My BountyShared fantasy part 2  

kinky1foranother 63M  
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6/5/2021 9:15 am
My BountyShared fantasy part 2

I just about blew my load while she was rubbing my pre-cum all over the head of my cock and then she said I want to taste and she did. Lord have Mercy! I looked at her and asked if she would like to take a ride in my truck. She was ready to go right after I asked. Thank goodness she had a chair and stuff...I had to carry it so that anyone could see the bulge in my bathing suit. We got in the car and I had to ask, aren't you afraid of getting<b> arrested </font></b>for wearing such a small bikini? She just looked at me and smiled...i haven't gotten any complaints....i bet you haven' I look at her and her nipples are in plane site. So I reached of and rubbed her so very nipples and she began grown so nicely. She began to take her top off and her tiny little bottoms...she grabbed my hand and guided it down to her very wet pussy. I rubbed her very erect clit...right away she came. Her pussy is so wet and slid two fingers in her and she gyrate her hips to my fingers! All I wanted to do know is lick and suck her pussy so bad. I parked my truck and got in the back seat...she tore my bathing suit off and began to suck my cock like there was no tomorrow. I had to lick her pussy so I grabbed her hips and got her in the 69 position. OMG she taste so good and thank god the back seat of my truck is totally blacked out so know one could see us. But my thought is that she wanted people to peek in on us and I like that. We sat up and she straddled me and began to fuck me good...she came numerous times. We got in to the doggy position and I started fucking really hard and all the time she was saying fuck hard...I was about to cum and she pulled away and said cum in my mouth....OMG she sucked me off and I came big time. We both sat back exhausted but with huge smile on our face. She looked at me and said, I can't wait to tell my husband about my new friend...Oh really...that just wanted me to start all over again!

Gr81md 44M

6/16/2021 2:37 pm

wow. great writing

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