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6/19/2021 11:38 am

Really getting tired of this, fixing it is a full-time job!!!!
FriendFinder-x "Can't duplicate the problem" so I guess I have fix it myself!!!!

With nothing but time on my hands now, until I was cleared to return to my work, which admittedly was strenuous………………. The beach was my haven...... Just looking at those gorgeous hunks of manhood, with their tempting penises just hanging out there, was a “coronary stress-test in itself”.

The beach became my reality, rather than a distant wish. I was fully recognizing that my sex life at home was going to continue to decline for several reasons. The primary one being that “fear” on my wife’s part, that I would die during……..

I settled into the fact that though I was still interested in pussy, there would never be another woman in my life, because of the strong love I bore for her. I couldn’t even entertain the thought of being with another woman. Love does strange things.

As for the male/male sex……….. guys have said, “don’t you feel guilty being with a man………isn’t that cheating on your wife?....... Technically, yes! But my wife has never been able to give me what that original m/m experience had. That was a totally different part of me that I hadn’t known existed. Sex became the yang to my ying. If that doesn’t make sense to you, I apologize………….but I justified my actions by the way that I felt when I was with a man. So sue me !!!!!

My daily routine now consisted of showering, putting on just enough clothes not to get<b> arrested </font></b>in the parking lot………. Walking the one+ mile to the nude beach, and doing what came naturally………… and so easily. I was now feeling healthy, looking good, and again honing my pick-up skills. The beach was ripe with guys my age and younger, eager to explore. Sometimes there was a small beach tent, sometimes just a large umbrella, ……………but most often, just the large distance between us and the closet neighbor. I was jacked, sucked sometimes made passionate love to. But then, as now, nobody fucked me!...... I guess that was a holdover from the days when I believed that I was one hundred percent str8.

Along with my much improved health, and my over-all tan, and now svelt figure, I returned to the gay bars. To no one’s surprise, I had not been missed. Another evident fact from the gay man’s bible. Unfortunately, and most of you know this be true, gay men will immediately forget their previous “honey”, as soon as someone with a bigger “pot” comes along.

It didn’t take me very long to re-kindle some of the relationships at my favorite bar. Before long, I had enough friends to be instantly recognized when I came in the door……………… along with some free drinks. I did have to go easy on the drinking, but two or three Rusty Nails in the course of several hours wouldn’t hurt. Again, a blowjob was usually on the menu, behind the DJ booth, or in the parking lot……… felt like old times.

About 6 months later, my cardiologist gave me the all clear to return to work. That had it’s good and it's bad points. I was given instructions that I was not to have the heavy workload and stress that had caused my problems to begin with. So I set up my “business plan”. I would take a few accounts, and I would set up a home studio in which do the work. No outside office, no large overhead, and no employees, and most of all, no fixed schedule.

I usually did my beach thing in the mornings………. 8am til about 11:30 or so, and then went home and started working until about 4:30pm. I was also being a dutiful husband and was cooking for when my wife came home from her job. She was enjoying her work outside the house, after raising the , and besides………….her income was now very important, because I was no longer on disability, but bringing in what my limited work allowed. Gradually I took over the grocery shopping, which made it easier to plan meals that I would be cooking. All was good……….. all bases covered…………… and I still had time to be with “the boys” and their eager talents.

I continued building accounts, but was careful not to “bite off more than I could chew” (not a very appropriate phrase to use here, I realize). I was rapidly approaching the limit of what I could do without help, also my physical studio space was such that getting one more person in would be tight. I applied for and got a personal loan. I used that to expand my studio and install a private entrance. Luckily I did land one good account that was bringing in a couple of thousand dollars per month on ’s own. I hired a very nice woman, who was close to my age, as an overall office clerk and phone receptionist. I didn’t need an actual receptionist because I wasn’t in an office building where people could come in unannounced. Anyone who did come to my home office, had an appointment………..but that was rare. Usually I went to them.

My hiring of this wonderful woman, I’ll her “E”, was the find of the century. During her interview, she told that she typed about 75 wpm, but never told that she was also a stenographer.. Back in the 70s they were both very desired and required skills for any office to run smoothly. Our working relationship was flawless. Eventually we got to the point where I could ask her to write a letter to a specific account………. with instructions like, “tell them their ad will run next week but we need cash to cover a few of their expenses……………. You know what say. That was it…………..I always got a fantastic letter and signed it immediately.
Now my time was a bit more constrained, but “E” worked from my 11:30 start time until she wanted leave that day. It was perfect!

I also had a long-time friend who lived just blocks from a Health Club that I had as an account. Once or twice a week, when I went the Club and did some small workouts, I would shower and stop at his apartment. He was officially single, but had a long time partner living with him. He worked later in the day, so our schedules were perfect for each other. His partner got home about 6pm, so there was no interference with my friend’s and my sexploits during the day.

This was the buddy with a gigantic -cock, that I had two 3-soms with………… but that’s a story for another day.

HGMDale 68M  
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7/30/2021 7:16 am

You know it is funny that is how I feel about having sex with a guy even though married that technically it is cheating but at least not with a woman.

Damn that beach sounded so fucking hot can imagine you naked laying on the sand OMG to have known you in those days. Of course you are still one hot sexy stud.

jacker_wild replies on 7/30/2021 8:04 am:
Thank you HG, I thought I was the the only one who felt that "cheating" with a man, was ok.
Also, thank you for the very nice comments about my bare ass on the beach......... LOL. It really was a wonderful time for me. I guess it was a "reward" for having almost died from my previous condition.

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