Motorcycles and recliners  

lisajdarling79 39F  
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8/4/2021 7:17 am
Motorcycles and recliners

Jake has this motorcycle, and he takes me out for a ride. He takes me to this biker bar, where we hangout with people in his MC. I get really drunk to the point where everything is swimming. I am at the edge of being able to remember. I know I am dancing with Jake, then he is like I am taking you home baby. So we get on his Triumph 1977 Bonneville, Jake is from India, and for some reason he loves Triumph bikes. The bike rattles to a start the engine pistons cycle back and forth like thunder. I get on and we go. It’s probably the alcohol, but it’s also the vibration of the bike as we fly down the road and also my arm wrapped around Jake’s muscular mid section. As we are going I lean forward so my clitoris gets more of the vibration. Wow I am feeling it. I orgasm several times, so much that by the time we get back to Jake’s place my jeans are wet. Jake notices smiles, and I shrug. We get inside and I want him. So I pull off his pants and massage his prostrate while suck his dic He is like ready in two minutes. I push him back into his recliner, take off my clothes, and get on top. I am kinda of too drunk to feel anything, but after the motorcycle I have this need. He plays with my tits and bits my nipples. Then after what seems like a long time he moves me off and onto the shag carpet. I am too drunk so I lie there on my stomach. Jake spreads my legs and fucks me from behind. I just lie there him pound me. Really can’t move and just accept what is. It is really interesting just accepting and brings me more in touch with what I am feeling. I really enjoy this, and without knowing it I feel that tingling. Then I have an orgasm, but my body is unable to shudder or physically act out the orgasm. It ends up being one of the most interesting orgasms ever. Jake starts to grunt like he is about to cum, so tell him to cum on my bac He does it and it’s as expected, I can’t move, so I lie there and feel it dribbling down my back along the paths of least resistance, and sides with exquisite detail. I imagine the little sperm swimming down. Amazing. I must have fallen asleep, because I wake up the next day lying there on the carpet in the same position with a blanket thrown over me.

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8/4/2021 12:32 pm

" for some reason he loves Triumph bikes "

could be the historical British connection, the Jewel in The Crown and all that colonial influence . .

69ereatwetpussy 59M
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8/21/2021 7:39 pm

I would have carry to my bed tucked you in and had breakfast for you when you woke. But my cock would be hard a ready for round two with you sober

RobK2006 54M
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9/27/2021 4:55 am

Loved how you were orgasming on the bike. Very hot.

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