Happy Anniversary.....chapter two  

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6/11/2021 8:53 pm
Happy Anniversary.....chapter two

When the wine arrives, we toast to the desk clerk. By the way, she was an attractive lady and co-owner of the B&B with her husband. Very friendly and interested in our celebration.
After our meal, we took the remainder of the wine with us back to the B&B. When we entered the house, the lady was sitting in the living room reading a book. We walked over and thanked her for the wine. After a couple minutes of visiting about the great food and lovely ambiance of the restaurant, my 'wife' looked at the lady and said "We would love it if you would come up to our room and toast the anniversary with us." She smiled at the lady and winked. The lady smiled back and said she had one more person to check in soon and then would stop up.
As we were walking to the room, I stopped in the hall and asked her how she knew the lady would come up? She nearly started laughing and pulled me close, whispering in my ear "She was reading a swinger book that I just finished myself. It is about a lady with a couple." I turned and gave her a<b> deep kiss </font></b>to thank her.
We were in the room for about 15 minutes when she knocked on the door. I answered and let the clerk in the room. She asked if everything was ok in the room? I replied that it looks fine now. She smiled as she walked past me and straight over to the 'Mrs.' to give her a nice hug. She then replied "I am so glad you invited me up." I went over to pour some wine for the three of us while the two ladies continued to embrace and started kissing.
When I returned with the glasses, they both turned to me and the three of us had a nice group hug. My lady said "Happy anniversary, honey." and kissed me deeply. Then the clerk said the same and also provided me with a long liplock. We all moved over to the bed and I let the ladies undress me together. Then I turned to the clerk and started to help her out of her clothes, while my lady undressed herself.
My lady lay on the bed first with the clerk going over to lay beside her. I let the two cuddle and kiss each other with their bodies molding into one big ball of female flesh. Soon the clerk moves down to bury her face between my ladies legs. The hips rise and the moans begin. I move around to my ladies head and she opens her mouth to take my now rock hard shaft. Her moans while I am inside her mouth are amazing.
After a few minutes of watching the clerks ass humping the bed while she licks my lady, I move over behind her and get down to taste her sweet juices. She willingly opens her legs as my tongue laps at her dripping pussy. Hearing both of them moaning now is music to my ears.
The story continues in chapter three......

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