Picture it..Friday night..at the Gay Club  

lewis091563 58M
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11/24/2021 2:12 pm
Picture it..Friday night..at the Gay Club

Picture ...Friday night....at a gay club.. I got off work at 9 and went the Club for a beer (or 3). Sitting at the bar waiting for my friend arrive under the dim light minding my own doing a crossword puzzle. He arrived and we started catch up on our weeks activities. Unaware that a customer sat in the chair next to me, I felt a hand reach over and start to unzip me. My friend saw the on my face and aked me what that was for...so I quietly told him what was going on under the bar. He started to laugh and said lucky you.
I pretended I did not know what was going. I continued to talk to my friend when the stranger started to rub my cock through my jeans. I could help but start to get an erection. My friend and I keep about our business and he would not let me turn to or stop the man.
Next thing I know he undoes my botton and reaches into my pants to get a handful of cock. As he starts to pet my penis, my head starts to peer over the elastic band. My friend looks down and starts watching the action. The next thing I knew he was stroking my cock.
I just let him some fun; was feeling a bit naughty. I was getting a full on erection by now. He would every now and again touch the of my dick, checking for precum. I did not let him down.
This has been going on for over an hour. Should I put a stop to ....the music is playing and the bar started fill up with people. My friend said relax. The man continues stroke the entire shaft causing a total erection.He starts to pull my balls and cock out of my undies. I was about to stop him and put my cock back into my pants when he stopped. I reached down to put myself back together when I felt a tap on my hand.
The man had manged to crouch under the bar and pulled my legs apart and place his<b> lips </font></b>upon my erection. He consumed the whole cock down his throat in an instant and held . My friend was in awe. I looked at his crouch and saw he was petting his cock through his jeans. He had a hardon and a nice wet spot. He told me to let the man to continue to blow me.
was no room for movement,so the man took my dick deep down his throat stroking in movements. The feeling was extemely pleasing how he used his throat my hardon.
I began realize that I am going an orgams soon. I was fiighting the urge with the fear of everybody knowing what was going on. I could no longer hold back. I erupted right down the man's throat. As I regained my composure I looked down and the man was gone. I looked over at my friend, was laughing hard. He said he just unloaded in his pants. I looked down see a huge wet spot on his pants like he had just pissed them. Then he explained the looks on my face as I ejaculated.
this day I do not know the man was, but are a very times when I masturbate the experience.

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