Don't waste that..... I didn't  

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11/13/2021 11:08 am
Don't waste that..... I didn't

Fortunately I have had a lot of great experiences with couples, at house parties and at the Pleasure Palace that have kept going ... so to speak... through covid.

Recently the voyeur and exhibitionist in have been flashing back to two experiences from the Pleasure Palace.

I would often meet up with a couple there who liked to play early (naked before nine - we'd sometimes 'surprise' new couples getting their tour from the hosts when they came upstairs because we were already naked and fucking).

Now I'm somewhat shy about approaching people I don't know -- but not shy about being naked. The evening had worn on and my couple had left to get home to their dog. There was a bit of action going on and I past one of the downstairs rooms. The chain was across the door and a ife or girl friend was naked on her knees blowing her husband/boyfriend as he sat on the bed. There was a couple and another guy outside the door - all clothed - watching. I had been walking around with a towel around my waste and started to watch. The couple moved on -- I'd see them later.

I removed my towel and started to show my appreciation for the couple in the room by stroking my cock. I've been told more than once that it's a nice cock. 6.5" and on the thick side.

The husband nudges his wife and she looks up at him - he gestures to me - and she continues to lick and suck his cock - now very much putting on a show for me... which I'm very much enjoying.

After a bit the husband nudges his wife again and then she moves over, removes the chain from the door and pulls my cock to pull me into the room.

She replaces the chain and then with me standing before her, takes me into her mouth. She positions me so her husband can clearly see everything she's doing.... now she's putting on a show for him.. and I'm the beneficiary -- the tool for their pleasure.

She's sucking, licking my cock, licking around the head, licking my balls, jerking me off. Her husband watching intently, jerking off.

"Mmmmm. I'm getting close." I say wanting to pull away to last a bit longer, but that only makes her work harder .... yes, she knows what she's doing... and I'm cumming in her mouth and on her face a bit.

"Thank you" she says. "No, thank you, that was amazing".

With that she hands me my towel and removes the chain and I step out.

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