More Gold Shenanigans  

gwapoDaniel69 49M  
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11/24/2021 3:16 pm
More Gold Shenanigans

Twice recently I been stood up by gold<b> members. </font></b>Why for gold if you are not going meet?

The first one: we made a date and time meet at their place. I confirmed with them via ahead of time. I arrive and no one is home. I them and no response. I find out later that they went lunch. I guess you really wanted meet .

The second one was today. We agreed he would host. Set a date a time. I logged on today to get his address per our agreement and he is a no show. He left me a for another photo to confirm is me will be showing up. Fine. I send two recent photos. Still nothing. I provide my cell so he can me. Nothing. I finally get a response tonight. "I left the house this morning. I did not hear from you so...." . WTF. I guess you are paying for gold to games.


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