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3rd posting
Posted:Oct 20, 2021 6:06 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 6:37 pm

My wife and I have never kept anything from each other which made our relationship happy and strong. I told Terri about the young Navy wife and how we kept bumping into one another especially at the movie store and again at her apartment as I fixed her sink.

I told her what she looked like and as I described her I saw how my wife's eyes lit up, Terri always had a thing for blondes especially naughty ones. I knew at that point that my plan of the three of us getting together was coming together I only need to get the Navy onboard, a little pun there. Now Terri and I went to the apartment building the next day to do some weekly lawn and garden work so it gave me the perfect opportunity to on my friend. I went up and knocked on her door and hopped she would be home and I was not disappointed. Terri and I stood there as she opened the door and were greeted with a big smile. She wore an tee shirt and shorts and I could tell right away she wasn't wearing bra as her nipples were hard and erect under the tee. I made up an excuse that I just needed to check the repair I made the previous day and that we would only be but a minute. Now Terri knew I was up to something because she knew I never went back to check anything unless a tenant called the office that there was a problem. As we entered the apartment I introduced my wife to her and she smiled and said her name was Caroline.

I went into the kitchen and made some attempt at making it looked like I was checking my work. The two girls seem to hit it off right away as the were chatting away.

My plan was working wonderfully and I hoped that it would continue to go the way I hoped it would. I played around in the kitchen for a few minutes and then went back out to the living room. The two girls were sitting on the couch and still on the coffee table were the DVD's from the day before. I picked one up and looked at the box of a girl o girl and said to Terri that Caroline had the same taste in DVD's as she did. Caroline blushed a bit and said she liked a lot of things besides girl on girl that she like threesome FMF and bi MMF too. Terri then surprised me when she invited Caroline to dinner this weekend it was something I thought about in the future but never expected to happen this fast. After a few minutes I said we had to get back to work and walked out of the apartment. We no sooner stepped out and Caroline closed the door behind us Terri said "Oh I forgot to tell Caroline where we lived" and that she needed to tell her. I told Terri I would be on the other side of the building and went to back to mowing the grass.

Terri was in there a little longer than just to give Caroline our address and phone number and when Terri came back out she wore a big smile and I knew then and there that we were in for more than a dinner.
second posting
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 6:41 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 6:37 pm

Okay have a few minutes to continue my story.

We chatted for a few minutes in the Adult section of the Movie Gallery. I found out that she was married and that her husband was in the Navy and stationed at the sub base in nearby Groton.

She told me that they had just moved to Connecticut from Norfolk Virginia and since navy housing was unavailable the moved into an apartment. I told her about how my wife and I had our own property management company and we took care of several property's and how she was on one of her Ladies only weekends so I was left to fend for myself hence the porn...we laughed at that and told each other to "Enjoy Ourselves!"

I didn't see her again that weekend but had thought about how she must look with out those clothes on. About two weeks later I get a call from a about a leaky faucet that needed to be fixed at one of his rentals. I gathered up what tools I thought I would need and headed to the address the gave.

I knocked on the door of the apartment and what a shock I got when it was the movie store girl and she was just as surprised to see me. I explained why I was there. We talked while I worked on the faucet and asked how she enjoyed the movie? She asked me a shocking question and that was "Was I happily married?" She then say's that she is so alone with no friends or family in Connecticut plus she didn't have a job to break up the bordum. She said that I was really the only person she knew here. After I finished the repair she invited me to sit and talk for awhile. As I sat in her living room I notice she had several more rented porn
DVD's sitting on the coffee table they were all the same theme FMF or girl on girl. I picked on of the girl on girl DVD and comented on how my wife liked these too. I had an idea at that point that I hoped would work out in my favor. But I needed to talk with my wife Terri first before I did anything.

When I got back to the shop I told Terri about the weekend she went away and how I met this woman and that today I was at her apartment to fix a leak and everything that she and I talked about. I said to Terri " That we should invite her over for drinks and see what happens!" What would happen I hoped invilved me and two fine women.

Well I'm outta time for now more later....
The first posting
Posted:Oct 6, 2021 6:38 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 6:37 pm

I never know what to write. Now don't get me wrong before I sit down to write I have a lot of ideas on what to say,it's getting them from my head to my fingers that's the problem. You read some folks posts it sounds as if they are getting laid 24/7 and I wish I was that lucky. I get lot's of offers but the problem is they are either on the west coast or in Europe. I to tell you a story that did happen a few years bac My wife,who past away in 20 from cancer, had gone on a weekend trip with her friends for shopping and wine tasting leaving me to fend for myself. Not that I mind I need my space to. The day she left I made a list of errands and other things I needed to do. The mundane stuff like bank drycleaners ect... All my stops were in the town of 4800 we live in. I was pumping gas at the gas station when a woman in a Ford ranger pick up pulled up the the pump on the opposite side of me. I had just started to put the nozzle in the tank when I heard her muttering about how to get the pump turned on. I looked over and there was this stunning beauty in shorts and tank top just holding the nozzle in one hand and look of what the hell do I do now on her face. Being a gentleman I asked if she needed some help and she nodded yes. I showed her how to pump gas and then went back to car.

I finished before her and as I was getting into my car she say's "thank you have a nice day!"
and I drove off to my next stop the ban Being Friday the bank was busy so I had to stand in line waiting my turn when I saw her walk into the lobby and get in line behind me. I smiled at her and she smiled bac I was at the tellers window and she walked up the window to my left. I looked at her she appeared to be a couple of years younger than me and had a nice tight body. Pear shaped ass great rack,dirty blonde hair and big brown eyes. She must have known I was checking her out cause she gave me one of those side ways glances and a smile.

The teller handed me my and reciept and I left the bank to my next stop the pharmacy. I wasn't in the pharmacy but a minute and was on my way out when she walked in we both looked at one another and had a laugh. I held the door open for her and then walked out myself.

My next stop was the movie store,yes we still had one of those, I was planning on renting a few DVD's for my weekends entertainment. My wife and had and still right up until she got sick swung. We were both bisexual and had an understanding that we could play together or seperate in fact I know that she was going to do more than shop and drink wine this weekend, That she was going to get naked and lick alot of pussy too.

I was a horney myself so I went right to the back room where the adult films were. I was through the racks of DVD's and who comes into that room? Her! I said to her are you following me? we just laughed..I told her my name and she told me hers We chatted about what a , world what coincidence it was we kept running into each other our marital statues why we were renting a DVD and what kind we liked.

I have more to this story which leads to a long affair but don't have the time right now to finish. I'll finish later

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