself briefly she didn’t turn back to face him and quickly exited the room.


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I love a good boarding school story having been sent to a boarding school. I used to love the Jennings' books when I was a kid.

drummergirl2112 replies on 11/22/2021 10:35 am:
Thank you for your comments, I went to a horrible co-ed comprehensive school in the 1970's.

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Well written!

drummergirl2112 replies on 11/22/2021 1:01 pm:
Thank you for the nice comments.

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very nicely done.

drummergirl2112 replies on 11/22/2021 1:53 pm:
Thank you for the kind comments
I enjoyed writing it.

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