Intentional mis-step  

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7/1/2021 6:50 am
Intentional mis-step

We had been talking for a long time and carefully testing the waters with each other and seeking out the safety of each other’s needs and wants. Finding out what we can say and do to make each other insatiable and hungry for each other’s touch. There were pictures, but it was the words that made the lust build and grow inside us and those words ebbed and flowed as we talked.

The first face pictures we shared were early, but easily forgotten in the torrent of words and desires that followed. Only then i noticed that you liked not knowing what my face looked like. The mystery around my looks meant that I could be anyone. I could be your waiter, I could be the man at the bar. I could even be the man you flirted with at work. This turned you on like nothing else. The mystery and danger of not knowing.

I told you I would come for you. That I would be on the lookout for you as I went about my life. That if I did, you would become my prey in that moment. That I would hunt you and draw you in. That I would tease you and play with you as I slowly brought you into the awareness of who I was to you. That I wanted to see the realization of it dawning in your eyes as the desire and need welled up at odds with the fear of having been caught.

We played that game for a long time. You teasing me by telling me which bar you had just left and me telling you what I would do to you when I finally caught you. You were bold in your teasing, sometimes surprised when I guessed your whereabouts by a detail in the<b> background </font></b>of a picture or an easily recognized cocktail. Even through the texts, I could feel your heart racing and your hot breath coming more quickly as you looked around for me, wondering if I had already arrived to take you. However, we were both just playing a game. Enjoying it and feeling the hot urge to make good on our boasting.

Until tonight....

Tonight, I was feeling exceptionally playful and teased you with sentences designed to consume you. To overcome your barriers and walls with rampant desire. I had done this before but you pushed right back with the things that you wanted to feel. The deep seated need to be taken and used, to be grabbed, held down and filled. To have your mind cleared of anything but the sensation of the melding of our bodies. The gripping, clenching, breath-holding tension building in both of us until we reach the moment of release.

You wanted that badly, more than you had ever wanted it before, while we were talking. My teasing from the day had brought you to the point of anger. You were so aroused, needy, swollen and wet that you were furious about not being fucked every minute of the day. You teased me right back but the tone was different. It was greedy and demanding. You were never one to beg, and today was no different. You demanded that you be fucked, bent over and rammed full of cock that would match you rampant desire.

I responded with amusement, and that only served to make you angrier. You wanted to be taken seriously, and used like the deep seated desire in your spine needed. I just laughed back, and teased you even more. I could feel the heat of your need growing and multiplying as you texted me violently and pushed me further and further.

Then, it happened. It was blatant, and clear. You sent me a picture of your crossed legs, hiding what I had already seen were thin red lace panties over a throbbing wet pussy, desperate to be treated roughly. The drink in your hand, resting against your thigh was insulated by a bar napkin with a very clear name on it.

You next text was, “Come and get it.”

When I arrived at the bar, it was with the casual assurance I always carry into situations like this. I knew I had the upper hand and I also knew that you knew that. I was wearing a nondescript blue suit, loose in the pants and with an unbuttoned dress shirt under it. The cologne I put on was bright and fresh, just the scent for a summer evening.

I knew where you were sitting before I walked in, so I asked for a table at the far end of the room. You noticed me walk in and I could tell that. You wondered if I was the man you were hoping for but I ignored you and walked to my table behind the short blonde hostess. Another man walked in behind me, you looked at him the same way you looked at me. Questioning, hoping, a little afraid. The flush on your neck and cheeks giving away your desire.

The people you were with were like you, dressed for the office but clearly a few drinks past caring about the day and already seeking a way home. A glass of water and some sobering talk about things that didn’t matter. You scanned the room, wondering if I was here. If I would come. If I would tell you I was watching you.

You checked your phone often. It was constantly in your hand. A little startled by every notification but disappointed every time. More people walked in, couples, groups, more men, some women. The bar was full and the music was starting. A mid week jazz group, sloppy but enthusiastic like a at prom. Their tuning and riffing turning into music that filled the<b> background </font></b>of the night.

I sat there, looking at my phone and drinking my gin and seltzer. Finishing it and ordering another all while watching you. Your work friends leaving. Sitting there, looking around, starting to get angry and disappointed. I see you decline another drink but you don’t ask for the bill.

So I text you.

“Your friends left you. Now you are all alone. So vulnerable.”

I see you check your phone. You look up, and scan the room.

I ignore you. My phone face down on the table as I watch the band. You send me a text back, but I don’t check it yet. The seconds tick by and you keep scanning the room, carefully searching each face. Mine too. But I un-focus my eyes and don’t make contact with you. Your gaze moves on.

I look at your text. “Where are you?!”

I reply, “Close enough to see you. Close enough to take you. Close enough that you can’t escape.”

I see your face get red as you read it. I see your neck stiffen as the fear starts to build in you. Questioning if you made the right choice. I also see your hips move. Grinding against your chair as if you could pull it inside you to stop the ache of emptiness.

You can’t decide what to do. You move to stand up but change your mind. You haven’t paid your bill, you need to leave but you don’t want to. You aren’t sure who I am but you want to know. You want me to take you and use you but you don’t know me. That makes you more turned on than it should. You aren’t being safe but then again, you don’t want to be.

You stand up abruptly. You walk to the restroom.

You text me. “I’m in the bathroom.”

“I know," I reply.

“I want you to fuck me,” you say.

“I know,” I say.

“You are an asshole,” you respond.

“I’m coming for you. run.”

I toss cash onto my table, then onto yours as I stride confidently toward the restrooms. Around a corner just in time to see you dash down the hall and around another corner. As I come out into the front dining room I see you walking quickly but not too quickly toward the door. You rush past the host station and through the doors into the parking lot.

I follow. Walking quickly enough that you can’t get away but with the unhurried ease of a predator who knows that their prey only has so long left. In the hot humid summer night air, I see you in the parking lot. A bit further out searching for your car but knowing that your brain can’t think of anything other than me. You look over your shoulder and see me. This time there is no mistake. I am looking at you and still walking toward you.

You catch my eyes. I see you, fully in that moment. Eyes wide and scared. But a fire behind the fear that betrays what you really want. You turn and face me. Standing stiff and frozen. Still unable to decide in the face of my relentless advance.

Now I’m feet away from you then Inches.

Your head tilts up at me. I can see you inhale the smell of me with your nose at the night of my collar. I can smell your hair. Your mouth opens, but no words come out. I say, “Are you ready?”

You reach out and touch my chest as if to steady yourself,but your eyes never leave mine.


And with that, I grab your hips and pull you into me, one hand sliding down to grip you between your ass cheeks and the other up into your armpit. As I lift you, you wrap your legs around me and our faces are close. My mouth on your neck, teeth gripping your soft skin. As I turn and walk to my car, I push you up against it. The firm bulge of my cock is pressing hard into your spread legs and feeling the warmth there, the need.

In moments, we are in the car, speeding off to a nearby hotel room already reserved while I was sitting in the bar. You step out of the car and into the hotel and wait nervously by the elevator while I check in.

Up the elevator, into the room and it’s as if this is where we are meant to be. My jacket falls off as your skirt hits the floor and you step out, lace lingerie barely covering your pert breasts and throbbing pussy. You fall to your knees and undo my pants as I unbutton my shirt and throw it to the floor. I feel your hands pulling down my boxers and the thick length of my cock falls out and hang precipitously in front of you.

We know each other’s bodies, we know how to please one another. Like stepping into a house long occupied but not visited recently. Our hands find the places they belong on each other’s bodies.

Your mouth finds the smooth tip of my manhood and your lips spread to accept it. I grab your hair and grip it tightly as i slide slowly through your teeth and tongue. I am feeling the back of your mouth swell against me as you prepare to take all of me inside you for the first time. I push against the back of your head to force you down onto my cock. You resist but after a second you relent and I slide back out, letting you breathe, then back into your throat. This time a bit less of a break until your face starts to flush and your eyes look up at me with the same fear I saw before. You're no longer sure if what you have decided to do is the right choice.

After a bit, you get used to the rhythm of me using your mouth and even though you gasp and choke as I let you breathe, you are clearly enjoying the process. Spit running down your chin and dripping onto the hotel carpet.

I can feel my cock getting closer and closer to orgasm as I take your throat but that’s not what I want nor is it what you want.

I lift you up by your hair, feeling the pings and snaps as the weak strands give up and throw you on the bed face first. You yelp at the sudden and unexpected pain but after you land it’s clear that you know what is happening. You pull your knees up and spread your ass open, Your lace panties dark where your desire has soaked the little fabric that there is.

I don’t have time to deal with that underwear and I rip them off of you in the most literal way. The tearing fabric illicit another yelp from you but in this one I hear your anger. I don’t hesitate. My flat palm raises high over my shoulder and come down hard on your left ass cheek. I can tell you weren’t expecting it because the shriek doesn’t come until the white mark where the blood was forces out starts to fill back in and turns red. The unyielding spank was hard. My other hand raises and falls on your other ass cheek.


I grab your ass and pull you toward the edge of the bed. My fingers move in to slide in between the glistening lips of your pussy to see how wet you’ve become. You are gushing. I can feel the hot pulsing of your center without even slipping a finger into you. Your vagina pulls at my finger like it needs me inside you. I hear you groan as you recover from the spanks and realize how I’m touching you. You start to push back onto my hands wanting more.

I rub your ass, feeling the heat of my handprints as I spread you open further. Your pussy red and swollen, covered in your juices and winking open as I pull you apart.

“You want my cock?”

“Yes, damnit, fuck me with that big hard dick”

This is what you want! More than anything, you want your slippery little pussy filled up with a cock, ramming you hard and deep until your brain disconnects. You want the pounding to be violent and relentless. You want to feel full and bursting. You want it to never stop.

I lift my throbbing erection and pause as it contacts the slippery hole at the middle of you. You try to push back on it, but I stop you. I rub the tip against your lips, picking up the wetness that I’ve been building in you all day. Enjoying how you growl and moan. Making you angrier with each passing second.

I can feel you reaching the point where it isn’t worth it. Where you will get up and leave because I’ve taken it too far. I push it as far as I can and then I let go of my dick and grab you and ram my cock deep inside you. No gentleness, that’s not what you want. You want to be taken violently and harshly. My hard cock quickly as far inside you as it can go. Your pussy stretching around it’s width and the animal sounds coming out of your mouth are a mix of relief and pain.

My hands grip the softness of your hips and I pull out, my cock covered in your juices. I slam back in with all the force I can, making your body jump forward as I pull and slam once again. This isn’t sweet lovemaking, this is forceful animal fucking that we both need. I hear you yelp with each thrust and keep the steadily deliberate pace of ramming my stiff appendage deep into your center as hard as I can. I can tell it is what you want, because in between the yelp, the gibberish is a miss of almost words like “yeh, fuh, moh, dee, pleh, go!”

I can feel the orgasm rising in me again and this time I let it build. It’s been a while since I came last, and edging you all week has me in a state I recognize well. I’m going to cum like a bull stud in the spring. I know w what you want, the thing that we’ve talked about countless times before.

I shoot my load inside you and hold you back on my cock as the twitching length of it moves inside you. I can feel my hot cum spurting out into the heat of your quivering pussy again and again as I unleash the biggest load I’ve ever had straight inside you. I can feel you pulsing around me as I cum. Keeping me deep inside you. I love this feeling.

As the orgasm fades and you start to move against me, wanting more deep, hard, insistent fucking. It's clear that my cock doesn’t want to stop either. I stay hard inside you, feeling your pussy throbbing around me and I start to fuck you again. Slowly at first, testing to see if this new hard on is for real. Feeling my own cum slipping around inside you, mixing with your juices and spurting out of you as I start to slide in more quickly again. Deeply, filling you up. .

You are moaning louder now as turned on by this immediate round two as I am. I can feel you slamming back onto me as hard as I am pushing into you. You get quieter, and push harder, faster, speeding up. My thumb moves to your asshole and starts to rub it. As I feel you focusing on your own orgasm. I drop some saliva from my mouth onto your ass and use it to slide my finger inside your butt as you push back onto me harder and harder.

You cum explosively. I can feel the grip of you around my cock as your whole body jerks and shakes. You sob as the climax runs through you and your ass twerks against me. You squirt, but the mess of us has already covered our legs and the end of the bed. The whole room smells of our sex. I hold you against me as your shakes subside and my still hard cock moves inside you.

I barely hear you as you hardly whisper, “More.”

And our night begins.

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