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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Mall Santa
Posted:Dec 23, 2021 8:17 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2022 11:51 am

It was almost Christmas and like an idiot I waited until the last minute to finish shopping. I hate malls, crappy over priced stores and screaming bratty . I waited until close to closing time hoping it wouldnt be as bad. I went from store to store picking up gifts and was thankful the experience was almost over. With bags in had I walked past the area with the mall Santa. Devoid of I saw Santa sitting there probably as eager to get the hell out of there. I sat down for a moment to make sure I didn't miss anyone. I looked over everything and was confident I was done. I walked past Santa and smiled when he said ho ho ho come sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas. For some reason I was mesmerized. Maybe it was because I hadn't been near a man in sometime, maybe it was because I wanted to relive my youth but mainly because I wanted to see what it would take to make Santa's naughty list. So I humored him. I walked over and said Santa I dont want to crush your lap to which he laughed and said oh it's ok Santa likes it when big girls sit on his lap. He patted his lap and I could help but notice the large...candy cane.. in Santa's velour pants. I figured what the hell. So I sat down and put my arm around him for balance. "Tell me what could Santa bring you this Christmas?" I laughed for a moment and said well Santa I would love for you to fill my stockings with toys to make me giddy and buzz, a nice candy cane to lick and suck on and any other package you want to give me. I have tried to be a good girl but well it's hard. He laughed, leaned into my ear and whispered oh it's hard all right and I felt his hand brush against my breast. "Santa may just have something for you," and he reached down into his pants and pulled out the tip of his cock. I gasped as he then brushed his gloved hand against my thigh. He had this twinkle in his eye and my pussy burned with lust. The announcer came over the intercom saying the mall was closing and guesta needed to proceed to the exits. Santa tucked his now very large candy cane into his pants. I leaned into his ear and said Santa I want to lick your candy cane. He chuckled and said well, give me 5 minutes to clock out and meet me at my sleigh. I am parked by the Christmas tree in the back lot. He squeezed my breast and I gathered my packages and headed toward my car. I was like a cat in heat, my pussy dripping wet, nipples hard and all I could think about was sucking off Santa. I loades up my car, drove to the back and saw his car parked next to the tree. While I waited I pulled down my pants, removed my panties and hung them on his mirror. I took off my bra too and as I tied up I spied him walking out. He was still wearing the pants but had changed into a shirt and ball cap. The fake beared gone I was admiring his blue eyes. He got to his car, noticed my gift and let out a ho ho ho. He grabbed the panties, sniffed and looked over at me and smiled. "My you have been a naughty girl. Would you like to come visit Santa's workshop for milk and cookies?" I looked at him, grinning and said Santa lead the way. He climbed in his car and we took off. A few minutes later we pulled into a very nice neighborhood and he pulled into a townhouse complex. His home decorated nicely with lights and a beautiful tree in the window. He pulled in the garage and I parked behind him. I got out of my car and met him at the back of his door. He grabbed my ass, pulled me into him and kissed me
. "The names Nick. Honestly. " I do the Santa bit as a side mainly to make happy. Full time I am an accountant. Welcome to Santa's workshop. " We walked in and the moment the door closed my shirt was off and Santa was sucking on my big titties. "Santa just love big tits. Especially on naughty girls." I took my cue, reached down into his pants and pulled out the longest thickest dick I had ever touched. It was magical, Santa sucking on my tits, me stroking his big candy cane. We made our way to the living room and I knew I wanted that cock in my mouth and wanted to suck Santa off by the tree. I got on my knees and looked up at Nick practically drooling over his cock. Precum was oozing from the tip so like a naughty girl I licked the headed and suckled the goodness. Nick sighed as I enjoyed my prize. I licked down his shaft, licked his balls and back up. I inhaled his head, sucking and bobbing just enjoying my present. I started taking more and more of his cock down my throat and soon felt his hand on the back of my head pushing and taking control. My pussy oozing now as I deep throated Santa and continued to polish his candy cane. His guttural moans and and balls clenching meant he was going to cum soon and I was eager. Nick said if you want on Santa's good girl list you will spit, if you want on Santa's naughty list you will swallow whats in your mouth and let Santa leave some eggnog on your face too. I sucked harder, his cue that I was hell bent on staying on the naughty list. His.cock pulsed and throbbed with each thrust and I sucked deeper and harder. He grabbed my head with one had and his cock with the other. He moaned louder and louder until he said fucckkk and my mouth filled with ropes of Santa's hot creamy seed. He came and came and came and pulled out of my mouth with a pop and proceeded to cum even more. He shot more creamy Santa cum all over my face. When he finished he looked down at me, my mouth open and full of open. I grinned closed my mouth, swallowed like the naughty girl I am and proceeded to clean up his cock. I knew I was going to enjoy staying on Santa's naughty list...
The DP
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 11:45 am
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2021 7:18 am

By this point I have swallowed both of their loads. Tim stayed rock hard and Charlie made his way back over, cock in hand. He lays on the bed and I straddle his cock. I feel his big mushroom head poke into my now.dripping pussy and I start to ride his cock. Damn your thick cock feels so good buried in my cunt. Fuck yeah...after.a few minutes he holds still. I hear Tim popping open the lube and before I know it I feel the cool liquid my back door. Using a finger he applies the lube to my tight ring. Charlie sucks on my nipples as Tim eases his finger into my ass. Charlie thrusts a few times as Tim fingers my ass. One finger soon replaced by two. Two morphs into.three as I all over Charlies hard.dick. Tim adds some lube to his cock, more to my fingered ass and soon I feel his fingers slide and the head of his cock pushing against my ass. Charlie.rubs my clit and sucks on my tits as Tim pushes his meat into my ass. The pain and burning soon replaced by ecstasy. I am being double stuffed and it feels amazing. Tim is.soon balls deep up my ass and begins thrusting. Charlie soon joins and both men use my fuck holes. I moan and scream in pleasure. Oh fuck yes, fuck my tight pussy your cock filling my ass is amazing. Fuck me harder. Use me as the slut I am. They get into a rythm and the more I moan the harder I pound. I again and again, coating Charlies cock and Tim's balls. Fuck her ass is tight. I could spend all fucking her back door damn . Charlie grunts and I feel his dick start to pulsing. I am going to nut man. I am going to coat this sluts cunt with my seed. I am going to fill her up. And before I know it, he pushes hard and deep and blasts the back of my pussy with his . Load after load he blasts in as I again with him. Tim starts to thrust faster, squeeszing my tit and spanking my ass. You want my in your ass or on your . Not going to lie I have always wanted to blast a sluts favce after I plow her ass. that point Charlie has slipped of my pussy, our oozing . Tim feels it coat his balls and goes I am going to nut soon. He pulls and Charlie flips over. Tim gets right over my , tells to open my mouth and blasts his load all over my and into my mouth. Despite having just his load was thick and heavy. He slaps my with his cock before sliding it toward my mouth. Clean up . I lick and lick his cock clean. When I finish his, I turn to Charlies and clean his up as well. We all collapse on the bed. When I awoke, Tim had his cock nestled between my tits and Charlie's cock had found its way i to my ass. His big meat stretching my backdoor. Seeing me awake, Tim positioned himself into my pussy and I was once again double stuffed. I was fucked into orgasm 3 more times before they had to depart. We exchanged numbers and I have fucked them alone and together several times.
Tim's Turn
Posted:Jun 24, 2021 10:10 am
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2021 7:22 pm

I swallowed the last of Charlies seed and he sat in the nearby chair as Tim eagerly traded places. His throbbing cock purple and veiny springy toward my mouth. I open greedily wanting to deep throat and suck on his head. He reaches for my ample tits as I swallow his manhood. Charlie chuckles in the background, that throat feels good doesn't it!! She could suck the chrome off a bumper!! He strokes and playa with his cock as I make my way up and down his shaft. I make my way to his balls and pop each into my mouth lightly suckling and massaging. I stroke his shaft as he moans in pleasure. I make my way back up his shaft as he pushes my head deeper on his rock hard coc His animalistic thoughts take over as he starts to use my mouth like a pussy. He grunts and moans with delight as his cock slides in and out my mouth and down my throat. Faster and harder he pumps as my tits bounce in rhythm. Charlies starts to stroke in time, so I motion him over and lend him a hand. By this point Tim's cock is throbbing and.pulsing. He pulls out of my throat and as he does his cock begins to spew thick gobs of hot cum. It lands all over my face as he strokes more and more out. I greedily open my mouth as some lands on my tongue. It's incredible his cock stays rock hard and he looks at Charlie and look at my cum covered face and say, let's stuff our little cock sucker and pump some loads in her little fuck holes.
My wish is coming true...
Double Penetration
Posted:Jun 23, 2021 1:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2021 6:58 am

My ad was done and posted. "Wanted. Two men to fullfill bucket wish list item. A double penetration. Brothers, father/, friends, I dont care just be ddf, hung, full of cum and willing to play."
I eagerly awaited replies, hoping to find that unicorn duo that was willing to fuck my pussy and my ass.
The replies started to come in and I wondered if men could read. Single dudes trying to get laid, couples and of course bots. I started to lose hope that I would find what I wanted. Then your reply appears.
Hey two buddies in town for buisiness and want to help. We have done it before, discreet clean and sane. His is shy of 7", thinner and loves back door play. Mine is closer to , very thick and loves a tight wet pussy. Want to meet for drinks or coffee to see if we click?
I confess my pussy got very wet and I just stared at the attached pictures. Two cocks, one uncut and big balls filled with cum. I could not type fast enough.
Yes! Coffee is fine, meet me at the place on Hampton at 600 and we can go from there. I will be wearing black leggings and a low cut blue top. Thank you for the reply and I can't wait to meet you both.
Clicked send and my pussy got wet again. Could it finally happen??? I jumped in the shower, cleaning myself up and shaving before climbing out and checking for a reply.
Sounds great, we will be in polo shirts, his is green, mine navy and shorts. We will be sporting the bulges. See you soon.

Hot damn I couldn't believe it. Two friends, big cocks, one uncut and both willing to fill my holes. I dressed, opting to leave off my panties and sporting a bra with the nipples out but pushed my big tits together. I wore a small necklace that rested just above my cleavage .

I pulled into the parking lot and headed inside. I was early but wanted the back corner table that was kind of isolated from the others. I ordered my ice coffee and waited. About five minutes later I saw a truck pull in, out of state tag and saw two older but distinguished gentlemen get out. One in a green polo one in navy. I came again. They spied me in the window and waved. One went to the counter to order, the other came to greet me.

Hello beautiful, so good to see you. My name is Tim and that's Charlie. We hope our age doesn't scare you away.
Hi my name is Emily and not at all. I find older men incredibly sexy, and well, I confess I stared at both of your cocks for about an hour. I was mesmerized. He laughed a little and we sat. We chatted for a few until Charlie joined us. I smiled, introduce myself and we chatted more. Their business, pets, weather, coffee and movies. Charlie kept staring at my tits and Tim shifted sides amd sat me. He started to run his hand up my leg toward my now hungry pussy.

Charlie leaned in a bit. You have the most beautiful tits, I am sorry how big are they?? 44dd was my reply. He licked his lips and leaned bac Tim whispered in my ear, taking my hand and placing it on his bludge. Ready this 7" in that beautiful ass of yours? Charlie has already fucked you four times with his mind now.
I squeeze his cock and look at Charlie amd say, let's head to your room. I swear Charlie was out the door before I had even removed my hand from Tim's crotch. He jumped in the truck and Tim rode with me.

Emily you are so gorgeous, I am looking forward to bury my cock in your ass and listening to you moan as we fuck all of your holes. Charlie will beat us there and had set everything up before we left. Lube, towels, wine chilling. Don't be surprised if he is nude and stroking his cock when we get in. He almost blew a load when I showed him the post lol.
I smiled as we pulled onto the parking lot and I parked next to their truc We head in and Tim lead the way. We got to the door and it was propped open a bit. A trail of shorts, polo shirt and boxers revealed Charlie sprawled on the bed , his " rock hard and ready. I walked in, removed my clothes and and proceeded to wrap my lips around Charlies cock . He gasped as I started to lick his head, shaft and balls. By this point Tim joined the fun, burying his face and tongue in my pussy
I suck for all I am worth and Tim laps up my first orgasm. Charlie takes my head and.pushes his cock deeper down my throat.
I am in ecstasy. I feel his cock twitch and I bob up and down. He grabs my head again and I feel that twitch, knowing he would spon be flooding my mouth. Henlets out a guttural growl and before I know blast after blast after blast of thick, hot, creamy cum fills my mouth. I cum again. I swallow as much of his load as I can but it was so thick and plentiful it oozed out from around his cock and onto my chin.
His cock stayed hard and him and Tim traded places.
It was the start of a long great night...
The Broadcast
Posted:Jun 22, 2021 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2021 12:25 pm

I am skimming through FriendFinder-x reading messages and starring and cock after coc Horny, bored and killing a few minutes. I see the blue message pop up and you invited me your live broadcast. I figured what the hell, the bulge in your shorts looked promising and I needed a brea We both say hello, you stroking your bulge and watching. You tell you love my pictures, that I have a great pussy and great tits and that you enjoyed jerking off them. I typed thanks, they enjoy making a cock hard. You with your bulge some more asking if I would like see him. I said hell yes, I enjoy watching a man stroke his coc You pull out a nice thick semi erect cock and start stroking. I type, man I wish I were licking the mushroom head and your precum right now. At this point I am mesmerized. I have never joined a broadcast before and watching this strange man stroke his cock in front of me was truly erotic. I type about wanted wrap my lips around him and passionately lick and suck the now hard coc Back and forth we share sexual banter. telling him I would love be bent over the desk as he slides his now engorged cock into my pussy. He asked if I would like for him to cum. I said hell yes...he pumped and pumped and I creamed my panties as his cock spewed a marvelous hot thick creamy white load.....

I am hoping to view again....
The Buddy Part Two
Posted:Feb 13, 2019 6:40 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2019 2:23 pm

My pusst was all warm, wet and tingly as I heard that front door open, your voice yell honey we are home and the extra foot steps. I hear you two take off your boots, Roger laughing and saying thanks man this is going to be great and the thunk of your feet as you climb the steps.

I am all spread out on the bed, clean shaven and sweet smelling. I put on your favorite little number, black knee highs, red lacey garter belt and the jeweled butt plug you bought me a couple of weeks ago. I opted for red lipstick, it looks great on a cock after you start sucking and I thought Roger might approve. My ample breasts exposed, nipples nice and hard ready to be sucked.

I look up and see you filling the door frame, that I can't wait to bury my face in your pussy smile on your face and Roger close behind with a shit eating grin from ear to ear. "welcome home honey, welcome to our home Roger. I hope you like the outfit I picked out. I selected the lipstick just for you, he said you were a sucker for women with red lips."

Roger chuckled and said,babe you look incredible. You walk over to me, and we start kissing, slowly and gently at first, but soon your tongue makes it way down my throat and we start getting hot an heavy. I motion Roger to come on over and join the fun. He moves forward and starts to get comfortable, removing his shirt, belt and pant. I can't help but notice the enormous bulge in his boxer shorts as I start to trail my fingers up his legs toward it.

You start to take off your clothes as well, your shirt pants, boxers and start to stroke your big thick cock as you watch me slowly tease your friend. Roger starts to sigh and the bulge twitches as I run my fingers up and down his leg. I notice he starts licking his lips staring at my niplples. I know that look. You get that look when you want to latch on and start sucking.

Roger don't be shy, I tell him. Feel free to lick, suck, finger, poke prod. My body is your place space. That was all he needed as he leaned down and started to suck on my nipples. I reach up toward his bulge and start to rub, before I finally reach in and pull out the thickest, longest, meatiest cock I had ever seen. It wasn't fully erect and was a good 10". And it was thick. Like soda can thick. I gasped. One because you joined Roger in sucking my other nipple and two at the size. I wrap my fingers around it and start stroking amazed at what I was playing with,

Roger chuckled and looked up and said, yeah now you know why I haven't been laid in a while. Most ladies see him and run the other direction. I grasp it tighter and stroke harder. I laughed, well I am not afraid. I am looking forward to you stuffing that monster inside of my holes. I start stroking both cocks as you suck away on my ample tits. I feel a finger go to my pussy and start to rub my clit. I cum, as another finger, Roger's I am guessing by the size, slid up inside my hot cunt and starting fingering me.

I start to ride the finger and you both bite, suck and squeeze my tits. I start stroking harder as you both moan with pleasure. I can't believe this is happening. My body has never felt this before and we were just getting started.

Finally Roger shifted and said, baby I have heard you could suck chrome off a bumper. Let me see what you have got. He gets up and repositions his cock closer to my mouth. I stare at amazement for a moment at this beast. I eagerly open my mouth as he slides the tip in. Your finger replaced his in my pussy, as you know how much I love to be fingered while sucking and I stroke your cock as I start licking the tip and massaging his balls. I hear moans of contentment as his thick dick slides in and out of my mouth. I suck that cock for all it is worth, enjoying the girth, the taste, the smell. His precum adding to my spit as I alternate between slow and fast, tight and loose. I open a bit wider so he can fit more in and take his hand and place it on the back of my head. Go ahead and take charge, deep, fast, slow, easy, whatever pleases you. Lets see how far down my throat we can go and I inhale his cock back into my mouth.
Roger grabs my hair and starts slow and steady first. You grab my favorite glass dildo from the end table and slide it into my now sopping pussy. I start stroking your cock matching his pace as he gets faster, harder and deeper. You are amazed that the inches of his cock slide down farther and farther into my mouth. Yeah you little cock sucking take my big dick. I want my balls bouncing on your chin when I cum in your mouth. I stroke your cock as you fuck me harder and harder with the dildo. I feel your cock tense as I know you are going to nut. Rogers dick continues down my throat. I don't know how much more I can swallow as he forces my head down further and further. You fuck me harder with that pussy as I stroke your throbbing cock. Roger is pumping away and before I know it I feel his balls resting on my chin. At that very moment you slam the dildo into my pussy and I erupt, squirting all over you, the dildo and the bed. I stroke your cock faster and harder and before long I feel your hot warm cum all over my tits as you explode. Roger grabs his cell phone and snaps a picture of you shooting your load all over my tits and my face with his cock balls deep in my mouth. He then shoots a video as he fucks my face like I have never been face fucked before. His enormous balls bouncing on my chin as he uses my mouth like a pussy. You grab the phone and keep filming as Roger grabs my head and pounds me good and hard. I am in heaven, I can't believe this is happening and that soon his hot gooey load will coat my now enflamed throat. I feel his cock throb and tense, his balls tighten and I hear Roger scream, I am going to nut I am going to coat this 's throat with my baby batter. One last slam, he holds my head down on his cock, buries my nose in his ball sack and he lets loose. Stream after stream of thick, hot cum shooting down my throat, filling my mouth and coating his cock. One stream, two, three, he kept cumming for what seemed like an eternity. I feel his grip loosen as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, it still shooting cum, the last shot painting my face white. He slapped my face with his dick, smearing his load all over my face. I gasp for air at this point as he slides his balls over my mouth telling me to suck on them. I takes my hand up to his cum and spit covered cock and tells me to stroke it. Even after all that he is still hard. This is going to be a really fun night...
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The Buddy
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 2:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2019 11:25 am

You were driving home from work and unbeknownst to me had one of your co-workers riding in the truck with you. We chatted away for a bit, asking about dinner, work and your day. I was feeling really frisky day, having watched porn and chatting with somemen on FriendFinder-x. "Honey, I can't wait for you to get home. I want to suck on your big cock so bad I can taste it." You grin and look over at your friend as you mute the conversation on the phone for a moment. "Dude, my gal has a mouth so great she could suck the chrome of a bumper. She has a great set of tits, a pussy so tight and wet it just begs for dick and dude, she loves it up the ass. I can't get enough and neither can she. " Your buddy gets the tell tale bulge in his pants and you know right away he is aroused. I keep talking, "I was thinking, we could do role , where you talk about bringing someone home from work and I could finally get double penetration. I could leave the butt plug out or I went to the adult store today and bought strap on for a dp. I can't wait to feel your big thick dick slide into my tight wet pussy." You mute the phone again as I plather on about being fucked like the little I am... "Dude. What if I tell her I passed you along the side of the road and picked you up. Include you in this little conversation..." Your buddy has to shift, the bulge getting bigger and his jeans getting tighter. He has to rub the front and readjust as he eagerly shakes his head yes. "Honey hold on a moment one of the guys from work is broke down. Going to see if I can lend a hand. Oh its Roger, I have mentioned him a couple of times, nice looking, single, no ." I sigh, I know Roger and I have seen the outline of what he carries in those jeans. Ok honey, don't be to long...I want you inside me and our new little friend too..." I was hoping you would invite Roger along but didn't say much. You hang up and pull into a parking lot to hatch out your scheme. What do you say Roger, would you like to have an incredible evening with my gal? She was eyeballing you at the company picnic anyway and I truly believe she was hinting at me to bring you home. He chuckles for a moment and says, "man I haven't been laid in over a month and a half. And she was a lousy fuck. She didn't give head, she did participate and made me pull out and cum in a trash can. She didn't even want me cumming in the rubber. If you are cool with it I am game." bulge got bigger as he smiled. A few moments later my phone rang, "honey it was Roger, the tow truck just picked up his truck and he is sitting here with me. Say, I have an idea. I know you just bought little toy for your dp fantasy and we have used the butt plug in the past, what would you say if Roger came home with me and..." "YES YES YES YES...I almost screamed as my pussy creamed harder than it had ever creamed before." I hear you both laughing in the background as I compose myself. "And he is ok with playing with both of us, I mean guys get weirded out by the whole crossed cocks bull." Roger chimes in, "babe I am perfectly fine with being in your beautiful pussy, or ass, as your man fills the other. I am here to please." I couldn't believe my luck, Roger with the incredible bulge who was also easy on the eyes was going to help fill a bucket list wish and, well me. "Great. I will put on something fun and meet you guys upstairs. I stocked the mini fridge with beer and be ready." I hung up the phone as I raced upstairs, jumped in the shower to shave and put on sweet smelling lotion. I climbed out, put on your favorite lingerie, laid out some anal lube, some head cream and a towel..or two. I may have also grabbed a few toys, just for fun. I hear your truck pull up and the doors slam. "Honey we are home, be up in just a moment." .....
The Interview
Posted:May 26, 2018 12:53 pm
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2019 4:11 am

I nervously walk into the office. I read and re-read the email inviting me for the interview several times. Arrive precisely at 5:45. Wear a skirt and loose flowy blouse. Stockings optional. You will be interviewing with the CEO and perhaps one other male from the office. Come prepared to answer questions and allocate at least two hours. Pay will be dependant on experience, candidate's enthusiasm and "other" skills.

I walk into the office and the empty front desk had a sign that said please knock before entering the office. I hear two male voices talking behind the desk. "Well that candidate was a disappointment. I really thought her oral skills would be better than that and well, her "qualifications" were all fake. Let's hope this last one has the skills we need and is natural." "It says here she has experience in an office setting, great customer skills and is willing do to what it takes to get the job done. I sure as shit hope the later is too. "

I listen for a moment more and exactly at 5:45 knock on the door and wait. The door opens and there is an older, 50 something, man filling the door frame. Seated at the desk behind him, another 50 something man looking through the door, his hands folded on his crotch. Both are dressed in slacks, white button up tops and ties. "You must be Ginger, please come in and have a seat. You may call me Mr. Fellatio and this is Mr. Swallow. We are the owners and CEO's of the business. "

I am a bit taken back by the names but greet them warmly and thank them for the opportunity for the interview. "I read the job posting and felt I was a good fit for the position. I have over 5 years of office management experience, great customer service skills and am willing to do what it takes to get the job done." I shake their hands and have a seat.

They proceed to ask me a serious of questions about the company, my previous work history, why I left my last job and all the standard interview questions. I begin to notice that Mr. Swallow keeps staring at my chest and that his neatly folded hands begin to rub his crotch under the desk. I lean in toward him, figuring if he enjoyed the view he might be more inclined to offer me the job. I continue to answer the questions, leaning in more toward both of them and I start day dreaming. I notice the bulge in Mr. Swallow's crotch get larger. I notice Mr. Fellatio starting to touch and rub on his cock too. He reached over and put his hand on my arm. "Your answers have been very impressive, but we both REALLY need someone who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile, do exactly what we ask or tell her and will work hard to make sure we are both happy. Would you like to continue on to the second part of the interview? "

"Yes, I gasp, as I put two and two together. I will go the extra mile and do whatever is needed to get the job done. Whatever that job maybe". They are both staring at my 44d's at this point...rubbing their crotch smiling. I get up and walk toward the door. I turn the lock to lock the door and turn around and look at the both of them. "I believe we are NOW ready for the second part of the interview." I walk over to Mr. Fellatio, look him in the eye and say, "I think you need to check my "qualifications" to make sure they are real. " He reaches up and starts squeezing my breasts as I turn and grind my ass against his hardening cock.

"Oh these qualifications are perfect. Nice and large, natural, and will be great assets to our company." He reaches under my top, unhooks my bra and removes it and the top. "Oh yeah, our will love these. Why don't you come over here Mr. Swallows and try them out for yourself." I continue to grind against Mr. Fellatio and Mr. Swallows walks up and proceeds to start sucking on one of my nipples. I reach down and start rubbing the bulge in his pants. It feels thick and long. My pussy starts to get wet.

They continue to squeeze and grope my "qualifications" and then I hear Mr. Fellatio say, "let's see how she takes dictation and how her oral skills are." As I drop to my knees I hear two zippers open wide and before I know it two of the largest cocks I have ever seen are a mere inches from my face. Mr. Fellatio is packing a thick 8.5 inches and Mr. Swallows a long and thin almost 12. Both have nice large ball sacks and both are starting to ooze pre-cum. I start with Mr. Fellatio and lick the oozing goodness coming from the tip. I stroke Mr. Swallows as I look up at both. I take Mr. Fellatio deeper into my mouth and suck and stroke like I was in a porno with Ron Jeremy. I hear Mr. F tell Mr. S that I could suck the chrome off a bumper and soon feel a hand grabbing my hair and directing me toward the long shaft of Mr. S. I greedily inhale his rod and soon alternate between the two. I take it up a notch and deep throat them both...doing my best to get their balls resting on my chin. When I come up for air I tell both to fuck my face like a pussy and put their hands back on the back of my head. They both take turns using my mouth like a fuck hole, balls bouncing off my chin as I suck them like a fat sucks a popsicle. I soon hear Mr. F say he was going to cum and that he wanted to shoot his load down my throat. I inhale his sock again and suck the now throbbing rod as he grabs my head and thrusts harder. I feel his cock tense and soon his hot creamy load coats my throat. He growls "Fuck yes, suck that cum" as his cock spews load after load of his hot creamy seed. I swallow each load as it explodes and before long his now limp meat slides from my mouth. During this time I stroke Mr. S harder and harder knowing he isn't to far behind Mr. F. I turn to him and he thinks for a moment before he says, I want to cum inside your pussy. I get up, walk over to the desk , lift my skirt and bend over. I hear him walk up behind me. "I am not going to fuck you, yet, I just want to flood your fuckhole with my seed. He rubs the opening of my pussy with the tip of his cock and a few minutes later I feel it push inside me. I then feel and hear him stroking his cock. "Oh fuck yes, you will work out nicely. I have a nice cum dumpster to spew my fertile loads into. Tell me you want me seed inside your cunt. Tell me you want me to spray your cunt with my seed. " As he strokes harder I scream, "oh yeah flood my tight wet cunt with your fertile seed. Use my little fuckhole as your cum dumspter and flood my cunt with your cum." I feel his stroking getting faster and pretty soon I feel his body tense as he screams "take that seed my cum dumpster. Feel those bastards flooding your fertile hole." He thrusts a little deeper in as he keeps cumming and cumming. As his cock limps and slides out, I soon feel his hot load oozing out of my pussy and down my leg. He walks in front of my face and slaps me with his cock. I open my mouth and clean off his cock. He gasps, looks at Mr. F and says, "I think we found our girl."

After a few moments we compose ourselves and we look at each other. "You are perfect for the job. Your oral skills are above repore, your qualifications are natural and perfect and you absolutely will do what it takes to get the job done. We would like to hire you at the rate written on this paper. included in that rate is a stipend for some clothes. Skirts are a must, either flowy or button up tops. Garters and stockings are nice. No panties. Bra, we will tell you what days are good to wear it and what days we prefer you to not wear them. Inside the top draw of the desk is a remote control vibrator. When you get here in the morning, insert that vibrator into your pussy. When it goes off you will know one of us needs some "dicktation" taken or some other task. Otherwise, your duties are that of a standard office manager.

Next week we will have some very important clinentell in the office. We will provide you some things to wear while they are here. Be prepared for some late evenings in the office as we negotiate some important deals.

I look at the salary and can't believe what I read. It is three times what I was making at my last job, plus benefits. And those benefits include pleasure, cock and cum.
A friend comes over
Posted:May 20, 2018 11:41 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2019 11:19 am

We both get each other all hot and worked up, perhaps we even share webcams of each other pleasuring ourselves. I mention it would be much better if it was done in person and that my home was open for play. You stroke your rock hard cock for a few strokes and agree saying it would feel much better if it were my hands stroking your cock or if my tongue was working over the mushroom shaped head before it slides into my tight wet pussy. You stroke a little harder and I nod my head. In an im I shoot you my address, tell you I will be naked in bed eagerly waiting for you, door unlocked waiting. I get excited as I watch the clock, my pussy getting even more wet as the anticipation mounts. I soon hear the door open and you make your grand entrance. You surprise my by having your zipper open and your hard cock out ready for me to pleasure.

You walk over to the bed, say hello and I get to work sucking on your start playing with my had nipples, asking me if I am enjoying the hard on you were rocking the entire drive. I eagerly slurp harder and deeper as you start to remove your clothing. We separate long enough for you to get out of your pants and climb into bed.

Your fingers make their way to my shaven wet fuckhole..and you see just how eager I am to have you buried deep inside finger that tight hole for a few moments as I take your hard cock back into my mouth. You groan as the harder you finger the harder I suck.

You decide it is time and you climb on top of me and spread my legs nice and wide as you ease your mushroom head into my wet hole...I squeal and gasp as you mount me and push your rock hard meat deep inside.

Once you are balls deep you start nibbling on my ear whispering you are going to fuck my brains out and how good it feels to be deep inside me. You start thrusting and pounding, taking that pussy good and hard. I gasp and sigh as you fuck my tight hole and you grunt as you thrust.

My juices coat your now buried cock and I scream and moan your name as yo fuck my brains out. Your fucking cock feels so good deep inside me...harder.

You pull out and tell me to clean up your cock so I eagerly lap up our juices before you roll me over and mount me yet again.. You grab my hair and slam your dick inside me...fucking me hard....Yes I want you harder...deeper...yes I am your little fuck toy...Yes your big cock feels so good pounding me.

You thrust harder and harder and lean in and growl you are going to bust a nut and you and you alone will decide where to nut. I squeeze your cock knowing you are close and the anticipation builds as I feel your cock tightening getting ready to release your seed.

Part of me hopes you will slam inside me hard and coat my insides with your seed. Part of me hopes you pull out, growl at me to open my mouth and you slide your throbbing meat in my mouth and down my throat.
An even bigger part of me hopes you pull out just in time to paint my face and tits white.

The time has cum and...
Posted:May 7, 2018 4:43 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2018 5:35 pm

Maybe because I am bored and horny I think it would be fun to chat with a guy here and make arrangements to meet (gee imagine that hooking up on here lol). He would get a room at a local hotel, I have the place in mind, it's older, but clean, and has the outside door access to the rooms that older hotels had. He would already be in the room, naked if he likes, stroking his hard cock on the bed. Watching porn on his computer or on the tv a plus...He let's me know the room number and leaves the door closed, but unlocked or opened in a way that all I have to do is park my car and come in....He sends me a video of him stroking is hard cock telling me he can't wait to ram this meat down my throat, fuck my face like a cunt before he buries it deep inside me and rides me like the little slut I am. Of course by this point I will be leaving work, with my panties removed under my easy access skirt. He tells me the room number and I head his way.

When I get there, I open the door and watch for a moment or two as he strokes his cock some more...him asking me if I am ready to be his little fuck toy..I remove my shirt and bra for him and walk over and take over pleasuring his cock...
I drop to my knees and start to eagerly lick and pleasure his now throbbing hard cock....I look up at him knowing that my now wet and juicy pussy will soon be filled by his thick meat.....
A fantasy
Posted:Mar 24, 2018 12:31 pm
Last Updated:May 7, 2018 4:29 pm

So I have always fantasized about chatting with a guy on here and then arranging to meet at an adult store. The idea? I am looking at lube or toys or bondage gear or something and he comes up to me and says hi I have a date with this wild kinky slut what would you recommend I get to use on or with her? I show him a few things and he purchases one or two and leaves. I purchase a couple of things and leave. He waits for me in the parking lot, follows me home and we play.

Now, there are two adult stores near me. Anyone want to help make this a reality?

The toys don't have to be extravagant, can even be lube and good head cream lol.

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