Airbrushing penises on t-shirts and other ramblings  

iasiney 39M
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7/25/2021 5:45 pm
Airbrushing penises on t-shirts and other ramblings

I can save up 40$ pretty easily. I spent about 140$ in the last few weeks on two pocket pussies that should be here soon.

So, does anyone want me to draw pictures of penises on t-shirts and send them to them. I just got an airbrush and airbrushed my first shirt using dyes.

My personal adult quote now is: "Friends don't want to live up my ass, they want to live someplace close to my<b> tummy.</font></b>"

I'll change my profile headline to this. I said the quote to a friend and was greeted with "ewww yuck" type comment.

jajo696 67F
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7/26/2021 1:40 am

bring your work to etsy, and have an online website. Im sure there is a market for it..somewhere. Good Luck ~~

iasiney 39M
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7/26/2021 5:37 pm

Etsy. Thanks. Didn't think of that. I do have a personal website.

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