A Slaves Beginning  

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9/15/2020 10:48 am
A Slaves Beginning

Just like any other day at work it started slow. I hated my job and the people I worked with were ass holes. The woman was worse than any of the men. One in particular was Aiden. , she is the best looking woman in the office but she was straight forward and the point and didn't take anything from anyone. She seemed really get off picking though. I tried avoid her but today we ended assigned the same project and from then my nightmare started.

Aiden - " George, you are so small and pathetic I could squish you under my boot", she would say in my face when no one else was around.

George-"Leave alone", was my response as I tried get away from her.

The project required several day's and overnighters be able finish, I was not looking forward this.

She insisted we do the overnighter's at her place and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Aiden- " George....are you scared come my place." She knew I was. She was 6'1" with long shapely legs and if she were heels she toward over every male they're but especially . I was only 5'4" so I was scrawny and not mention<b> overweight </font></b>and out of shape so she really looked down on me.

George- "Alright Aiden well goto your place for the overnighter's tonight and then we can do mine tomorrow. " She agreed on this way to easily. I would find out why later that night.

So the day at work ended and we had cleared it with the boss that we would be out of the office for a few days to get the project done.

We each got in our vehicles and I followed her. She had a stunning place, out of town, by the beach. Kind of secluded. She evidently liked her privacy. She had to be loaded to afford a place like this.

She waited at the door for me with quite a perturbed look on her face. Aiden- "You will learn to do a better job keeping with and treating with the respect I deserve", she said as I approached the door. Aiden- "Now open the door for ", she commanded. Trying be a gentleman I went ahead and did as she asked. I had a nagging feeling the this was a new side of Aiden that no one knew anything about. tell the truth, I was starting get a little scared.
She had doing everything for her. I had put her coat and take her shoes off and fluff the pillows the couch and she even had brush her long brunette hair. The whole time she had a devious little smirk on her face.

We finally got started on the project. We worked until about 2 am and then she got and stretched and then a look came over her I hadn't seen before.

Aiden- "George it is time I showed you something", she said. I admit she had me curious. We headed a round stairway that went down quite a ways and ended in a long hallway. I had practically run keep with her long stride. She waited at a door for but before I could open it she forced against the wall and pulled my wrist behind my back and slapped some handcuffs , She did this so fast, and unexpectedly I didn't have time react try and stop her.

She then opened the door herself and dragged into the room. I Could see why once we went in. She had any numerous devices in the room and she had whips and canes of kinds hanging the walls, She had ropes, she had chains and she evidently got tired of my questions and stuffed a ball gag into my mouth.

She was an expert at what she did and she had tied in no time, she then went into another room. I had to wait for her to return. I knew when she came out dressed in a tight red corset and top to match and thigh-high stiletto boots that I wasn't going make it home for the next days. I was right it turned out.

Aiden- "George you pathetic loser. I have decided become your mistress. These next days will start your training, No need thank yet, but you will", she said smiling very deviously. She then grabbed a whip from the wall, she walked over and set the rules. Aiden- "George this is the last time I will call you by name unless we are out in public. I will only refer you as a slave while you are here. You will call mistress here but by my name when in public. Do you understand", I being stubborn didn't shake my head yes until I felt the whip come down my back. I had never felt anything like it before and my head was shaking yes before I even knew it was.

Aiden- "Good slave you are starting learn already. When I asked a question I expect an immediate response. Slowness on your part will result in punishment. do you understand?" I shook my head yes immediately.

Aiden-"You need listen and remember every rule I am giving tonight. If you forget even one you will be punished. do you understand?" I shook my head yes. She then went down a long list of rules she had memorized herself. I had a terrible memory and I did my best but I would have them memorized by the end of these days and nights. She had evidently planned this since she was able do the project by herself and really didn't need any help.

She was right, by the end of the 3 days, I had every rule memorized. I had forgotten them so many times and had either been whipped or caned that there was no way I was ever going forget one again. She had started giving very little food and ample amounts of water. She would use a fire hose wash down with. Each night she would tie and put into a cage at the end of her bed. I started hallucinating at times and that is when she would use hypnosis to train me even further to her will. the third day, she had completely under her control. I had my rules follow out in public and at work. Over the next month, I had moved out of my apartment and was living as her full-time slave. I would go work with her and home with her. no questions asked. The minute we got home I would remove my clothing and assume the position a slave assumes awaiting instructions from their mistress.

After a year of this, she had actually got me into good shape and I had actually put on some muscle. Not that it mattered at this point I did whatever she wanted. I was quite happy being her slave and did not miss my old life at all.
I thanked her every night to become my mistress. She would smile as she would put me through my paces. She was always thinking of new ways to train me and to torture me.

The most traumatizing training was when she started ballbusting me. I would be in pain for long periods of time after each session. I was expected to withstand it without falling to the floor. When I managed to do that then she would something else to bring me to my knees in agonizing pain. To this day Sh has always found a way to do this. Not sure if I will ever be able to withstand it all. I am still happy in my cage at the foot of her bed.

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