I Love Nap Time...  

kelleebabes 62F
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4/2/2021 10:39 pm
I Love Nap Time...

I can faintly hear the ticking of my Felix the Cat clock hang on the wall above my head as I laid on top of small twin bed, tick the eyes move left, tock, the eyes move right, I laid there for quite a while listening to the beat of the ticking, trying to sync my breathing to the rhythm, I just didn't get it right, I was too slow, I raised my head and fluffed my pillow, and flipped my soft little body over on my back looking up...
I began searching the ceiling for faces and shapes hidden in the textured paint and dusty cobwebs, I lost interest after I found serval contorted old people with angry faces, I shifted my weight and turned on my side facing my big open clothes closet, my eyes squinted in the dim light of the room, I could see all my nice clean clothes hanging neatly in a row on the hangers, one, two, three I began counting the hangers of clothes, four, five...shhh, what was that? I thought to myself, shhh I thought I heard, is that? is that? oh please, please let it be ... I been waiting for this, rollover quickly on my belly,
lie still, don't move, now, slowly move your thick legs apart, wide enough but make it look natural, buffer flies in my tummy, my little heart was racing, I thought to myself breath slowly, the doorknob turned and the door was being pushed open..breath in, breath , quietly the door shut ...I laid there pretending to sleep, a hand gently shook my shoulder, whispered my name, no answer from me...I was as still as a fawn in hiding, I felt a finger slowly lifting the hem of my dress, I could feel a cool breeze on my legs as it was being lifted higher, enough for a hand to slide up between my spread legs, it was so hard for me to be still, I wanted to wiggle as a fingertip hooked my<b> damp </font></b>cotton
crotch to my panties and pulled it to the side, leaving my bald pink pussy exposed, uncovered, ohhh I next thing I knew My legs were being lifted up and a was squeezing between my legs, I could feel his breath on my exposed pussy ...my peepee wanted his mouth...I love nap time!

My blood is alive...with many voices
that tell me...I am made of longing,

justme51 70M

5/30/2021 6:40 pm

Nap times sometimes cum true…

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