What Dressing Means to Me  

jennylynn2021 60T
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11/7/2021 10:31 pm
What Dressing Means to Me

I love being a woman and spend most of my time at home dressed up like one. It just makes the outside match the inside and there's a lot of comfort in that. And everything I do to make myself feminine has a definitive roll in the process. For example, my red toenails scream "I want to suck your cock." My shaved legs and pubic region says to a guy that I have the pussy in this relationship. My 4" open toe heels are even called "fuck me pumps." Everything I do to feminize myself is designed to attract men and that's a big reason I do it.

Here's the way the system works. The first thing that has to happen is a woman must get the attention of man and they have developed some creative ways to do it. Mini skirts and high heels. Who can resist that? Just a few inches of material separates you from that sweet pussy just underneath. She's sending the signal that she is available and willing to work at letting you know. So, I dress to get a man's attention and let him that know that I want to suck his cock and be fucked by him. Nothing says that clearer than wearing a dress and heels.

After I get the man's attention, my next goal is making his cock hard. Of course, the dressing up should start that process but it's not enough. You must let him take the lead and respond to him. If he kisses you, you must kiss him back. If he is groping your titties and ass, then you must stroke his cock through his pants. If he tells you to suck his cock, you must get on your knees and do it with all the enthusiasm you can. If he wants to fuck you, you must present your pussy to him and keep it in the proper position to receive his cock while he fucks you. I love to dress myself in satin and lace and present myself to a man to use for his pleasure.

The last step is to make your man cum inside you. I'd much rather to have a man cum in my mouth or pussy than to cum myself. Nothing brings me more pleasure than lying next to man who has just filled me with his cum. Nothing is more intimate than that. It gives me such a warm feeling inside. Once a man sticks his cock in your mouth or pussy, he is not going to stop until he cums. The excitement for me is sensing when he is about to cum and feeling that first<b> load </font></b>shoot inside me. It's kind of a reward for me for being a good cocksucker and having a tight pussy.

So, that's why I dress. I love sucking cock and being fucked and being dressed makes the outside appearance match what's going on inside my head.

sissy4you4use 63M
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12/12/2021 7:57 am

mmm - yes - me too !

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