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Joints for Jabs
Posted:Jun 10, 2021 6:23 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2021 7:25 pm

Called Joints for Jabs, Washington State is temporarily allowing licensed cannabis retailers “to provide one joint to adult consumers who receive a (COVID-19) vaccination at an in-store vaccination clinic.”

The state’s liquor and cannabis board gave its permission for the program, which will run June 7 to July .

Love you my American neighbours. You just keep taking the cake or the joint in this case.

the room - fiction by request
Posted:Jun 5, 2021 1:29 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2021 8:14 pm

I walk with purpose to the Room. i need it known that i am excited in my anticipation to be given the opportunity to please Him. the cuffs give that away as my hurried steps make them jangle louder than slow steps.

i pause at the door as He has told me to always do, trust and use my intuition. my arrival at the doorway sees Him sitting in His chair, not slouching but almost, knees apart wide. hands resting upon His thighs. His head erect, His eyes upon me before i am in the Room.

my pause turns into a stop. an acknowledgement of His gaze, i lower my head a touch for a small moment and then return my gaze to His. bring me My things he says without changing his gaze. my nipples and cunt are already reacting. activations deep within me that distract me beyond words.

i walk surely toward Him, He likes my confidence and has commented that i wear it well. without swagger unless it is directed. it is purposeful and focused. He points to the table next to him. i place His objects there and move away from the table so i'm standing directly before Him.

i placed His objects in a way that with only the movement of His arm His hand will connect easily with it. i have gotten better at this over time. my placement is very good today. without removing His gaze from me His arm raises over the table and His hand comes down upon the crop. He smiles at me and I become lost. a blush starts and moves it way all the way down to my belly button. i try not to squirm. i exhale sharply - relief and anticipation mixed.

He straightens upon the chair. He raises the crop to under my chin and lifts it enough that my neck is bared and my eyes cannot see Him directly. I can feel His gaze up and down my body now. He is silent. the crop is lowered under my chin and my head comes down. the crop tip is then placed on my lips. He directs me to kiss the crop and tell Him want He wants to hear.

"Master i exist only to please you" and i kiss the crop tip.

"you please me" He responds.

i blush again, while trying so hard not to. but His acknowledgement and recognition mean everything to me. they speak to my soul.

'turn around, spread your legs'

i turn and as i do He starts hitting and smacking me with the crop. my thighs and hips, my butt, my torso, my upper arms. i squirm my way into position.

'bend over grab your ankles'

i bend at the waist and slightly lean back, i grab my ankles. the spreader bar clanks to the ground, i can see it behind me. my feet are kicked another 4 inches each way wider and the spreader bar is clipped to both my wrist and ankle cuffs on each end.

again, a barrage of hitting and smacking, mostly to my ass and thighs now. so completely exposed. i cry out many times and say thank you when i have my breath. but mostly i just whimper and cry out.

He soothes me between blows or series of blows. His cool hand sliding over my hot skin. the interplay of his touch and my skin - the relative tenderness of each. He walks around me to my front, so close to me i can feel His heat. He grabs hair and lifts my head to its maximum and shoves my face into His groin. upon my face, through His trousers i feel His hardness. i move my lips to kiss it's outline and my cheek to rub against the shaft. He adjusts his grasp on my hair and shoves my face deeper into his crotch at the same time reaching across my body and smacking my backside with the crop again. i whimper into His hardness. He lets go of my hair, my head hangs down. He places the crop on the floor in front of me.

He walks back around to the table and to his chair. he sits down and take off his boots, trousers and underpants. he put his boots back on. he grab the foot stool from under the table and bring it around front of me and sits on it. it is the right height for me to have my face and mouth directly on His cock. He can sit comfortably, take His hand to the back of my neck and direct my mouth onto His cock and adjust it to his liking.

my mouth is greedy for His cock. HIs cock is already hard but gets stiffer in my mouth. i groan with pleasure as it fills me. i feel His hand upon my neck pressing me onto Him deeper. i feel him rise up from his footstool to drive deeper into my mouth. i feel so well used that it overcomes me and my pussy starts to twitch and drip. i choke and sputter on each drive but Hedon't let up. i watch His other hand pick up the crop again. i whimper in anticipation. He again reaches across my body to deliver blows to my ass, not allowing my mouth to leave His cock. i struggle not to bite at Him too hard as the crop bears down on my skin and i cry out.

he strikes me several more times and i can feel and taste salty tears running down my face into my mouth. my skin and flesh are on fire again and i am having difficulty keeping on my feet. my energy is fading. my threshold is being reached. he knows this and release my cuffs from the spreader bar, both wrist and ankles.

"on your knees babygirl"

i am on my knees between his and my mouth is again directed to his cock. he uses my mouth again with his hands grasping my hair and using it to guide me. my instincts make me raise my hands to his knees. i am told twice to put my hands behind my back. the third time, you roughly pull my head off your dick and shove me to the side.

he barks at me to take off my cuffs as you rise to again go to the table. i scramble to get my wrists and ankles free and clear. he brings back the silk scarves and roughly but expertly tie my hands behind my back with one. the other he fastens around my neck and shoulder in a harness fashion. he settles on the footstool again and motion to me to assume my kneeling position. i cannot use my hands now and have no choice but to fall deeper onto his cock as he wishes. his expertly tied harness allows him to pull me toward you while simultaneously tightening around my neck. it a quick movement he is deep in my inner throat and the silk harness is closing around my outer throat. he starts to count and i know that i am expected to get to 60. i start to falter around 45 and the throat tie gets tighter and i start to lose reality. i feel him thrust a few times into my powerless body, my cunt releases and squirts. my eyes are deeply rolled back in my head. i hear him say 60 and i fall limp. he catches me, i gag and spurt. i hear his recognition and encouragements in my ear through a loud buzzing sound. everything seems like its so far away.

he gives me a few seconds of recovery and then repeats the scene. his cock inserted deep and then a tightening of the scarf, and then count. i get limper and more malleable to his direction......
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