The friendly skies  

kelleebabes 62F
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8/25/2021 5:56 pm
The friendly skies

once seated I could finally that a big sigh of relief, I was on the plane and my vacation could now begin! all the running around, last-minute packing, and preparing for a much-needed rest from the crazy whirlwind pace I found myself living...yep, I going to finally relax, step back, and just ...enjoy...
I could feel the jet's thrust as the huge plane's wheels left the earth, the pull on my body as we headed upward to the sky...I was seated next to the window that lent me a sill to rest my head, the white noise of the cabin lulled me into a heavy sleep, I didn't notice the passenger who had sat next to me, I nice soul who had friendly offered to share their small blanket to cover the obvious, sleepy young, attractive, full-figured ...mmm quite vulnerable, young woman...ohhh the blanket felt welcome in the AC pressured cabin...I fell into a deep sleep, strangely, a pleasurable feeling crept over me, a feeling, a pressure like fingertips running up my leg, a feeling of fingertips walking slowly up my inner thigh...father to the warm, moist mouth of my panties crotch, I stirred in my seat, slowly shifting my bottom, spreading my thick legs wider apart, moving forward in my eyes still closed I dreamt of a face nuzzled deeply between my legs making me want to spread my legs more, ohhh so I did, ...tI dreamt that the<b> damp </font></b>cotton crotch of my panties was being rubbed, rubbed like as if a thumb was sliding back and forth, up and down the length of my crotch and that pressure was being applied just at the right place where my pussy enters my body, pushing against the strained cotton material
making my cunt grow wet and aching for touch...I thrust my torso forward as a fat, thick fingertip hook the slippery, wet, juicy material of my panties and pull it to the side, wiggling and rubbing into my gaping creamy cunt, which is all frothy from desire, and fondling in my dream, I grind my cunt against the moving, thrusting, wiggling feeling...i forget where I am, I move hard against the dream plunging deep into my aching, sopping wet pussy....the feelings of three fingers rubbing my erect, hard clit, squeezing the blood-engorged organ...squeezing and pulling like I was being milked, squeezing and pulling milking me to cum and pee in my sleep, ahhhh I'm letting go, ohhhh my gosh, I wake up to the hand of the man next to me, under his blanket, my pee is wetting his cum covered fingertips, ohhhh I'm confused, then he pulls his hand out from under the blanket, from between my thighs, my legs and raises them to his lips, sucking on them as if they were covered with the nectar of the gods...he smiled at me and asked if I was flying on through to Detroit...that he was just getting his appetite

My blood is alive...with many voices
that tell me...I am made of longing,

Unzipmeslowly51 51M

10/10/2021 12:16 pm

Damn...that left a bulge in my pants😊

iraduu 41M
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8/26/2021 2:41 pm

adoraria passar minha mao pelo teu corpo subindo nas coxas e passando entre as pernas brincando na sua boceta ate deixa la molhada

kelleebabes replies on 8/26/2021 3:00 pm:
mmmm yes...

BiSussi 61F
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8/26/2021 2:42 am

You are right on, friendly skies have so much to offer, we just need to take advantage of it
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scoupe42 58M  
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8/25/2021 10:28 pm

Sounds fun!

Joog7 50M

8/25/2021 10:28 pm

Had a simalar experience on a flight to London will never forget he he he

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8106 posts
8/25/2021 10:09 pm

Fly the friendly skies!!!! I need a ticket!!!! Badly!!!!

NJGUY08090 55M
4277 posts
8/25/2021 7:59 pm

So I take it you enjoyed your flight.

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