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My Blog
Just sharing a few of my many experiences in the lifestyle. Most are not 100% accurate, but all have a real storyline. Would love to hear comments from readers.
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Happy Anniversary.....chapter four
Posted:Oct 1, 2021 3:35 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2023 5:4 pm

As the four of us lay on the bed glowing from our orgasms, the talk turns toward our favorite fantasies and positions. While talking, our hands are soon wandering to other people and caressing other people. The ladies end up next to each other and face each other on the bed to start cuddling and kissing. The guys get on the outside of the coupling and caress the ladies between their legs. The moans return and their asses push back to find our hips. While they continue to kiss and suck each others nipples, the guys are getting their shafts in position between the ladies legs. We look at each other over the ladies and he mouths the countdown from three, two and now......we both insert our shafts at the same time and the ladies cling to each other in pleasure. As we have already had our first orgasm, we are able to hold off longer this time. My lady turns her head to me and says (I want both of you). The other couple hears her request and so the clerk pushes me off her and smiles as she kisses me. As her hubby is larger than me, he takes the front and lays on the bed. My lady then sits on his shaft and moans as they begin to pump away. I get behind my wife and she stops long enough to open her ass cheeks. I spread some of her juices (flowing heavy now) up to her a-hole. After inserting a finger to lube her up, I place my cock head at the hole. I first get the head inside and feel her slight tensing as the hole flexes. The hubby has stopped and is waiting for her to start swaying again. As I slowly slide the shaft in, she moans and arches her back. The clerk has moved around and is now kissing my wife while she is taking both of the guys. She sits on her man's face, so he is licking her juices while deep inside my lady's pussy. Everyone is again building to another mutual orgasm. My wife starts it off and ass she clamps down on the two cocks while cumming, we both spurt inside her. The clerk cannot hold back and gushes on her man's face.
Threesome from single male perspective
Posted:Sep 30, 2021 2:46 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2023 5:4 pm

It had been a few months since the divorce. I was honestly nervous about the upcoming 'date' with a couple I had known while married. We had great times together as lifestyle couples, but going as a single guy was different.
We met at a familiar restaurant and greeted each other with hugs. She was especially long with her hug this time, which gave me much comfort. We went in and found a booth near the back for privacy and quiet. They slide in on one side and I took the other. We caught up on family and friends for a while and had a nice meal. I could not ignore that she was rubbing her foot along my calf under the table. It felt good to have a woman play with me again.
After dinner, she excused herself to use the rest room. Jim and I continued our 'guy talk' while she was gone. Soon she returned and slipped into my side of the booth. As the restaurant was not that busy, nobody took notice. She leaned over and I knew she wanted a kiss, so obliged. It was also nice to feel her tender lips against mine. While kissing, I could feel her hand in my lap. As our lips parted, I glanced down and found her panties laying on my slacks. As I grabbed them, I could feel the wetness on them. Jim smiled over at me and nodded his approval. I put my arm around her in the booth and leaned in for a nice long, wet kiss. She always was an awesome kisser.
As we came up for air again, Jim announced he thought it was time to go. They did not live far from the restaurant, so he said he would go let the dogs out. He went out a few minutes ahead of us, while I picked up the tab and paid the bill (with Susie next to me). She rode back to their house with me and we felt like high schoolers again. She slide over next to me in the car, caressing my leg and bulge while I focused on driving and staying on the road.
When we got to their place, we made out for a few minutes in my car in their drive. Then we went inside and down to the living room in the basement (their designated play area). Susie and I sat on the couch as Jim had already brought a couple glasses of wine for us. She went over and gave him a deep passionate kiss, while he reached a hand between her legs to feel her wetness. He smiled and turned her to me and said "Be a good hostess, honey."
With that she started taking clothes off as she walked back to the couch. From experience, I knew she loved to undress her men, so waited and watched the show. By the time she reached the couch, she was nude. She then bent over to kiss me while unbuttoning my shirt. While I slipped it off my shoulders, she had already made her way to my belt and slacks. She paused to get on her knees and slip my shoes and socks off. Then she returned to my waist and guided both my slacks and underwear down at one time. Once they were past my knees, they easily dropped to the floor.
As I was already rock hard from this foreplay, she took me in her hands and licked/sucked on the head. I pulled her hips around so we could lay down on the couch and have a nice 69 for a while.
When she was ready, she glanced over to Jim (holding himself in his hand) and smiled. As she got up and was ready to sit on top of me, he came over so she could suck him off at the same time.
Will continue the story with Part II........any comments so far?
The exhibitionist
Posted:Jul 26, 2021 3:51 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2023 5:4 pm

I had exchanged messages online with a couple for the past six months. We all knew the expectations and boundaries before we met in person. The general plan was simple. We would meet in a public place, if everyone was comfortable we would then go to a nearby shoe store. I would go into the store separate from them. She would walk down an aisle with the hubby keeping eye at one end. I would also be in the aisle and offer to help her try on a pair of shoes. She picks out a pair and sits on the bench while I get them out. She raises one foot and opens her legs to show no panties. We repeat this for the other foot. She walks a few steps and asks if they fit? I reach down to check the toe and glance up to see a little moisture between her legs.
She then takes a step away and looks at the hubby. He nods and she then hikes up her skirt to flash me her ass. Bending over and spreading her cheeks so I could see her wetness.
She then stands up and straightens her skirt. We all exit the store and walk to our cars. We drive over to a nearby big box store and do the same aisle flash. At the end of this one, she comes over to me and whispers in my ear "We want you to join us at our hotel room." I smile and nod. When we leave, she kisses her hubby in the parking lot and gets in my car to 'show me where the hotel is'. As we pull out, the hubby follows me and can see her head dip down to my lap.
It is a short drive to the hotel, but she already has me rock hard. I get myself back in my pants and we make our way to their room.
Inside the room, I visit with the hubby on the couch while she is changing into something more comfortable. She comes out of the bedroom with nothing on. We both smile and ask if she is comfortable? She comes over and sits between us, reaching both hands out to grab our crotches....."Now I am."
Happy Anniversary.....chapter two
Posted:Jun 11, 2021 8:53 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2023 5:4 pm

When the wine arrives, we toast to the desk clerk. By the way, she was an attractive lady and co-owner of the B&B with her husband. Very friendly and interested in our celebration.
After our meal, we took the remainder of the wine with us back to the B&B. When we entered the house, the lady was sitting in the living room reading a book. We walked over and thanked her for the wine. After a couple minutes of visiting about the great food and lovely ambiance of the restaurant, my 'wife' looked at the lady and said "We would love it if you would come up to our room and toast the anniversary with us." She smiled at the lady and winked. The lady smiled back and said she had one more person to check in soon and then would stop up.
As we were walking to the room, I stopped in the hall and asked her how she knew the lady would come up? She nearly started laughing and pulled me close, whispering in my ear "She was reading a swinger book that I just finished myself. It is about a lady with a couple." I turned and gave her a deep kiss to thank her.
We were in the room for about 15 minutes when she knocked on the door. I answered and let the clerk in the room. She asked if everything was ok in the room? I replied that it looks fine now. She smiled as she walked past me and straight over to the 'Mrs.' to give her a nice hug. She then replied "I am so glad you invited me up." I went over to pour some wine for the three of us while the two ladies continued to embrace and started kissing.
When I returned with the glasses, they both turned to me and the three of us had a nice group hug. My lady said "Happy anniversary, honey." and kissed me deeply. Then the clerk said the same and also provided me with a long liplock. We all moved over to the bed and I let the ladies undress me together. Then I turned to the clerk and started to help her out of her clothes, while my lady undressed herself.
My lady lay on the bed first with the clerk going over to lay beside her. I let the two cuddle and kiss each other with their bodies molding into one big ball of female flesh. Soon the clerk moves down to bury her face between my ladies legs. The hips rise and the moans begin. I move around to my ladies head and she opens her mouth to take my now rock hard shaft. Her moans while I am inside her mouth are amazing.
After a few minutes of watching the clerks ass humping the bed while she licks my lady, I move over behind her and get down to taste her sweet juices. She willingly opens her legs as my tongue laps at her dripping pussy. Hearing both of them moaning now is music to my ears.
The story continues in chapter three......

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