The art of the kiss  

gunslinger121 55M
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11/25/2021 11:09 am
The art of the kiss

This post reflects my own personal knowledge, experience and wisdom regarding........
the art of the kiss.
So.....I am writing this in hope of some good feed back from all of you reading as well.
We all know that physical is the first attraction for most but not always for everyone.
After initial attraction comes the kiss
the kiss is the most important factor after initial attraction to determine whether our
passion and intimacy will proceed?
If you can't probably can't do other things well........not true in all cases but in most
has been my experience.........thoughts from readers?
Chemistry begins with the kiss.
The kiss is where passion ignites our fire for hot,sensual intimacy.
If you can't kiss......i'm out ! ( most of the time unless you have mad skills elsewhere )
A good kisser makes sex and intimacy so much better ! Thoughts from readers?
Let's face it !
Some people just aren't good kissers !
This is a skill that is learned and acquired and practiced daily yet still some adults haven't
a clue how to do it correctly and passionately.
To those of you who agree.......your sex life is the better because of it !
You who suck at kissing......practice !!!
you will be rewarded in learning the art of the kiss.
to be continued?

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