WHY??? points issue ...  

fancy_legs 50F  
129 posts
10/8/2020 11:07 am
WHY??? points issue ...

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benard69 64M/64F  
6281 posts
10/8/2020 12:58 pm

This site is run by Meth Heads...

redduracell 50M
898 posts
10/8/2020 12:58 pm

I have witnessed it myself too. Ridiculous...

Uptonogood34655 58M
13 posts
10/8/2020 1:00 pm

Yes they keep jumping up the IMs a couple of points every few months. Pretty soon it will be all gold and no standards. Then they will start raising the yearly rates

thinkingofyou12 65M
4455 posts
10/8/2020 1:07 pm

The site always skims points off, thought was between fifteen and twenty % The site is like the mafia lol

dogslife2live01 69M

10/8/2020 1:46 pm

only thing i can think of is when they said "join and you will get fucked!"
they did not mean it in a sexual way

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redrockrascal 63M
23539 posts
10/8/2020 2:13 pm

Its been happening for at least several years now. Its their transfer "tax" so to speak.

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justakock1 68M

10/8/2020 2:33 pm

So many changes, none of them good. Couple years ago was a fantastic site. Lot of gold and people having fun.

hotfyrman 64M
63 posts
10/8/2020 2:42 pm

IM's are 17 points even if initiated by a gold member. I remember when it did not cost any points to IM.

And I have no idea where points go, I sent some to another standard got deducted from my total but they did not receive anything.

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stopbyandsayboo 49M
1296 posts
10/8/2020 2:55 pm

All I can say is that this site seems to get worse by the day. I used to be gold and gave points away as well. I do not know why that happens

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japaneseass 54F
50216 posts
10/8/2020 2:56 pm

i think that's the way it is...when i give someone points, the site keep the portion of the points....only way you can give a true points worth is though the cam....well it was, i am not sure now...but...

Woofeh1001 33M
16 posts
10/8/2020 3:28 pm

This site 100% is a money whore that finds literally shady way it can to scam money off of people, if you a non gold member you really don't matter at all and if gold you sorta do but not really much

Brownie202 64F  
2666 posts
10/8/2020 5:01 pm

I believe the ad says free to join. Can't remember where it says 100% free.

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CedarsPrince 42M
1593 posts
10/8/2020 6:58 pm

Fine Print probably says portion of the points goes towards fees

Maintenance Fee
Point Transfers Fee
Convience Fee
State Tax Fee
County Tax Fee
Municipality Tax Fee
Union Dues

Does giving Roses/Flowers award members 25 points? Perhaps that's a better option than tipping or giving points

MyHeartLost4U 57M  
2487 posts
10/8/2020 7:06 pm

Best way if you are going to give points to a member is sending an email and attach flowers to it. That way when the member opens it to read they get 1/2 of the points spent on the flowers (unless that has changed too, have not tested that in years); otherwise, the receiving member will only get 10% of the points you send.

jajo696 67F
4177 posts
10/9/2020 3:02 am

Wow....thats a lot for them to skim off the top. I know they took a percentage but not that much . I hope someone who knows something will respond..cuz all i see here is IM points....but you didnt ask that. I DO know there is way for them to get most of what you send...i think its thru IM ...but im not sure. Is it worth it to email and ask site support? That percentage is like loan shark rates...ugh.

Suppletitties 61M
292 posts
10/10/2020 11:48 am

from 2004, when I first came on this site has gone down,,,,,I remember making more than a few hook ups and having to stack them because they came just like that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,during the Bush years,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but since maybe 2008, I'm surprised to see that the site survive because it's really trash and only the old timers and those not trying to get caught via a phone app use it

oldman3113 54M
20 posts
11/14/2020 7:00 pm

they take points away for alot of things if some gives you points they should be yours

Piper3654K 51M  
134 posts
12/12/2020 6:36 am

The house always wins.

reloaded2015 47M
2 posts
1/23/2022 1:59 pm

Hello Fancy. Didnt know about this. Sad thing.

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