Happy Anniversary.....chapter four  

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10/1/2021 3:35 am
Happy Anniversary.....chapter four

As the four of us lay on the bed glowing from our orgasms, the talk turns toward our favorite fantasies and positions. While talking, our hands are soon wandering to other people and caressing other people. The ladies end up next to each other and face each other on the bed to start cuddling and kissing. The guys get on the outside of the coupling and caress the ladies between their legs. The moans return and their asses push back to find our hips. While they continue to kiss and suck each others nipples, the guys are getting their shafts in position between the ladies legs. We look at each other over the ladies and he mouths the countdown from three, two and now......we both<b> insert </font></b>our shafts at the same time and the ladies cling to each other in pleasure. As we have already had our first orgasm, we are able to hold off longer this time. My lady turns her head to me and says (I want both of you). The other couple hears her request and so the clerk pushes me off her and smiles as she kisses me. As her hubby is larger than me, he takes the front and lays on the bed. My lady then sits on his shaft and moans as they begin to pump away. I get behind my wife and she stops long enough to open her ass cheeks. I spread some of her juices (flowing heavy now) up to her a-hole. After inserting a finger to lube her up, I place my cock head at the hole. I first get the head inside and feel her slight tensing as the hole flexes. The hubby has stopped and is waiting for her to start swaying again. As I slowly slide the shaft in, she moans and arches her back. The clerk has moved around and is now kissing my wife while she is taking both of the guys. She sits on her man's face, so he is licking her juices while deep inside my lady's pussy. Everyone is again building to another mutual orgasm. My wife starts it off and ass she clamps down on the two cocks while cumming, we both spurt inside her. The clerk cannot hold back and gushes on her man's face.

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