My 1st DP  

joeyjohnson4mil2 41M
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9/21/2021 10:47 am
My 1st DP

I was pretty new to the bi scene and had only been with two men but I was very horny and looking for more. I met a guy named Bill online and we seemed to have similar interests. He was in his 50s and had a 5 and a half inch dick. I was 22. I wanted to suck his dick and have him fuck me and we both agreed to using a rubber when fucking. We just couldn't find a time when we both were available.
Finally, one night I was available and so was he. He just had one problem. His friend was visiting him from Europe. Bill asked me if I was interested in taking them both on. He told me Jim was in his 30s and had an 8 inch dick. The thought really excited me, but also made me nervous. Bill was so nice and he talked me into it.
When I arrived at Bill's house, I know I was shaking, I was a little scared. Bill welcomed me in and immediately french kissed me. I had never kissed a man before and it drove me absolutely wild. I tasted the<b> beer </font></b>he was drinking on his breath. I reached my hand down the front of his pants and stroked his already hard cock. He reached his hand down the back of my pants and slid a finger in my ass. He smiled and said Jim was going to like me.
Jim walked down the stairs and walked up to me. He slid his hand down the back of my pants and fingered my ass. Then he said, "lets go upstairs." No kissing from Jim, but he also smelled like<b> beer.
</font></b>They walked me up the stairs between them. I was so nervous but so turned on. They took off my clothes and put me on my hands and knees with my ass at the side of the bed. Jim said, "I'm going to fuck him first." Bill complained that Jim would "bore" me out and he wouldn't feel a thing, but Jim said, "no no, he'll be fine."
Bill got on his knees in front of me on the bed and pushed my head down on his cock. I greedily sucked it in as Jim lubed my ass and slid on a rubber. Jim pushed his dick inside me and it hurt a little as he stretched my ass. He grabbed my hips and started pounding me. His dick didn't feel like 8" but it felt so good inside me. I was absolutely loving sucking dick and getting fucked at the same time.
After about ten minutes, they switched. Jim's cock was only partially hard and tasted like rubber, but I sucked it down. Bill fucked me hard and I sucked Jim even harder. They switched back and forth every ten minutes or so a few more times. By then my ass was really getting sore and they weren't showing any signs of cumming soon.
Bill had just gotten done fucking me and Jim pulled out of my mouth. I told them I had enough and my ass was too sore for more. They suggested we take a break and I have a drink, but I was finished and I was wondering if the<b> beer </font></b>was keeping them from finishing.
I started to stand up, but Jim pushed me from behind. "You aren't going anywhere you little bitch." As he pushed me facedown on the bed, Bill grabbed my arms and twisted them behind me. My ass was hanging off the edge of the bed and I was begging for them to stop. Jim grabbed my hips and rammed his dick inside me. No rubber this time and he fucked me angrily. His cock seemed to grow as he fucked me, bottoming out inside of me and pounding me mercilessly. I squealed and squirmed, but Bill held me tight and Jim fucked me hard. After about ten minutes of rough sex, he exploded inside me, filling me up. I had never let a man cum inside my ass and it was part pleasure and part pain. After breeding my tight ass, Jim sat down and had another drink.
Bill got behind me and I was too exhausted to even complain. He rammed his cock inside of me and fucked me good. He also shot a load into my used, sore ass. Then he sat down and had a drink too.
Both of them laughed at me as I could barely stand up. I gathered my clothes and walked down the stairs. I could still hear them laughing and cheering as I put on my clothes and walked out to my car.
On the drive home, I thought about all that had happened. My ass was very sore but their cum also felt good inside of me. Although I would have never agreed to them breeding me, I was kind of glad they did. It was a night I would never forget.

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