day Four  

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9/19/2021 5:26 am
day Four

Early this morning my beautiful woman got up and within 20 minutes was asking who was online, if any of her fans has messaged or sent pics, and within that first hour she was ready for another cam show. We watched a few couples and a few single guys on video and she was even more excited when I said why not chat, tell them hello, ect. She did; kind of shy at first but once she saw I was good with it she was getting into it and from the finger I had just resting on her pussy lips, she got wet!!! We start our first show on Chat-ur for just five minutes before being kicked for another verification process issue (fixed now), of her washing her amazing pussy, that earned her about 100 tokens in just that five min. lol. What a good thing this has been for her moral and body image. (we both put on a few lbs while I was batting cancer - all clear now). Move to bedroom and start streaming to our FriendFinder-x fans and she has me start by shaving her pussy while people tune in. Five min of<b> shave </font></b>and some nice conversation with viewers, leads to another pussy massage for about an hour followed by a hand job for almost an hour followed by her reverse cowgirl riding me right over the edge for the beautiful creampie finish. (Keep in mind each time we cam, we watch others first, take notes so to speak, and she gets more excited and more at ease with each passing show. Loving it...

Up next, we are contacted by a very nice couple who invited us to their place for an evening of whatever happens, we all chat a while but my woman got cold feet early and I am not going to push her at all, this is our fantasy and its not worth messing up a great thing, I have her, why be greedy.

But within the hour she tells me go set up the cam, and right as we are about to start round two she tells me we are 90% a yes to meet with the other couple that night. I told her I was game and proceed to play that pussy like a fiddle, she offers me one but I say I want to wait so im not shot out before the evening (Yes I know). I play with her but we have some technical differences on FriendFinder-x (kept trying to cam to cam and it locks our computer up, So before long she contacts a fan on facetime (dont ask, my phone - we dont give number out) and her and I both played with her pussy while the. another guy jacked off for her, that made her so hot watching him cum for her, hearing others tell her how amazing she looks, how perfect her tight pussy is, etc.

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