Don't waste that (2)  

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11/18/2021 11:57 am
Don't waste that (2)

was a relatively crowded night at the Pleasure Palace. I had said hi a couple that was my age (50s) whose company I had enjoyed in the past. A fun couple with a confident, beautiful and sexy wife... one who knows what she wants and it's afraid ask for . A couple that won't waste any time. She was always among the first ones naked -- and was very comfortable being naked

This night as her husband had told me when we chatted on FriendFinder-x they were meeting up with a couple (30s). They were seated at a table in the bar area and I could tell the women were getting along, actively talking.

is still a early so I wander around - not much going on .... yet. I change into a pair of loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt, putting my clothes in a locker when I see the couples heading upstairs, the women leading the men. I wait a bit and head upstairs.

They are in the larger room - not the playroom - but the one on the down the hall. Door open, chain across, the women already naked and really enjoying one another. The husbands off to the side watching. I strip down and begin to show my appreciation for the scene -- hoping that , just I'll get join them.

The women continue enjoy themselves. I've counted the younger one having at least three orgasms. They then go over the husband and start blow him. He doesn't last long at all before he cums in his wife's mouth.

They sit back and rest. The show's over and I move on.

Later that night I'm outside a couple's room , door open, chain across, both naked, she's<b> sucking </font></b>him. I strip down, fondle myself, getting hard. A clothed group of newbies walk by. "That's " one of the women says as she looks at me.

The wife of my older couple comes by, totally naked, stands behind me, her breasts against my back, reaching around and joining me in stroking my cock.

"Let's not waste this" she says pulling on my cock and pulling me to another room.

We didn't waste .

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