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7/3/2021 9:26 am


Here I was, comfortably into my 60’s, and fairly content with my life. My wife had gotten her fulfillment with her job, and was getting more capable and confident with each day. They had expanded her responsibilities and given her the title of “Manager”, in charge of some 20 others in her department. She did herself proud, and I was even more enamoured of her.

Then they announced that they were introducing computers into her department. Her boss asked her to sit with the techies, and describe to them in detail, exactly what the new system would have to do. This was a huge responsibility which took several weeks to accomplish……. since this was the foundation of what would be built on over the ensuing years.

So, while I was downsizing my business, her position and hours at work were growing. She was responsible to upper management, and she was now a respected Manager in the company. She was well known and very well liked by all who knew her.
I mention all this so that you will know and remember it for later…………………

My routine continued as in the past. Some work, some play, and now lots of “house husband” jobs, since the “top earner” in the family was too busy to do these things any longer. It never bothered me to be demoted……….because of the reason that I had been. When it came to seeing my wife shine, I was all for it.

I was now “chief cook and bottle washer”……….I did the shopping, the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning. Truth be told, I was a bit proud of myself, having learned at the elbow of my wife, who was a great house-keeper and fantastic cook. I also learned quite a bit about how hard it was being a wife and mother. Damn!!!! …… I never realized………………….

As I mentioned, my career days were slowly winding down………. not just because I no longer had that super-charged drive, but because that old nemesis of the aging……………….Arthritis…………… was taking a toll on my fingers. It was much more difficult for my hands to visually transfer onto paper, what my mind was creating. I had problems trying to hold pens or markers in just the right position in order to frame off an area or fill in delicate portions of a layout.

Some of my friends in the field, were slowly moving to “computer graphics” because of similar problems, but the products produced SUCKED!. Finished product was often “rigid and stiff” in appearance, and lacked the fluidity of hand-drawn art. Even today, with all the improvements, I dislike much of what is being produced. I was always and remain a student of classic art.

Though my design work was always contemporary, even bordering on futuristic….. it’s roots were in the age of the Old Masters. If that confuses you, I apologize……………. I can’t seem to find the exact words to describe it better than that. Which is probably why I wound up as a graphic artist………….. because “one picture is worth a thousand words”. Forgive the regression to banal prose……………….

But……………… as they say, “there’s life after death”!
Here’s a little tid-bit that happened to this “old man”……….. Since I was now totally responsible for the day-to-day chores at home, it fell on me to call a repairman for the dishwasher, when it decided to crap-out!

It was a hot summer day, and if the humidity is low, I do prefer open windows, in spite of the heat, I find it comfortable. I was still in fairly good physical shape from walking about 2 miles every morning before my day started, even though I was no longer doing that at the shore. Of course, I was dressed in my casual summer gear when I was alone in the house …………. short shorts and a tank top were my standard “uniform”
The repairman showed up about 10:30am. He was early to mid 50s, I would guess, tanned, well built. I explained the problem and he got down on the floor, removed the bottom portion of the machine and was lying on his back, so that he could look inside. We had been talking and I noticed that he was also looking “upside”, under my short-shorts. I didn’t say anything and I didn’t move away, and he stopped fiddling with the washer, but continued looking up the shorts.

Then I noticed (without any difficulty) a sudden bulge in his crotch, and he stopped even pretending to be working. “Little jack” reacted to the new event, and before I knew it we were both on the floor of my den…………..unbuttoning each other’s pants and pulling them and the shorts down. The man was clean………. not even a smell of sweat………….and we started fondling and all those good things that lead up to a really hot 69. I had to use my tank top to wipe up the cum that we both shot on our own bellies.

Well, having finished that job, he concentrated on getting the dishwasher back into operation. My bill was rather small, so I’m not sure if I got the “family” discount…………. Lol.

Anyway………it was nice to be alive and well in the late 90’s.

HGMDale 69M  
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10/17/2021 4:49 pm

Fuck me man you are so lucky. My repair man thought he had a nice ass crack but OMG the more I deal with him hell would not touch his with a ten foot pole. Lucky you must have been really fun.

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