Why does someone regularly look at my profile but never reply to an IM?  

funnyyouaskedme 51M  
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9/22/2018 8:04 pm
Why does someone regularly look at my profile but never reply to an IM?

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Teddyredrock 54M
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12/20/2021 1:46 pm

i think they view you cause they can lol because they are members on this website means that they have options to look at your profile. that is a perk of the site to let it members do for whatever reason they want and whenever they want at any frequency they want. i also like to make the point that just because people look at your profile doe not mean that people mean that they are necessarily interested in you. profile views can happen for many reasons if people want to access your blogs,,, or maybe they like your pics and videos,,, or maybe they are trying to find a friend of theirs who they know can be channeled through your own friend list of people,,, or maybe they want to see if you have testimonials from other users before taking a chance on you,,, or maybe they want to see your top fans,,, or maybe they occasionally check back to see if something has changed in your life or search to make you a better match to them,,, or maybe they are looking for bling,,,, or maybe they are doing some kind of school project, research, or a poll of some kind to take statistic checks [like to see how often you sign on or how many hours a day you spend here],,, or maybe they are looking at your profile for negative reasons if you have been rude to someone here and you gained bad reputation on the website. it can go on and on for reasons people look at profiles and i think it is probably wrong for people to assume that profile views means that people automatically are interested in them. maybe they are not interested in you to reply to an IM or maybe they have no points to IM you back. it's just my two cents on it all and maybe that helps.

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